Avant-garde or Technology: Top 7 Blockchain Masterpieces



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Jun 18, 2018
In this article we will consider seven of the most popular blockchain art projects and how their creators are using blockchain in their art works.

The Scarab Project

SCARAB is a decentralized community of artists which specialize in creating combined art project. Launched in 2014, the community represents a multi-user personality, which, with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) creates a single art work from a thousand submissions. To become a member of the project, you need to sing up and send your piece of art. In return, you will receive a SCARAB token. This token grants you membership in the community and allows you to vote for which pictures to include in the combined masterpiece. To create tokens, the development team used the Counterparty platform; the issue limit of SCARAB is 100,000 tokens. Besides voting, SCARAB community members can buy these tokens on the Counterparty crypto exchange. Currently, the project market cap is ~$30,000. The first work of art, created by common efforts, has not been yet completed, but you can see how it’s turning out here.

The Scarab Project.jpg

Rare Pepe Cards

Rare Pepe Trading Cards is one of the very first blockchain art projects which, like the Scarab project, also uses Counterparty. In the beginning, it was just a meme on the 4chan website, where users were making photoshopping images of Pepe the Frog, a human/frog hybrid cartoon character. The authors of these images put a watermark on each new picture and called it “Rare Pepe.” Rare Pepe parodied virtually all pop culture figures from Homer Simpson to Van Gogh. During Donald Trump's election campaign of 2016, Pepe became a truly cult character. What started as a joke has now grown into a business — as a result, now Rare Pepe cards are actively sold in the blockchain and can sometimes reach prices north of $10,000. The basis of this business is the Pepecash crypto currency. To download your Rare Pepe card to the Rare Pepe directory, you need to pay a Pepecash fee and most artists accept payment for their cards only in Pepecash.

Rare Pepe Cards.jpg


In December 2017, CryptoKitties blew up the crypto community with their project and the developers' team raised $ 12 million in funding. CryptoKitties — is an Ethereum based platform for buying, selling and breeding cartoon cats. At some point, their popularity has grown so much that virtual cats caused major congestion on the Ethereum network. Like Rare Pepe, every CryptoKitty cat is unique, and its price depends on the degree of rarity. Most of these virtual cats cost no more than $ 25, but rare cats may cost more than one thousand dollars. The most expensive cat CryptoKitty was sold for more than $ 100 thousand. The popularity of CryptoKitties has led to numerous of similar projects, such as Etherbots, CryptoPuppies, and even CryptoCelebrities.

Bitcoin Monument

Although the Bitcoin Monument at a traffic circle in Kranj, Slovenia, does not directly use blockade technology, it demonstrates the enormous technology’s impact on modern society. Funded by Bitstamp and 3fs, the object is the world's first monument dedicated to bitcoin. The Kranja citizens selected the bitcoin as a subject of the work after discussion on city’s Facebook page. Slovenia has always been one of the most active countries supporting blockchain technology, so this choice is not at all surprising. The Slovenian government is working with several blockchain startups to help educate the country’s citizens about the importance of the technology. Companies from Central and Eastern Europe have organized an association called Blockchain Alliance CEE, whose goal is to enhance interaction in this area and improve cryptocurrency’s reputation. The Kranja officials wants the monument to demonstrate the city's progressive approach to new technologies.

Bitcoin Monument.jpg

Maecenas Decentralized Art Gallery

Maecenas is “the first open blockchain platform that democratizes access to fine art.” Everyone can become an investor on Maecenas. You can invest money in any of the art objects belonging to this gallery for just a 2% fee. This is much less than 20%, which usually require the auction of works of art. Also, since you don't have to buy an entire masterpiece, you do not have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for the right to become a co-owner of the most popular works. On the other hand, collectors and art galleries can easily sell shelling of their paintings and sculptures to private investors. Due to this they can avoid to take high-interest loans to replenish their collections. Maecenas blockchain are recording all transactions using its ART tokens. If you use ART tokens or other crypto currency, there’s no minimum investment amount. However, if you invest fiat money, then the minimum investment amount is $ 5,000 and to open an account you have deposit $50,000.

Anime Coin

Anime Coin is a blockchain platform on which you can create, store, buy and sell digital anime artwork. The purpose of this project is to improve the provenance of digital works of art. When you create a new picture, you can set the number of copies that are ready to sell. Metadata about this number and the name of your work is stored directly in the image file. Once you have created your masterpiece, you can sell it for ANIM tokens on the decentralized ANIM exchange. Like bitcoin, the maximum limit of ANIM tokens is 21 million. The platform also has masternodes capable of creating Waifu Assets. These are unique assets associated with specific anime characters — each character has only one Waifu asset.

Anime Coin.jpg


CryptoPicture is the world's first decentralized advertising platform, where each pixel serves as a unique crypto asset. CryptoPicture is a 1-million-pixel layout, divided into blocks. Any company can purchase such a unit for ETH and use it as a place for advertising. You can place the company name, logo, brand name, etc., as well as insert a link. The project is not only an advertising space, but a safe digital asset with a constantly growing value — the more pixels are sold, the higher their cost and, respectively, the cost of whole blocks. The first pixel was sold for 0.001 ETH, current price is 0,04534 ETH per pixel.
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