1. Olena Dubchak

    Basic skills of financially educated people

    In this article we will talk about the most important skills of financially literate people. 1) It is a skill to maintain a balance between investment and consumption. In all situations, the main thing is to preserve the golden mean, allowing you to live in peace and comfort not only in the...
  2. Olena Dubchak

    How the history of cryptology has changed

    Cryptovalues have long ago become something that many of us are used to - something that is constantly on hearing. The industry has experienced more than one leap in recent years; let us remember how it was. Bitcoin creation It all started incredibly long ago, in 2009. That's when an unknown...
  3. Olena Dubchak

    Altcoins: what are they and why are they underestimated

    Cryptocurrencies are more diverse than ordinary users can imagine. Of course, bitcoins, etherium and other tokens that are in the TOP-10 are constantly on the list, but there are hundreds of altcoins that have never achieved popularity. Here we will find out what these tokens are and why they...
  4. Olena Dubchak

    Investments during quarantine: which currencies to choose

    In this strange spring of 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic affected all areas of our lives. Under the pressure of this factor sagged and the industry crypto valyut: Bitcoin moved downward until March 16, and, reaching a value of $ 601, began to rise sharply in price. Is it worth investing in...
  5. Olena Dubchak

    Banks or crypt currency: pros and cons

    Cryptovalues are increasingly being introduced into our lives. The most popular Bitcoin (Bitcoin, BTC or XBT) coin has gained popularity almost immediately since its launch. We would like to remind you that its issue was carried out in 2009, and now the total number of produced coins has passed...
  6. Olena Dubchak

    Cryptovalues: Why They'll Change the World

    Every year, sceptics complain about the possible rapid disappearance of cryptovolves, and each time they are disappointed. Even in difficult crisis times, the cryptovoltaic industry is gaining momentum, becoming popularized and becoming an integral part of our lives. This article will present...
  7. Olena Dubchak

    The crypt currency in 2020: investment and earnings.

    Cryptcurrency and Blockchain (the technology on which it works) - these concepts can safely be called one of the most significant in 2020. Even retired people have probably heard of Bitcoin by now. Let's understand, what value are the digital coins in 2020 and whether it is worth paying...
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