cryptocurrecy investing

  1. Marengo

    SCAM BlueSky Invest Int LTD HYIP Review [From 3.84% Daily Profit + 4-3% R. C.] has been working since December 14, 2018. According to the site, the company earns on operations with cryptocurrency and in the Forex market. Specialists in various fields direct their activities to increase profits due to increased risks. The project team offers the best...
  2. vincentcameron

    Crypto backed by Gold ecoSystem.

    the only one in the world and global with physical banks and atm get 1 tenth gram of cash gold with a new account here Open New Account Receive 1 tenth gram of Gold. its all on the link above but i would be happy to answer any questions in this thread. cheers;
  3. A

    Citowise ICO! You can participate in our ICO with Citowise wallet

    Dear Friends, It is great to announce that starting from today everyone can participate in Citowise public pre-sale ICO. A lot of people were waiting for this day and finally the day has come. There are many ways how to do it but the best and the easiest way — through the Citowise wallet...
  4. dr.Gachet

    The Costs of Trading: How to Reduce Expenses

    Whatever you 're investing in, the strategy of "buy and hold" is the most robust over time. This also applies to cryptocurrencies. It is important to understand how this investment mechanism works, because this is the only way to understand how to reduce trading costs — either by reducing the...
  5. CoinExpert

    Crypto Currency: Is it Ponzi Scheme or Market-Driven Bubble?

    Many believe that all cryptocurrencies are a kind of Ponzi scheme because the participants connected to the system before others could have large volumes of cryptocoins with little effort, and now are likely to convert them into hard currency. The fact, that almost nothing is known about the...
  6. dr.Gachet

    Must Know Cryptocurrency Terms: From ‘HODL’ to ‘JOMO’

    If you are a little interested in crypto currency, you probably met the strange term "HODL" in the thematic channels and Telegram groups. It looks like someone wrote the word "hold" wrong. HODL is an established crypto term. The fact is that the popularity of digital currencies has caused the...
  7. Margo

    Is it Worth to Invest in Cryptocurencies?

    With the growing popularity of cryptocurrency many investors are interested in the profitability of investing exclusively in cryptocurrency. This article considers all the strengths and weaknesses of the cryptocurrency sector in terms of investment attraction. The main advantage of...
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