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Aug 22, 2018
Introducing Bitlevex.com !

BITLEVEX exchange is about to launch in early October and our team is already excited to begin on-boarding and serving our users from all over the world.

What is BITLEVEX exchange, and why is it different from other ones?

BITLEVEX is next-generation cryptocurrency exchange with wide and unique product range such as:

• Margin trading with 100–1 leverage with trading pairs such as BTC/ETH, BTC/LTC, BTC/XRP, and others •
• Over The Counter (OTC) trading •
• Lending under cryptocurrency collateral •
• Cryptocurrency options •
• Derivative creation and distribution •
• Cryptocurrency Value Depreciation Swaps •
• Initial exchange offering (IEO) / Launchpad •
By making comprehensive due diligence of every project and team member,
we will choose only legit projects with ideas that have huge growth potential

There are few exchanges who offer their services using a mobile application, to control their funds. BITLEVEX will conquer this niche on the market and will offer its users to take advantage of sophisticated and user-friendly mobile application on iOS and Android. The application, crafted with passion and attention to every detail, will give you access to the wide BITLEVEX product range and our unique features. From any place in the world with internet access you can be an as effective trader as you are sitting at home behind your PC.

BITLEVEX will launch its Android and iOS applications in 2020

BITLEVEX as a social network

Apart from traditional elements of a cryptocurrency exchange we have decided to move further and introduce social network elements on BITLEVEX. The main intention with respect to making BITLEVEX a social platform is to increase user engagement and make the interaction between a user and our exchange much more interesting and challenging. BITLEVEX is going to introduce several social network elements for its users. Of course, privacy settings will allow users to tune their profiles according to their own needs, but in general, the following elements will be offered:

User activity feed

The place where a user will be able to post everything he wants, but
the content should be related to trading and/or particular actions of the user on BITLEVEX exchange.
If allowed by the users privacy settings, others can access his wall - the main page of his account,
share content, like/dislike posts, leave comments, etc.

Internal messenger

The place where users can communicate privately or in groups. Traders or
influencers will be able to create their own groups and be in complete control of the access and
privacy policies of the group.


Levels and other gamification elements - almost for every action inside BITLEVEX
platform users will earn points and get achievements. Their progress will allow them to move up by
levels. The higher the level, the better trading conditions a user is going to have together with
additional benefits. Apart from that, on a constant basis, BITLEVEX is going to conduct trading
competitions with valuable prices.

Trader Intelligence Agency (TIA)

BITLEVEX is going to create a community of professional traders
with limited access. The goal of the community will be to address the issues related to trading,
cryptocurrencies, and legal aspects. We would like to educate people and give them the opportunity to
trade responsibly - to better understand what they are doing in terms of trading and why. People
should understand the risks they are taking and that is why increasing overall knowledge level of
our users is an important task and serious challenge. By educating our users we will also build a
much stronger bond of trust and it will make users even more deeply engaged with BITLEVEX and, as
a result, they will stay with us forever.

Watch our Youtube video.

Our values
• Security and reliability •
• Transparency •
• User experience and engagement •
• Wide and unique product range •
• Beautiful user interface and neat design •
• Educational and risk management tools •

BITLEVEX is a licensed service provider by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of Republic of Estonia.

1) Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against fiat currency.
2) Providing a virtual currency wallet service.

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