8 Life Truths that the “Black Mirror” Teaches Us



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Jun 15, 2018

Netflix is always looking for new approaches to the entertainment market, working not only with the essence, but also with the form. The “Extreme” series of the “The Black Mirror” science fiction television series consolidated its flagship status. “Bandersnatch” (the last series of the season) is interactive. The viewer chooses further actions of the hero up to the type of cereal for breakfast, and each of these choices leads to different film finals.

But let's not forget the main thing. About the main idea: to show the impact of information technology on humanity. What did the author want to say?

Talent is no Guarantee of Success

The main character Stephen, apparently, is very talented. He works hard, reads. But if everything worked according to the same scheme: you are talented — well done — this is your success. The film teaches us that talent and hard work will not provide a bright future. Ambition and ideas will not provide minions or recognition. Self-digging, self-confidence and, moreover, the right place and the right time are important on a par with talent.

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Money Won't Make You Happier

The mid-80s, a young guy — a programmer and a recluse, the coolest “Tuckersoft” company that creates computer games of the time. And they believe you, invite you to work. It’s dream! Where there is not a word about money: no fee, no salary, and no deductions on copyright to the creator of the game Stephen, who is the main character. The path of the artist, the creative creator, is in the first place here. There are the brinks of madness, despair, full immersion. There is a creative realization that cannot be bought for money and that will determine your life.

On the other hand, there is a financially successful programmer, the author of the main character favorite games, his idol Colin Ritman. He is incredibly rich man who, according to his boss, could buy Lamborghini, but still smokes roll-ups. Money doesn’t make him much happier. He wanders around his mind and loses touch with the real world, commits suicide. But he had money.

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