1. acmediagroup

    CloseOption - 2.400$ Weekly Tournament! Cryptos, Paypal, PerfectMoney & Credit Cards Deposit Accepted

    CloseOption Broker is currently trying in completing the project binary options (Financial Betting Platform) with a special platform and due to the simplicity Platform and having good performance they will attract and absorb soon many clients and partners. This Broker accepts CryptoCurrencies...
  2. Margo

    What Things Prevent You from Being a Successful Trader?

    Statistics of successes and failures of traders in the financial markets is unbiased: the vast majority of traders lose money, while only a small percentage of market participants consistently receive profit from price movements. What prevents traders from achieving stability? Neglecting Trends...
  3. Margo

    WhatsApp Users Can Now Send and Receive Bitcoin and Litecoin

    Whats App users can now send Bitcoin, Litecoin, Entereum each other via Lite.Im bot from Zulu Republic. The post WhatsApp Users Can Now Send and Receive Bitcoin and Litecoin appeared first on - Online Investment Watch Blog. Continue reading...
  4. Margo

    Best Altcoins to Invest in April

    Although the cryptocurrency market, contrary to expectations of optimists, did not grow sharply in March, its general trend was positive. If a month ago the market capitalization was $ 130 billion, now it is more than 140 billion. Bitcoin (EXANTE: Bitcoin) returned confidently to $ 4,000 from $...
  5. CoinExpert

    TOP 10 Crypto Wallets in 2019

    Any person associated with a crypto market necessarily faces a question — which crypto wallet to choose? In this article, we will consider the wallets most in demand among crypto traders and miners. Rahakott Wallet Anonymous It is multilingual, anonymous, multicurrency Rahakott crypto wallet...
  6. Margo

    HTC’s Exodus Blockchain Phone Can Now be Bought with Fiat Currencies

    Taiwanese electronics manufacturer HTC has made its blockchain phone HTC EXODUS 1 available for purchase with U.S. dollars and other fiat currencies. Previously the phone was only available for purchase with bitcoin or ether. The announcement was made during the Mobile World Congress in...
  7. Lebedev

    Powerful Men supporting Cryptocurrencies

    After long time of crypto industry going down, there is finally a light that helps us to see that cryptocurrencies have great future. In five years they are going to be become just as used as fiat money. To begin with, Tim Draper, a person you have probably never heard of, but who has...
  8. Margo

    Clipper Malware Disguises Itself as MetaMask App on Google Play

    The first clipper malware has been found on Google Play. Malicious software disguised as a MetaMask DApp was discovered in the Google Play Store by Eset expert Lucas Stefanko. The malware was removed by Google at the beginning of the month after a tip-off from Eset researchers. The post Clipper...
  9. Lebedev

    Bitcoin is the biggest problem of Government's plan to take Control over People

    Anonymity, freedom and decentralization - these words according to Satoshi would become synonymous to cryptocurrencies, but obviously governments of the world aren't interested in this. Unfortunately the modern bitcoin community have finally lost their belief in the idea of cryptocurrencies...
  10. amara

    Bitcoin MLM software development

    Bitcoin Multi Level Marketing business is trending nowadays because of high usage of cryptocurrencies worldwide and huge number of people are getting involved in this for making money quickly. we at Coinjoker provides Bitcoin MLM software integrated with wallet by which you can perform various...
  11. Margo

    Swiss Watchmaker to Launch Watch with Crypto Wallet

    Swiss luxury watch manufacturer A. Favre & Fils has announced the launch of mechanical timepiece with a built-in crypto wallet. The pre-production model of the watch will be launched during the Q2 of 2019. The post Swiss Watchmaker to Launch Watch with Crypto Wallet appeared first on -...
  12. Margo

    Cryptocurrencies are Too Varied to be Considered One Asset Class

    Cryptocurrencies are governed by different economic realities, have different market structures and have different return characteristics. They are simply too varied to be aggregated into one asset class, according to the expert view published on The post Cryptocurrencies are Too...
  13. Golem

    Answer How do I Calculate Mining Profitability?

    Where and how Mining Profit can be Calculated?
  14. dr.Gachet

    Question What is Hashrate in Mining?

    What is Hashrate? How do you calculate it?
  15. Golem

    Question What is Mining Difficulty?

    Hey there, can somebody tell me what challenges would you face when mining?
  16. Margo

    Crypto Mining Could Push Global Warming Above 2°C

    Bitcoin mining could alone produce enough CO2 emissions to push warming above 2 °C within less than three decades, according to a research carried out by scientists at the University of Hawaii. Last year, 69 million tons of carbon, which is 1% of the total, were emitted into the air, due to the...
  17. dr.Gachet

    Top 10 Bitcoin Documentary Movies

    What is bitcoin? Why is it needed? Who are its creators? How will it influence the traditional financial system? What awaits cryptocurrency in the future? These films will answer many of your questions about the world of cryptocurrency. Since the advent of Bitcoin in 2009, interest in it has...
  18. Margo

    Coinbase Rolles out New Update to Streamline Crypto Trading

    Digital currency exchange Coinbase has introduced its “Coinbase Bundles,” a new update aimed at simplifying cryptocurrency trading. The post Coinbase Rolles out New Update to Streamline Crypto Trading appeared first on - Online Investment Watch Blog. Continue reading...
  19. Golem

    Hot Bitcoin Songs that Rocked the Charts

    Last week, Marshall Bruce Mathers III, known as Eminem, mentioned Bitcoin in his song ‘Not Alike’ feat Royce Da 59 from the new album ‘Kamikaze’. The part about bitcoin is rapped by Royce Da 59: ’Remember everybody used to bite Nickel; Now everybody doin’ Bitcoin.’ This is not the first time...
  20. biggico

    Biggico - Crypto Affiliate Network | Payouts in BTC, ETH, fiat | Revenue Share, CPA, CPL offers

    Biggico is looking for your crypto traffic! Our crypto CPA network provides most profitable crypto-related offers on Revenue Share, CPL, CPA basis. Available verticals: ICO Gambling Cybersport Cloud Mining Forex Casino And more! Worldwide traffic is accepted for the most part of our offers...
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