Advertising on the forum

Upper Banner

Banner in the size 728x90 pixels is displayed on top of all forum pages in the most visible position. One advertising slot can rotate up to ten banners. This is the best advertising place we can offer you.

We recommend using a .GIF image in the size up to 250 KB. Size of the file is limited because almost a half of our users looks through forum from mobile devices, often on a limited connection to the Web.

If you buy advertising more than for three months or buy premium support on our forum, you can receive discounts to placement of the advertising.

Banner in the sidebar of the forum

You can place a rectangular banner with the size of 250x200 pixels on all pages of the investor forum. Ads will be displayed in the sidebar on the right bottom on the most visited pages of the forum. No more than three banners in random rotation.

Use images in the .GIF format up to 250 KB in size without annoying users of animation effects, like flash effects and flashy colors.

We provide discounts for long terms of advertising campaigns to the owners of the representatives' accounts, advertisers who have purchased advertising on our blog.

You can pay for advertising with popular crypto-coins using CoinPayments or classic means of payment through Payer.

Places for advertising in the blog

Banner on the front pages

Large banner in the size 728x90 pixels on the main page in the categories and listings. It appears at the top most visited pages of the blog. Better visibility on the site. Recommend!

The file size should not exceed 250 KB. The banner is upload to our server. Up to three banners in rotation. Discounts are available for official representatives who are registered at the forum. When ordering advertising for more than three months may be additional discounts.

Banner in the sidebar

Rectangle banner in the size 300x250 pixels or square 300x300 pixels is untwisted in the sidebar on all pages of the investment blog. Up to three banners in rotation. Excellent location and reasonable price. Use the coupons to receive a discount which received for registration on the forum. 250 KB is the maximum. If you do not know where to order cute and light banners contact us, we will help.

Banner in the content

Large banner in the size 728x90 pixels on the most visible places of readers of our blog. It is placed after the first paragraph at the very top of the list of content pages (reviews, articles, news and digests). The best way to show your ads in reviews of competitors. One advertising slot can rotate up to three banners. Not more than 250 KB, for fast loading of pages. There is a possibility of placing HTML-banners.

Exclusive review

A bright appearance of the review of your project from the top of the main page of the blog will attract the attention of both visitors and regular readers of our blog. Order a unique review from our editorial office and receive a short version of the review on our forum free of charge.

Also in this price includes the support of your project on the forum and blog by our command: we are going to keep track of your project, publish news, press releases and videos.

If you order a review for the HYIP project, then we invest $200 in your project to monitoring payments. If you additionally order banner ads for a long time, we can fix your review on the main page of the blog.

Price Table

Advertising Size Requirements Min therm Spots Price/Month
Above the Forum 728x90 HTML or GIF max 250Kb month 10* $300
After first forum thread 150x50 Text & Icon (Logo) week 2 $150
Sticky thread month * $100
Forum sidebar 300x250 HTML or GIF max 250Kb month 3* $200
Blog main page & categories 728x90 HTML or GIF max 250Kb month 3* $250
Blog sidebar (sitewide) 300x250 HTML or GIF max 250Kb month 3* $250
Top of content pages (reviews, etc.) 728x90 HTML or GIF max 250Kb week 3* $150
Extended review on blog & forum $250

 Offers of our partners

Use the promotional offer of our partner - a top-end system for analyzing investment projects. Specify the promo code HYIPCOM and you will receive a 10% discount on all advertising spaces.

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