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8 Mar 2014
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18 Aug 2013
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13 Mar 2012
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3 Feb 2012
Free Advertising Academy

Free Advertising Academy shows you, step-by-step, how to get REAL Free Advertising online, in magazines, on TV, on radio, and everywhere!

Multi-millionaire No-Cost Marketing Experts, Jeff Gardner, shows you how himself and his students are getting millions of dollars in free advertising.

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18 Jan 2012
How Would YOU Like to Get Paid 1,000's of Times Per Day, Just Like I Do?

A NEW Patent-Pending System lets you offer business owners, large and small, an unbeatable deal on their credit card processing - and get paid a percentage of EVERY credit and debit card payment they accept for years to come.

What's the Offer? You "MATCH" their current credit card processing rate - PLUS you offer them 25% CASH BACK on their current processing fees.

All you do is refer business owners to this service... THEN the company's sales reps calls them, answers their questions, and handles the paperwork - and YOU get paid every time your referred business "swipes" a credit or debit card for payment... dozens, 100's, even 1,000's of times per day.

Here What You Can Make:

Refer a business owner - and get an instant $50 Acquisition Bonus - PLUS up to 17.5% of the commissions on their credit card processing.

PLUS: Refer other Agents to this opportunity - and get paid $50 when THEY refer a merchant - and up to 12.5% on the merchants THEY refer.

Merchant's can't say "no", because not only do we MATCH their current rates - we also give them back 25% of their current processing fees. Plus, since we make them the "Agent" on their own account, they can STOP other merchant account companies from hounding them.

Our merchant provider has over 125,000 clients and processes over $12 BILLION dollars in credit and debit card transactions a month. Plus, with 24/7 customer service, 365 days a year - your referred Merchants (and those of your agents) will be incredibly happy. (Need Proof? Watch the testimonials from happy business owners on our website below)

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* Donut Stores * Law Offices * Restaurants * Cosmetic Dentistry * Gift Shops * Art Galleries * Doctors Offices * Sports Stores * Heating and Air Conditioning Companies * Pack and Ship Stores * Limo Services * Plumbing Companies * and many, many more.

Every month my income increases as my organization signs up MORE MERCHANTS into our service.

PLUS: We're launching our "We Give Back USA" Program that lets organizations, charities, and non-profits pocket monthly income by sharing this service with merchants. And, when they do, YOU STILL GET PAID.

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