3 Ways to make Cryptocurrencies Great Again



Jun 26, 2018
You’ve probably noticed that for the last time crypto industry has been going down pretty fast. But there still are good perspectives of getting out of such situation. So let’s take a look at some of them.


Bitcoin ETF

Exchange market that uses Bitcoin as a standard currency. An investment tool that makes it real to invest in all coins easily and secure. Obviously, after appearing of such instrument companies that own huge capitals will become full players of the industry. At the moment, they still aren’t sure in quality of big investments in cryptocurrencies due to the lack of easy way of buying them without worrying about the money safe.

Bakkt release

Platform that is going to become a legal mediator offering law based guaranties and getting strict responsibilities between investors and cryptocurrency. Institutional players will get an opportunity to invest in bitcoin. Bakkt is planning to become popular and used among lots of people investment tool, like stock or currency market. This will for sure bring new people to crypto technologies. Unfortunately, team was planning to release the project in December of this year, however, because of some problems, it was postponed until the January 2019.

Fidelity Investments

Another investment platform with big name, what is more, it has announced soon support of the bitcoin. Reliable and experienced company is going to become a guarantor of safety investigations in coins to institutional players.

To sum up everything, all factors above are aimed at making crypto industry more popular among big players, who can increase capitalization of the market. As soon as such initiatives become real, making institutional investors able to buy bitcoin safe, we will see cryptocurrencies growing enough fast to fly on the moon.

But while it isn’t so, you can spend your time and find lots of useful information, here - on this lovely forum.
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