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Jun 26, 2018
What is CINDX platform?

Project made by top investors for all people, who works in investing industry. For traders, it can offer opportunity to trade different coins without limits and control from both, countries laws and market rules. What is more, you can use apps to get bigger functionality, so you can trade in even more productive way.

But the biggest plus for you is attraction of money. Here how it works: if you’re really cool investor, then algorithms build in the system will see that, and you will be advertised for investors for free.

Nothing to pay and nothing to do as well. Do your job well enough - investors will see you - investors will believe in you and give you money - you can trade with resources, given to you - everyone has profit

What to do?

Visit the CINDX official website --> register and verify your account --> Complete all the tasks --> Complete the form --> Done. Wait for your money

What are these tasks?
  • Telegram
    • Join the channel
  • Facebook
    • Like the page
    • Join the group
  • Other accounts needed
    • E-Mail

When all tasks are done, fell the information in the form. This will be
  1. Your accounts
  2. Name and email address
  3. ETH-20 wallet
Also, if you have audience, you can referral system and make your profit even bigger

How much money will you get?

It’s still unknown, but it won’t be a lot. The sum you can get by such sort of activity is usually about $5. Good enough for 2 minutes of work.


Very perspective project offers you to make some money for doing what you usually do, liking facebook and viewing telegram.

If you want to find out all the important information about project, read this article.
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