1. Lebedev

    Ongoing Asobi coin - interesting investment in marketplace

    Problems of modern artists Today’s modern technologies gives creators a chance, they never had, this chance is selling what they created online. There’s no more need to find companies that will publish your book or radio stations that will play your songs. Although it solves giant amount of...
  2. Lebedev

    Ongoing Boomstarter network - invest in investment platform

    Why it is hard to make your idea live nowadays? One of the easiest ways to do so is using such called crowdfunding. The concept itself is really cool: you have an idea → you describe about it on special site → other people invest in it → you work on your project → you have just changed the...
  3. Lebedev

    Ongoing Kheper (KHP). “Jeu de hasard” or gambling in human history

    Why to learn? Learning is the only process that makes people themselves, remember how they say? Learn something new every day. So why don't you pay attention to history today? This content probably isn’t what you were looking for on this forum, but it’ll be no less important, so read...
  4. Finley Adams

    ICO Kuende - level up your life today

    Internet seems incredibly perspective technology, but now we can see that it’s the biggest cause of our procrastination. We often watch stories on the instagram or scrolling our facebook, instead of working and learning. But there’s a way out of this system. Social media that will reward you...
  5. Lebedev

    Upcoming Vibeo ICO - giant leap in messaging and social media

    Short excursion to history Russian author Vladimir Odoevsky ceases work on his unfinished anti utopia “The Year 4338: Petersburg Letters”. In this book he has predicted a large number of items and services that we use daily nowadays. Classmates - first social media in modern meaning. Can be...
  6. Lebedev

    Finished Kybernetwork: change your cryptocurrencies and tokens easy and fast.

    Some more examples to make you confidence Another one of upcoming ICO is Kybernetwork. Let’s check it’s reliability on the principles described above and add new ones. The main purpose. For this project is about to make an absolutely new token sale process and give a new development...
  7. Lebedev

    Ongoing Nagricoin: why agriculture is so interesting industry for investors now.

    There lots of people, who’re used to “classical” investments, such as stocks, shares, HYIPs or forex, at the same time they have scepticism about cryptoworld and ICOs, particularly. You may be one of them, so we’re here now to change your mind and dispel general myths about this huge...
  8. Lebedev

    Upcoming OPU - profitable investment in skincare

    Doctors that can harm you Almost every person, who use internet, have visited, or at least know somebody who have visited sites about health. And, from one side, it’s really cool that you can learn and note lots of information on the web, including the one about the health. But, on the other...
  9. Lebedev

    Ongoing Delicia preICO - invest in solving humanity diseases

    Timeless human disasters For centuries humanity has been terrorised from lots of natural disasters, including fire, drought and famine. And mostly these disasters took place exactly because of humans’ actions. Those, who were before us, provoked big part of earthquakes by mining precious metals...
  10. Lebedev

    Ongoing Paytomat ICO - how to pay in crypto easily

    Modern and popular way to make your business grow Now, when crypto currencies and anything related to them, like ICOs or investing, brings huge attention from society. That’s probably can be the simplest way for you to get bigger group of clients, especially those, who’re interested in...
  11. Lebedev

    Ongoing DeNet ICO review - a new word in cloud technologies

    More problems in brave new world If you‘re an internet user, who uses more sites than standard Google or Facebook, you would be familiar with this problem: you’d like to open “yourfavouritewebsite”, but it doesn’t work due to some problem on hosting. A short time ago our favorite was...
  12. Lebedev

    Ongoing Pingvalue PreICO - investing in your spare time

    Problems in brave new world A long time ago people knew nothing about the internet and search any places of interest with in the big book. It look like as old phone book, but inside there was a list of cafes and shops of your city. Happily, we have internet now. But there still are some big...
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