Finished 500 MapCoin — Phase 2 Airdrop up to $100 Profit on Q3 2018 - Sept



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Jun 3, 2018
What is MapCoin?
The MapCoin represent the future of mapping technologies for all drivers. The platform propose money for information exchange. Their program want have access to location data using and create driver’s maps on this basis.

Developers believe, the monetization such data can bring $33 billion for original equipment manufacturers. They also believe, creators of the most data’s part must be rewarded. Thus, the scheme for generating profits will be as follows:

  • MapCoin users collect data from the entire world;
  • Mapping data collection this information in the special platform;
  • Providers and data seekers — OEM, Oil/Gas, Insurance, Automotives, Logistics, Mapping Companies — buy the necessary data.
What do you need doing?
Complete the tasks => enter personal data to the form

Can you tell us more?
  • Go to the AirDrop page MapCoin Airdrop
  • Follow MapCoin Telegram
  • Follow their Twitter and retweet pinned message
  • Fill the form bellow on the page — email, TM username, Twitter URL, ERC-20 Wallet
Finish. For this AirDrop is useful to have recorded addresses of all their social networks for faster filling of forms.

AirDrop Bonus
They don’t offer referral program and Airdrop is able only for 20,000 people, but their offer is very generous without it.

When you can claim tokens?
500 tokens will be sent to the Ether Wallet in the end of ICO sales. It will happen around Q3 2018 — Sept.

Bounty hunters trust limited offers because peoples know marketing campaign budget. Registration in this AirDrop took 5 minutes of time. We hope, these 5 minutes will bring profit to both you and us. I am alarmed only by the distribution of the tokens:

  • Community reward fund — 50%;
  • Token Sale — 24%;
  • Team — 16%;
  • Advisors — 5%
  • Marketing — 5%.
If AirDrop is classified like as Marketing — it is normal, but if it is positioned like as Community reward fund — it is sign of SCAM. We think in Community reward fund will include only rewards for useful driver’s data.
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Jun 3, 2018
MapCoin Bounty is live from 2018/08/06 to 2018/09/06 ?
Firstly, we need register in the Bounty0x as a Hunter. It is cryptoexchange where MapCoin token will be realised.

On this stage of Bounty, you can receive 50 MAP per every Telegram Referral.
Hunters are rewarded for following and creatink and sharing posts. An amount of the reward determined by quality of th work:
  • 50 MAP - basic;
  • 200 MAP - good;
  • 400 MAP - great;
  • 1,000 MAP - extraordinary.
Bitcoin Talk
Rewards for this bounty are less than for Reddit. But particaipants just need commenting in MapCoin threads or creating their threads. All Hunters can be rewarded depending on the quality of the posts:
  • 50 MAP - basic;
  • 100 MAP - good;
  • 200 MAP - great;
  • 500 MAP - extraordinary.
Medium Blog
Hunters with copywriter's skills can creating articles about MapCoin on Medium blog. Copy/paste from white-paper or website is not allowed. Rewards:
  • 100 MAP - good;
  • 200 MAP - great;
  • 500 MAP - extraordinary.
If you have 1,000 subscribers on the YouTube hosting, you can take part in it with unique video about MapCoin. More subscribers = more tokens.
  • 100 MAP - 1,000+
  • 200 MAP - 2,000+
  • 500 MAP - 4,000+
  • 1,000 MAP - 8,000+
  • 2,500 MAP - 12,000+
Find your native language and propose to administrators translation services for:
  • 2,500 MAP - Website;
  • 5,000 MAP - White-paper.
Google translation is not allow.
As one of the Telegram subscribers wrote: the great teams are working so hard for the success of this great project.
I agree with his words on 100%.

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