1. mathawmio

    Netbox - Instructions for you to get free tokens. step by step

    Brave browser and bat token. It was a successful project. And today, a similar project to the Brave browser project was launched. It promises to be a good project. You will receive tokens from this new project for free and more. how? I will show you step by step to do it. Please note that you...
  2. Selina Mary

    Importance of Fintech PR Agency

    Fintech PR Agency exists to help organizations within the fintech space that take a true general outlook across markets, with the capability to work with leading agency specialists.
  3. Selina Mary

    Will Ethereum price over take bitcoin in future?

    Well!! Did you know? I'm really interested in investing in ethereum. On the other hand, several crypto experts predict that the ethereum price prediction will double in the upcoming years. Can anyone suggest to me how high ethereum prices rise?
  4. Selina Mary

    Compound Price Prediction: Will COMPOUND Price Reach $500 By Dec. 2020?

    Among the altcoins with distinct business propositions, decent market contraction, and ready products, COMP takes a top position. As Defi takes over the crypto space, Defi-related tokens are seen to be riding an excessive bull market. This has driven many of this category of coins towards high...
  5. Selina Mary The Most Trusted Crypto Tax Manager

    Investments can be somewhat challenging with thousands of crypto coins and tokens which are actively traded now in the online space. Also with new cryptocurrency regulations and legislative developments, there need of technical developments is also important. In line with this, there is a crypto...
  6. Selina Mary

    Is Dogecoin worth buying?

    Dogecoin is the most loved cryptocurrency today. It was named after the famous meme of the Shiba Inu dog that has attracted the attention of the blockchain community. It started as a simple joke, but the coin took an important place in the crypto sphere thanking its fans and charity activity...
  7. Selina Mary

    Stellar Lumens- To Buy Or Not?

    Well !! Stellar lumens continue its best in the crypto market, as the price of stellar is increasing. Crypto experts assume that according to stellar lumens price prediction, the price will reach high in the upcoming. So, what’s your take on this?
  8. Marengo

    Ongoing Tycoon Pre-ICO/ICO Review 2019/01/21–2019/05/02 [Bounty]

    Hello, I published a detailed review of the ICO project on our blog. Now I suggest focusing on important details. Below you will find only the missing puzzles for an investment solution. ICO / PreICO Details The administration collects funds in 2 stages: Pre-ICO — from July 22...
  9. M

    Cryptocurrency Development Services By Developcoins

    Start building your own new crypto coin, we specialize in creating custom altcoin and cryptocurrency development company. And we create multi cryptocurrency and altcoin supported wallets. Start creating your own crypto coin using cutting edge technology! Developcoins takes pride in being a...
  10. Lebedev

    Samsung is working on their own cryptocurrency based on Ethereum

    Korean technological giant Samsung has been working on their own implementation of blockchain, which they will be using in effort to create a cryptocurrency. This info was provided by Coindesk that have private resources in Samsung. As far as we know, blockchain will be built on Ethereum. At...
  11. Margo

    Startup Civic Introduces World-first Blockchain-based Beer Vending Machine

    Last Sunday, decentralized identity startup Civic introduced three beer vending machines in its booth at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference & Festival in Austin, Texas. The post Startup Civic Introduces World-first Blockchain-based Beer Vending Machine appeared first on - Online...
  12. Margo

    Popular South Korean Actor Backs Blockchain Seafood Trade Startup

    Popular South Korean actor Bae Yong-joon has invested an undisclosed amount in blockchain-based seafood trade startup Seamon. According to Yong-joon, he invested “a meaningful sum” worth “more than tens of millions” of South Korean won (around $88,510). The post Popular South Korean Actor Backs...
  13. Margo

    WordPress to Launch Publishing Platform with Blockchain Tools

    Automattic, the company behind publishing platform has partnered with Google to launch a news posting platform with blockchain tools. The post WordPress to Launch Publishing Platform with Blockchain Tools appeared first on - Online Investment Watch Blog. Continue reading...
  14. Margo

    BitMEX Thanks Satoshi Nakamoto for Bitcoin on the Front Page of The Times

    The cryptocurrency platform BitMEX has thanked to Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto on the front page of The Times on January 3rd, 2019. The post BitMEX Thanks Satoshi Nakamoto for Bitcoin on the Front Page of The Times appeared first on - Online Investment Watch Blog. Continue...
  15. Margo

    Star Trek Technologies That Now Exist

    The first “Star Trek” TV series was released in 1966, and the first film — in 1979. Hardly directors and screenwriters could assume that by 2019 their fictional technologies would not only become a reality but also change many business processes. “Beam me up, Scotty!” Phone, videoconferencing...
  16. legitbtcsite

    Finished massive airdrop of the year $125,000,000 and $25 is yours

    as you can see this is the massive airdrop of 2018 blockchan wallet introduce stellar coin and making a huge airdrop $125,000,000 and every user will take $25 yes that's right just sign up at and click claim free Stellar XLM and join the future of finance. blockchain FAQ ...
  17. Margo

    Canadian Crypto Company to Develop Supply Chain Platform for Cannabis

    Canada-based crypto company DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc. (DMG) has unveiled the plan to launch a blockchain-based supply chain management platform for cannabis industry. The post Canadian Crypto Company to Develop Supply Chain Platform for Cannabis appeared first on - Online...
  18. CoinExpert

    Blockchain Collectible Games

    There are plenty of computer games providing blockchain gaming experience which mainly offer three ways of using crypto — as a payment reward, as a gimmicky promotional tool, and as a genuine gameplay modifier. Today we will consider one of the variants of the third category of games — crypto...
  19. dr.Gachet

    Blockchain in Healthcare

    Blockchain technology is a topical issue in innumerable fields, ranging from finance to law to logistics and beyond. Healthcare sector remains one of the key areas of activity in which the use of distributed ledger technology is an urgent necessity. Of course, the new technology will not save...
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