Big Data, or how Companies know about us more than we do. ICO projects offering machine learning



Jun 26, 2018
Big Data. In fact it means nothing but a machine analysis methods based on very hard math and access to giant databases. But why everyone says that it is so spreaded and widely used by IT giants while neural networks (which are also part of machine learning algorithms) are going to change our views on what computer can do.

How it was already mention this analysis of data is based on very hard math, these analyses of datasets methods were created well before the computer was invented. But only when digital technologies have developed they became used and very helpful. Maybe the game theory will find its usage one day - math knowledge is probably going to be an essential skill in the world where everything is based on it.


There are very simple ways to analyse data, the easiest to understand and at the same time the earliest that were developed are decision trees and nearest neighbour method. These are really simple, so we can try to find out very basics of them just now:

Decision trees. For example, a computer has big database of some online market shopping carts. Using the data it can find which products are more often bought together. Based on this analysis it shows to a customer what else he can purchase, and such algorithm often recommends things that you'd like to buy. The same thing works with music platform, but instead of goods to be bought they offer you music to be listened. As this algorithm is simple to implement lots of ICO projects offers you to add such functionality to your online store.

Nearest neighbour method. Based on a single hypothesis of that object of the same class have similar characteristics. For example, bread and milk are very different, but objects inside one of the groups (either bread or milk) are almost equal. So using this machine learning method companies can divide their products into categories and even a variety of subcategories automatically.

How you see machine learning is pretty easy to understand and spreaded enough, so you can see systems based on it daily. But what about Big Data? There are even harder math used and even more data available. In perspective this technology can help all the humanity or even safe it - in case we have data about lots of cataclysms and catastrophes that have took place on earth, it would be simple to find out about the next such event and prevent it using big data.

But it can not only be used in order to help the humanity, but in complete opposite one as well. Nowadays companies such as Google or Facebook have giant databases where they've been keeping data about almost half the humans that live on our planet for years. As far as we know, these datasets were only used in name of science, especially the psychology. Mostly these data researches are done by small ICO project teams, but such researches are also important for giant. As an example, we can remember Facebook making very accurate prediction on who might be interested in suicide analysing their posts and activity in the social media.

To sum up everything, companies should be extremely careful with the information they have, while you should be careful clicking on the “I agree” button.
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