Forum Moderation Guidelines

Forum Moderator's Code of Conduct

Basic Provisions, Rules of Conduct, Duties and Rights

A moderator
is a forum user endued with advanced rights and appointed for keeping the peace on the forum.
A forum member
with unblemished reputation and competent in matters related to investing, chosen among the consistent users of the forum can be appointed for the moderator.

Moderator is a guardian of peace on the forum and an imperatively needed member of the forum team. This post can not be looked upon as a mechanical and as the one with punitive functions only. Remember that a moderator is an identity of the forum and it depends on you what our forum will be like.

Moderator's Honor Code

  • All users are equal in face of forum rules
  • The actions the moderator takes cannot be controlled by his or her personal preferences and emotions
  • Professional and respectful attitude towards every currents forum member or any person planning to become one

The moderator should be ready to incur responsibility for his actions on the forum. Therefore, it is impermissible to cause arbitrariness and give unreasonable punishment. Be lenient towards newcomers and other forum participants. It's much easier to give polite explanations of the mistake of a forum member than to get a stain on your reputation. All the code of laws is applicable to personal correspondence. Be polite and patient in your correspondence. Insults and veiled or direct swearing in forum communication are prohibited in any section and of any kind.

  • Try to give as accurate answers to user's questions as possible.
  • It is moderators' responsibility to create open and friendly atmosphere on the forum.
  • In chase of the 'race purity' try not to overplay your hand and delete every bit written by the users on the from on the grounds of it being considered irrelevant comments. If the topic where you detected flooding is timely and of immediate interest to users, you should write back to the user that his message is irrelevant and ask him or her not to continue communication in such manner.
  • If the violation is repeated, the warning system is considered as already been turned on. 1 point per each action whereas the duration of the action scant 1 month. In the overall warning for flooding put in a shorter period (day-week). Remember that even the downright flooders come to the forum in search of rewards from the referral and will most likely disappear when it will come to their apprehension that hooking in a trusted user under your eagle eye is not an easy task.
  • Be attentive to those forum members who have initial experience in HYIP, ICO and Crypto industry. Be more loyal to them. Not all of them are experienced in forum communication and thus such forum users look out your support.
  • A moderator should be efficient and come up with prompt solutions to users' problems. If you find it impossible to solve an issue by your own means, contact the administrators.
  • If there is a project you are in charge of, then all user's questions in relation to this project are also in your jurisdiction. For this reason, it is advisable to be in touch with representatives or project managers directly.

Moderator’s Duties

  • Maintain the order on the forum. Follow the administrators' instructions.
  • Be recurrently on the forum. If you cannot possibly be on forum for a time, be sure to notify of how long you will be absent so that your topics and reviews won't not be ignored by other moderators.
  • Monitor the topics posting. If a topic was misplaced, move it to the relevant section and provide it with a notification.
  • Be active on the forum, participate in forum life, write new posts, and contribute suggestions.
  • Create by your own example a positive and amiable atmosphere on the forum.
  • Try to give answers to all user's questions.
  • Inform users of changes performed on the forum.
  • Render all-round support to the users in mastering the forum, especially for new-comers.
  • Eliminate controversies and try yourself to avoid them.
  • If necessary, apply sanctions to disturbers. Keep the warnings in mind as your main tool. But do not hesitate to encourage users by increase of their reputation.
  • Update regularly information on topics of the projects under your supervision and develop your sections.
  • If this code cannot be applicable to a particular situation, exercise good judgement and standards of morality, or bring up the issue for discussion in the moderator community.

Moderator’s Rights

Holds the right to act as a designated representative of the forum in settlement of any disputable questions or in resolving external issues in relation to HYIP, ICO and Crypto projects.

  • Can act as an arbiter in conflict situations.
  • Can cation a user for forum rules violation.
  • Can raise or degrade reputation of the forum members.
  • Holds the right to delete a user's message that does not agree with the format of the forum or violates any of the established rules.
  • Can take a HYIP, ICO, Crypto project under his or her supervision and make a profit off of it through an affiliate program.
  • Holds the right to demand confirmation of any information posted by the forum members.
  • Holds the right to participate in all competitions and offers on our portal, unless it is stated otherwise in the conditions of a particular offer.
  • Upon confirming it with other moderators, a moderator may arrange a vacation for a required period of time. In the meanwhile other moderators are obliged to supervise his or her sections and topics.
  • The moderator is always right! But to make this rule work for you, you must be stay true and impartial in your decisions.

Moderator’s Vocabulary

is repetitive (twice and more) user's messages per one topic holding no meaning or a modicum of useful information.
is the change-over of polemics from the matter at hand to a wordy warfare, which is no longer relevant to the original topic.
is creation of topics or posts with a provocative intention to it. The goal is to trigger a flame, flooding or other conflict situations.
Off topics
are user messages that overstep the boundaries pf a declared subject.
is an excessive usage of quotes in a message. Citation runs over the user's own message length.
Cross Posting
deliberate placement of the same topic, or very similar, affecting the same problem topic, in several different sections of the forum.
Provocative behaviour
is a way of communication without understand each others' positions. For example, racist, extremist and chauvinist statements (or other types of discrimination) and the abuse of our viewers.
is adding of a new message to a long-dead forum thread. Necroposting is characterized by a conspicuous and obvious difference between the dates of the posting and of a last message.

Solving the flood issue: write a notification to the author informing him or her that such messages are considered irrelevant. Next step is to delete and caution. Before the final warning notify once more. Blocking of a new-comer for systematic flooding should not exceed 7 days. 1 day is usually enough.

We write without aggression or abusive expressions.

If an experienced forum member is caught flooding and there is no doubt that it was not done for the sake of credit stamping, but simply in the heat of discussion, warnings and punishments must not be executed. You can gently guide the chat to a smoother flow, or delete these messages in a couple of hours after the end of the conversation or later.

Be lenient. The forum is created first and foremost for communication and it is the communication that makes by-passers permanent forum users. Flame, necroposting, provocative behaviour and other negativities are to be removed without doubt, with a relevant notification put in in the required column when deleting.

P.S. If you are a visitor to the forum, and believe the moderator to be wrong, you should read the rules of the forum.

P.P.S. Any complaints against moderators' actions can be sent through the contact form. All the best!

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