1. TOPDailyPTC

    ✔RKS-Cryptomining - Cloud Mining - FREE SIGNUP BONUS 100GH/s✅ Ready to Start Bitcoin Mining Today It’s so plain sailing to Invest Mining Hardware’s are already installed and are currently running. As soon as you register your account, you’re ready to mine using our Mining Server. HOW IT WORKS: Our data centers host hundreds of miners...
  2. EZ_Money_Online

    Get free $5 NOW 🎁

    You can use apps to make money online. Honeygain is one of the best side hustle apps in the world. It allows you to get free money by sharing your internet connection. For such use as improving ad ranking, making price comparisons, and prevent ad fraud. You can generate passive income while...
  3. seawolf2016

    Gozcoin platform lanched Gozcoin, bonus 10$

    GOZCOIN platform already launched. Invest in GOZCOIN and earn up to 730% by mining. Use GOZCOIN Welcome bonus 100 GC 10$ Use BTCMINING Welcome bonus 0.001 BTC Goz Mining Limited. Company Number #13043804 Use LTCMINING Welcome bonus 0.1 LTC Goz Mining...
  4. Cryptofov

    Not Paying FREE MINING - [3% - 6% daily forever; 9%-6%]

    Register and claim your FREE power 100GH/s Set up your mining and see how your selected coin (BTC, LTC, DOGE etc) fills your pockets. Deposit is not required but if you want to speed up you can deposit via all currencies including Payeer. Register here: cloud mining platform
  5. Selina Mary

    CryptoTab Review: Is CryptoTab a safe browser to earn bitcoin money?

    Mining Browsers plugins are mostly used by traders. It is an application that runs on your computer system and mines bitcoin. Through this activity, users can earn rewards of mined currency in a network with mining and referral income. CryptoTab Browser is a Chrome plugin built with the...
  6. jack2019

    Get Cheap BTC Mining Websites.

    Hello friends, we are professional BTC Mining Website Developers. We have many packages you can choose any plane. We also have many unique and attractive templates. We have cheap packages for a fully ready website. For detail, you can check our website Skype...
  7. Olena Dubchak

    Ongoing {Yoda X} Prospective Cryptovalues 2020

    Crypt currency is one of the most developing industries in the digital world. Some see tokens as a step into a new world where decentralization, fiat and total control will be lost. Others see the cryptovolta only as a way to earn money. We have prepared the TOP 3 of the most promising cryptov...
  8. millionsizgang

    Try CryptoTab, the world's first mining browser. Over 10 million users are already earning with CryptoTab Browser!

    Mine bitcoins yourself and invite your friends to earn much more! When inviting friends, explain to them that you need to regularly use the browser to visit sites, social networks, watch online videos, etc. When the browser window is active, mining speed is higher. Then they earn more and your...
  9. jack2019

    How To A Buy Cheap Bitcoin Mining Website.

    Hello friends, if you want to start your own bitcoin mining website at a very low price. Then, we are a professional BTC mining website developer. Get a unique and attractive website in the only 24/h. We have many different packages for a fully ready website. For detail, you can check our...
  10. hyipweb

    Not Paying LUNOX.CLUB ~ 200% - 250% for 60 days

    Project start: January 12, 2020 About company: Invest Like a Professional Established in December 2019, Lunox is engaged in the trading of petroleum products and derivatives. Our expertise, devotion and efforts have increasingly rewarded us with excellent profits over the past period. To...
  11. Cryptofov

    Not Tracked CryptoJams HYIP CryptoJams Review [1-1.7% Daily]

    CryptoJams is advertising platform which had internal token/coin called Jams. That token allows us to stake it and earn passively along watch ads( mining ads). In return of staking those tokens every member gets advertising credits to promote his/her other projects or services trough their whole...
  12. Tom_the_Hyipster


    Hello, I want to share, I’m trying since 20days and everything is working perfectly at the moment with over 30mln Doge payed out Cloud mining return start from 120% to 160% in 40 days period, depend which plan do you prefear From a min deposit of 500 Doge to 500k Doge...
  13. Cryptofov

    HashingAdSPace - Staking, Advertising, Earning and FREE opportunity

    -----------------this is official introduction but a little bit down you have shorter explantion "HOW IT WORKS"---------------------- Hashing Ad Space is an online advertising platform Purchase our advertising products and have your website displayed to thousands of our members. It’s easy...
  14. Golem

    Answer How do I Calculate Mining Profitability?

    Where and how Mining Profit can be Calculated?
  15. dr.Gachet

    Question What is Hashrate in Mining?

    What is Hashrate? How do you calculate it?
  16. Golem

    Question What is Mining Difficulty?

    Hey there, can somebody tell me what challenges would you face when mining?
  17. Lebedev

    Global warming and other news from mining industry

    Part 1. HARDWARE Unfortunately, we will always cherish October 2018 as a month with no news about hardware. On the other hand, there were giant amount of events that are going to affect the industry a lot. Overclocked and Boosted For almost no reasons, companies producing the mining hardware...
  18. Lebedev

    Giant post about mining...

    Mining - is a way of earning by supporting the work of cryptocurrency. It may sound paradoxically, but in 21 century people have learned how to mine money like they used to mine precious metals, however they’re digital. Yes, all of us are now really able to mine digital money. After all...
  19. Lebedev

    Bitfury - modern mining solution

    Be tolerant towards asic miners… There’s no more time for small steps. How you learned from the video below, Bitfury is creating small, efficient and heat resistant asics. This company is very young, comparing with other hardware producers, however, it’s already become an active topic of...
  20. Lebedev

    Everything you should know about Mining in September 2018

    You can find two articles dedicated to mining and this is going to be the third one. “Mining news” can now be fairly called as regular column, so make sure you won’t forget to read it in next time, depending on the quantity of releases and updates, in the end or at the start of the month...
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