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5 Sep 2010
OKPAY is an e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet.

Unique features available for OKPAY account holders:

Low commissions, starting from 0%

Depositing funds to your OKPAY account by wire transfer costs 0%. Internal transfers between members incur a fee of just 0.5%!

Flexible depositing and withdrawal options

You can easily exchange your real or electronic money for OKPAY and vice versa. Please note the currently available convenient methods to deposit to and withdraw from an OKPAY account: Bank Wire, E-currency, Certified Exchange Partners. More depositing and withdrawal options are on the way!

Any unused funds can be withdrawn from an OKPAY account at any time by means of the tools used for depositing.

Instant and secure money transfers

With OKPAY you can make and receive payments without disclosing any extra personal financial information.
OKPAY financial service enables users to make instant payments and execute money transfers securely over the Internet. Money transfers are instantaneous; all a member needs to know is the other member's e-mail address registered with their OKPAY account.

OKPAY Debit Card for easy withdrawals

Get your OKPAY debit card for hassle-free withdrawals! The OKPAY debit card is accepted for cash-outs and payment in 100+ countries wherever you see the MasterCard® logo.

Transfer money to any Internet user by email

Any OKPAY account holder can easily transfer money to anyone with an email address. The recipient is invited to follow a link in the email to open an OKPAY account and get their money in seconds flat!

The recipient can then move the money from OKPAY to his/her bank account, make payments on the internet or do anything that an OKPAY user can do.

Easily exchange different e-currencies

We provide our users with an automated service of electronic currency exchange. This service is easy to use, secure, fast and efficient, has competitive rates and gives our users a quick, easy and, most importantly, safe method to buy, sell and exchange their e-currency.

Receive business-related Internet payments

OKPAY can serve as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods such as a cheque or money order. OKPAY is an example of payment intermediary service that facilitates worldwide e-commerce. OKPAY performs payment processing for online vendors, auction sites and other commercial users, charging a very small service fee.

Make regular payments over the Internet

OKPAY customers can automatically make repetitive payments by setting up a recurring operation in their OKPAY account interface. You can make scheduled payments at your own convenience: every day, week, month, etc.

Get rid of routine, easily arrange multiple payments

Mass Payment allows anyone with an OKPAY account to make multiple payments instantly, thus saving time, money and the hassle of having to individually send funds to every recipient.

Mass Payment can be used for such things as: affiliate commissions, customer rebates, pay-to-surf rewards, employee benefits, survey incentives, etc.

Get monthly interest on electronic funds

If you want to make the most of your OKPAY balance and get a regular income from the interest you earn on it, then a special savings account is for you. Just use the appropriate links in your OKPAY profile to open an additional savings account. Please note that you can withdraw money from a savings account whenever you want.

Your money will work for you even when you are resting.

Make payment for goods and services in Internet shops

Purchase products or services on the Internet. With OKPAY, shopping in virtual online stores is really simple, as is purchasing products or services in frequented shopping centres.

Buy/sell EUR, USD, GBP and other currencies online

OKPAY provides a complete range of foreign exchange options and offerings. Perform real-time currency conversions and exchange calculations inside your account.

When you place an order in your account, you will be given the full details of the transaction, i.e. exchange rate, commission, volumes and total in the default currency of your account.

The exchange rates are mid-market rates from trusted sources, they are updated at least once a day.

Easy, customized Shop Systems integration

Add OKPAY as a payment option on your web site! We have various types of API/SCI (Application Program Interface/Shopping Cart Interface) functionality.

Detailed information on implementing Shop Systems integration and other programming aspects is readily available in the Developers section on the OKPAY web site.

A single contract giving you access to all payment options

The OKPAY payment solution is a direct payment gateway which allows you to accept various types of e-money payments in your online store in addition to conventional money movement by instant bank transfers.

Start now and receive payments reliably and cost-effectively from all around the world!

