1. nevenx

    Problem [Scam Alert] Paytiz.Com

    Yesterday I made an order to exchange BTC to ADV on this exchanger. Today, almost 24h after waiting they support told me that I made a fraud attempt and put my funds on hold. You can read all comments and prof at BestChange site by the user Neven
  2. pestxo scam!!! scam!!! scam. - Withdraw money more than 80 hours without processing Do not invest now. The company has been reported to the UK government department and to the UK police
  3. Cryptofov

    Not Paying Albiton: Investment plan 4% - 6% - 8% | Referral commission 7% - 5% - 1% -officially handled by the British Incorporated company Albiton Limited is the self-regulated and automated financial management platform. Advancements in artificial intelligence bots and improved trade technologies will allow AI robots to manage with a far greater extent of market...
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