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  1. Rules of Conduct
    1. Aspects of these rules can be edited, amended or deleted in accordance with the forum administrative decision in order to optimize functioning and communication, of which the users will be notified in a relevant section. In spite of amendments all guests, users and moderators of the forum are obliged to comply unconditionally with all its rules.

    2. In the event of failing to comply with the terms of the rules, measures shall be taken to the offending persons and their duration and severity depends on the designedness of the violation and repeated offence. The administration reserves the right to make decision on such matters.

    3. Ignorance of the rules does entail extinction either of compliance or of penalties against the offenders.

    4. Violation of any rule could only be considered as liable to punishment after the publication of a relevant paragraph. Cases that were not yet introduced to this set of rules are not liable to penalty if occurred before the publication of new or modified rules that specify this particular case.

    5. The rules are common for all the guests, users or premium account keepers, forum moderators and are not to be attenuated or toughened up regardless of the rank.

  2. Privacy policy
    1. All the information specified by the user in his or her profile is of an intrinsically personal nature, and the responsibility for its reliability and public exposure lies with him in extenso.

    2. The forum administration reserves the right of profile private information disclosure in the event of a grave forum rules or criminal legislation violation.

    3. The usages of someone else’s accounts, logins and passwords as well as release of those to other users are strictly prohibited and liable to punishment to the extent of the profile blocking.

    4. It is prohibited too use as a login, nickname, signature or avatar:

      1. Links to the third-party websites, unless coordinated with the administration;
      2. Obscene and offensive words and phrases;
      3. Logins and nicknames similar to those of other guests, users or forum staff members;

  3. Messages, topics or communications
    1. It is forbidden to post and send through private correspondence messages that include: lies, slander, insults, obscenities and bare swearing, ethnic hostility and race hatred stirring, inciting subversion of the government and other political manifestos, gender- or sexual orientation-based harassment, as long as any information that violates the law or common moral and ethical standards.

    2. Asking for money loans, postings of advertising links and other acts in question performed in privet communications are prohibited.

    3. Before starting a new topic, make sure that you do it in a forum of relevant topics, and try to make sure that this problem has not been discussed before.

    4. It is forbidden to start similar topics in different sections and post messages that carry the same meaning in different topics.

    5. Public complaining on any actions taken by moderators or administration is forbidden.

    6. Publications that violate copyright laws are prohibited.

    7. Publications containing malicious code and links to software viruses shall be punishable to the extent the criminal prosecution.

    8. The author's view, contained in any forum participant’s the message, is to be considered as personal and may not necessarily coincide with the opinion of the forum administration.

    9. In case of violation of any of these rules, the forum administration and its moderators have the right to edit messages and the offending person's profile information to the extent of complete removal.

    10. It is forbidden to post same-type messages in different topics, as well as messages that are not related to the topic.

    11. It is forbidden to use the unoccupied band for free spaces, pseudo-graphics and other such rubbish. Pithiness is welcomed.

    12. It is forbidden to write in full or partially the topics/sections headings in capital letters or in non-Latin alphabet, except for abbreviations and official titles of companies or brands.

    13. The topic’s title should reflect its essence. Due to the impossibility of the editing of incorrect titles, they can be deleted along with all the content of the topic.

    14. It is prohibited to make posts of a commercial nature, unless approved beforehand by the administration.

    15. It is forbidden to continue the discussion in topics closed by a moderator.

    16. In cases of systematic spelling errors in messages, the moderator reserves the right to warn the author of the necessity of using an autocorrector. If he or she goes on ignoring those warnings, the offending person will be penalized according to the paragraph 4.

    17. The excessive usage of emoticons (5 or more in a row) is prohibited.

    18. It is up to the administration to punish users who are caught on inappropriate behavior / statements against other users and forum staff members on any other websites.

    19. Any flooding and off topic shall be deleted and its authors shall receive a warning.

    20. The moderator and the administrator have the right to declare a message as flood regardless of the author's opinion and without opening a discussion.

    21. The user must immaculately obey to all the comments and requests of the moderator or administrator. All disputable situations are to be resolved in accordance with unit 8.

    22. Posting and sending in private messages advertisements and referral links, except when approved by the administration are strictly prohibited.

    23. It is forbidden to post links to other forums without administration’ approval.

  4. Warning
    1. The moderator or the administrator has the right to send a warning to a user who violated any of the rules, both on the forum and in privet correspondence.

    2. The maximum number of warnings that a user may get is 3, but the final decision on the number of warnings or account blocking is reserved by the administration and forum moderators.

  5. Ban and Amnesty
    1. The ban duration of the release are left to the administration’s judgement. There is a separate topic on ban and amnesty.

    2. A banned user who wants to restore his account can use the feedback communication.

  6. Account cloning
    1. Creation of a second or more accounts along with the main account is strictly prohibited. Ban is not a the reason for creating a clone account.

  7. Referral links
    1. It is forbidden to post your own referral links if the service (website) could be found in reviews and/or ratings.

    2. Referral links are only allowed in sections specially marked in relevant rules. For example: in sections that are dedicated to AirDrops, the no-deposit bonuses.

  8. Complaints
    1. In case of absolute disagreement with any post or message on the forum, the user has the right to press the ‘complaint’ button that will notify the administration of possible violations.

    2. The complaint shall be processed within 24 hours.

    3. The answer shall be given either in the topic of complaint, or through a private message.

    4. After the dispute is resolved, the complaint shall be deleted or closed.

  9. Arbitration of conflict situations with investment projects
    1. In cases of conflict situations with any service, the user has an absolute right to seek assistance from the Affiliate (curator), through whose link he or she has been registered on the website.

    2. The Affiliate should provide the user with maximum assistance to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

    3. The nonfeasance of an affiliate shall be regarded as a non-fulfilment of his or her direct obligations.

    4. A user that has given false information or violated the rules of this service (such as creating of multi-accounts, harassment, giving someone else’s information in his or her profile, etc.) shall be liable to a warning or a ban in case of recurrence.

  10. Rules of the Partnership Program and Credit Use
    1. Are published in the relevant forum sections and can be changed by the administration without any notice to forum participants.

  11. Chat rules
    1. The chat rules are subjected to the common rules of this forum.

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