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10 Nov 2011
Trick one - Know your market area

Let's say you're wandering through your local charity shop and spot an old record for only a few pounds. Great! It could be a collectible! You snap it up instantly and race home to Amazon to list this for sale. Only to discover that no one really wants that record after all and you've just wasted your money.

Select a market area that you know something about, at least initially. This will make you aware of when to snap up a great deal to make a profit, and when to leave well alone.

Trick two - Study your market area

Alright, you already have some knowledge about the area in which you are going to sell, maybe even a lot of knowledge! Despite that you will still need to take the time to study what's already out and about in the marketplace for people to buy, and how much those existing products sell for. Before purchasing any stock, spend some time on the Amazon website looking around the appropriate categories. It is important to remember that if no one at all is selling what you are offering, there may be a gap in the market but there could just as easily be no market in the gap! Supplement your study with a look around eBay and other websites to make sure that what you want to sell will actually disappear from your virtual shelves.

Trick three - Set a minimum profit level

When working out what you should sell on Amazon for profit it is important to calculate exactly how much profit you can actually make on each sale. Let's say you want to sell DVDs, but from your research you have realised that you can only make £1 of profit from each sale. How many DVDs would you need to sell each day to make a viable income stream? 10? Hardly. 100? Maybe.

But what if you could get your hands on some high quality cookware that you could sell for 5 pounds profit a time! Suddenly you only need to sell 20 units to make the same amount of profit each and every day. Setting a 5 pounds profit limit, as an example, could reduce your workload, providing you with more chance to research additional items to expand your buying and selling business.

10 Nov 2011
Nowadays, people fake the screen shots. I'm a little curious about most "proof revealed" videos I watch about clickbank
10 Nov 2011
CJ has a very good interface where you can check the stats of all the advertisers like whether the advertisers pays on lead basis or pay for each sale. You can also find out potential advertisers with the ratings ranging from 1 to 5. More is the ratings, more the conversion by promoting the advertiser. You can find many options there so that you can shortlist the best advertiser you want to work with.

There are number of ways you can promote your advertiser. If you have a website with good traffic, you can put text links or banner links on your website. You can also promote with PPC websites like Google AdWords, yahoo etc. Many affiliates also promote with opt-in email marketing, article marketing etc. Best way to start in CJ is promote the advertisers who pay you on lead basis where you get the commission for free sign-up. You need to make a proper strategy before you start working on CJ. You can also register with Commission Junction University where you get the best tips for marketing. If you are really serious about affiliate marketing, then CJ is the best choice to start with. For more hot tips for profiting heavily on Commission Junction, please visit my site
10 Nov 2011
There is no point creating a Facebook group on a topic unless you have people
who are possibly interested in that topic to join your group. Many people trying to
use groups to market are doing it wrong. They create a Facebook group first and then
proceed to find people to join the group.

The best way to do it is to find the market that are possibly interested in your topics and
become their Facebook friends. Once you have identified this set of people, then you can go
ahead and set up your Facebook group.

Once you have set up your Facebook group, then you can go ahead and invite all these
people to join your group. The great thing about this system is that it allows you to message all your group members up to 5,000 people.

You can grow your group to as many people as possible, however I recommend
keeping your groups to under 5,000 people. Like I explained earlier if you grow your
members to over 5,000 people you will lose the ability to message all your group members.

The most important factor of having a Facebook group is the ability to message all it's members.
If you can't message the members, you can't share your sales message with your target customers.

With that said, do not abuse your group members and send them sales messages
every single day. Facebook is a social tool not a selling machine. Treat your Facebook group
members like clients who are already spending money with you and need your time and care.

You also want to treat this the way you will treat a real email list outside of Facebook.
With every message sent, tell them at the end how to leave the group if they no longer wish to receive your valuable and profitable information.

To learn more Hot tips on profiting with facebook groups, Edit: DO NOT POST LINKS HERE, see MMG RULES
10 Nov 2011
If I just created my own product, I would definitely use these strategies and techniques
to effectively market my sites on social networks:

1st. I visit facebook and create a fan page.

2nd. I complete my fan page creation and invite and add all my friends from my previous profile.

3rd. I link my new fan page to my twitter account.

4th. I promote my brand or product or service to my friends and people who i may think would like it.(Also promote on Twitter)

5th. Make wall posts and tweets everyday and let people know I'm alive and what new things are cooking.

I'm earning robot income every month on social networks. Easy. Edit: DO NOT POST LINKS HERE, see MMG RULES for more money making tips.
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