cryptocurrency trading

  1. CoinExpert

    Complete Guide to Crypto Trading

    Cryptocurrency exchange is a platform for trading and exchanging one digital money for another or for various world currencies (USD, EUR, RUR, CNY). In addition to the cloud mining and mining on your own computer, which is the original way to create cryptocurrency, exchanges offer the only...
  2. Lebedev

    Make Money Bitcoin bot pro - easy cryptocurrencies trading

    You can find trading as great opportunity of distance work and maybe even as some sort of the freelance, but if you want to begin your trading career you should notice that lots of problems are waiting to attack and to stop you on your way, comparatively with bosses in video games. Although...
  3. dr.Gachet

    The Costs of Trading: How to Reduce Expenses

    Whatever you 're investing in, the strategy of "buy and hold" is the most robust over time. This also applies to cryptocurrencies. It is important to understand how this investment mechanism works, because this is the only way to understand how to reduce trading costs — either by reducing the...
  4. CoinExpert

    Why HODL is the Best Strategy for Bitcoin Trading

    Six months ago, bitcoin price reached the level of $ 20,000, and today its jump to $ 7,000 is already a reason for joy. In such conditions it is difficult not to lose faith in the bright future of the first cryptocurrency. In this article we will tell whether it is worth implementing a long-term...
  5. CoinExpert

    Crypto Currency: Is it Ponzi Scheme or Market-Driven Bubble?

    Many believe that all cryptocurrencies are a kind of Ponzi scheme because the participants connected to the system before others could have large volumes of cryptocoins with little effort, and now are likely to convert them into hard currency. The fact, that almost nothing is known about the...
  6. dr.Gachet

    U.S. Navy Training Requirements Applied to Crypto Trading

    Crypto currency trading is largely similar to hostilities, waging war and/or combat operations — in both cases you will lost a fight or money without a competent strategy and tactics. One of the crypto enthusiasts, who is currently a member of the US Navy, identified a number of army principles...
  7. dr.Gachet

    Must Know Cryptocurrency Terms: From ‘HODL’ to ‘JOMO’

    If you are a little interested in crypto currency, you probably met the strange term "HODL" in the thematic channels and Telegram groups. It looks like someone wrote the word "hold" wrong. HODL is an established crypto term. The fact is that the popularity of digital currencies has caused the...
  8. dr.Gachet

    Amazon, Microsoft & Alibaba: Centralized Companies Into Decentralized Ecosystem

    It's no secret that eCommerce giants set trends on the modern market — the way they use blockchain technology can tell a lot about the future of the industry. Blockchain has become the basis of many new decentralized apps and technologies, but internet giants' interest intensity for the...
  9. CoinExpert

    4 Main Chart Patterns in Crypto Trading

    Stock chart patterns are one of the best tools for a trader, which allows you to accurately determine the further movement of an asset's price. Thus, the accuracy of the classical pattern "Head and shoulders" is more than 80% — few indicators can show the same result. In this article we will...
  10. dr.Gachet

    Top 6 Signs You're Addicted to Crypto Investing

    In May 2018, Scotland-based Castle Craig Hospital, which runs rehabilitation courses for people with drug, alcohol and gambling addictions, launched a treatment programme for crypto trading addiction. Is this an urgent need or just an attempt to make money on a trend ? Is there such a disease...
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