online scam

  1. nevenx

    Problem [Scam Alert] Paytiz.Com

    Yesterday I made an order to exchange BTC to ADV on this exchanger. Today, almost 24h after waiting they support told me that I made a fraud attempt and put my funds on hold. You can read all comments and prof at BestChange site by the user Neven
  2. Cryptic Fate

    Scam! Not Paying Anymore. 5.00 star(s) 1 Vote

    This site used to triple your investment and pay automatically after 48 hours of investment. But It's turned into a scam and all the payment status are pending. So, don't risk your money. Do not Invest!
  3. dr.Gachet

    What Steps to Take Immediately if You’re a Victim of Online Scam

    As the Internet comes an integral part of our everyday life, it made us vulnerable to many threats as an integral part of our everyday life. Anyone can become a victim of cyber criminals and thieves of personal information. There are a number of security measures available to Internet users to...
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