A Man who brought 145 million dollars in Bitcoin to the other World



Jun 26, 2018
Gerald Cotten founder and head of Canadian crypto exchange died, unfortunately he was the only man who had access to crypto assets in size of almost 150 million dollars, so no user is now able to withdraw these money - this is what the official source says. But there are a few factors that might change our view of the situation: either Gerald have staged his death or he wrote a will 12 days before everything really happen. The data is provided by reliable Bloomberg's informer.

In case you haven't heard of this or have already forgotten - on the 9th December at the age of 31 after 7 years of living with serious blood illness, Canadian founder of popular crypto exchange died, having more than 100 million dollars on his cold cryptocurrencies wallet, it would be a pretty common situation if this money weren't belong to users of his platform.

Media has found official documents used in the investigation where we can find information of that Gerald Cotten did a will on 27 November 2018, just two weeks before he has gone. Now all the property is in hand of his wife Jennifer Robertson.


Gerald used to be the only owner of his crypto platform GuardigaCX also he has kept all the money on cold wallet, running his business from his computer and paying big attention to the secure (just an ideal example of American dream, however all of these took place in Canada). After his death all the money were lost and it is not an easy task to get them back. In fact, it is almost unreal, experts however have been working very hard to return money back to the users.

Lawyers are interested in selling the platform in case the money are extracted from cold wallet.

For the last time people on the network have been discussion about the potential way it all might have happened - there were lots of financial problems so that way trying to stage death is a really good way to solve all of them. Lots of users have also mentioned very strange set of circumstances: Cotten died at the exact moment when there were lots of withdrawal postpones as well as reports from platform clients.

GuardigaCX was founded in the year 2013, became one of the most used platforms in Canada in less than 5 years and had 350,000 clients in the end of 2018.
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