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28 Aug 2007
It is from Talk Gold blog:

The E-Gold Replacement
Ok, it has been several days since the disasterous blocking of over a thousand e-gold accounts. There has been a ton of information, rumors and conspiracy theories that have come out since this incident. The e-gold website has been up and down for the past few days as well. All in all, I feel that e-gold is totally useless for us to use any longer. With account blocking taking place at what seems to be random, it is no longer conceivable to keep funds in these accounts. Over the past 5 days or so, myself and other former e-gold users have had lengthy conversations over which e-currency will be the best suitor to replace the departed e-gold. These other e-gold users include the admins of MoneyMakerGroup, various e-currency exchangers, e-currency shops, and just users like yourself who may have previously used e-gold for various things such as selling products, putting money into HYIPs and autosurfs, or even running an HYIP or autosurf yourself. After talking to all these people I eliminated the possible e-currencies of choice down to 2 choices. I then decided to check these 2 e-currencies in several areas which included:
(1) Security - protection from hackers, and the chances of them getting shut down by a government agency. While we certainly don’t condone the use of e-currencies for the use of illegal activities, we can’t have another e-gold disaster where thousands of innocent account holders have their assets frozen.
(2) Integration ability with automated scripts - This is important for merchants who accept and pay out members in e-currency. Without this option High Yield Investment Program and Autosurf admins would not be able to use the e-currency.
(3) Background of administration, site registration, security of holding your money.
(4) Support availability
(5) Chances that the e-currency will be supported by other forums, rating sites, and monitors in the Investment Arena.
(6) Difficulty of use.
(7) Hosting issues and DDOS protection
(8) Workability with any business whether it is a registered investment company, a non-registered High Yield Investment Program, an Autosurf, a rating site, a monitor, a forum, or members from around the world.
After looking at these 8 points among a few other things, we came to a conclusion. Although there are 2 really good possibilities out there that could be used, the one that we believe is the best, and the one that we urge all members to use, including Autosurf Admins, High Yield Investment Admins, Monitor Site Admins, Rating site Admins, our forum members, any e-currency merchants, and any e-currency exchangers is V-Money.
This decision took a lot of time, as we wanted to pick the one that we truly believed was the best for our members. V-Money is the one that not only myself feel is the #1 choice, but the administration of MoneyMakerGroup (MMG) and others in this arena as well.
Here are some of the reasons that we feel V-Money is the best option for you.
Security is up to Par
They utilize a turing number to prevent multiple invalid login attempts from a computer generated bot. You can create long passwords using multiple characters and are recommended to do so.
The company is registered in Panama as per:
Effective July 1st, 2007 www.v-money.net is owned and managed by Globyte S.A. a Panama Corporation duly incorporated and registered with the relevant authorities. On June 18, 2007 Globyte S.A has been issued a commercial license number 2007-4886 to process online payments.
Unlike E-gold which had it’s offices located in the United States, V-Money does not!
Integratable with Automatic Scripting
V-Money has all the tools available on their site for integrating automated payouts into your site as well as a shopping cart interface to make it easy for merchants to accept payments.
Close affiliation with GoldEx Exchangers
From my investigation they are run by honest folks, who have a very close affiliation with GoldEx Exchangers. It is the opinion of many well known people in the e-currency arena including admins of popular forums, and long time exchangers that V-Money is a trustworthy e-currency that will NOT run off or scam anyone.
Excellent Support
V-Money has excellent support. They respond in a timely matter and are very helpful with any issues you may have. This is an extremely important aspect when looking for a reliable e-currency.
Hosting is up to Par, and DDOS protection being implemented
As we are all aware, without DDOS protection an e-currency could be offline for weeks at a time. In this past week we have seen many websites get attacked massively and go offline, including e-gold, goldpoll, and moneymakergroup among others. We have been informed that V-Money has their own stand-alone DDOS protection and have confirmed that they are in discussions with BlockDOS.net to implement their advanced protection right now.
HYIPs, Autosurfs, Users from any Country are accepted
This was one extremely important issue. The e-currency we wanted to suggest had to allow HYIPs, Autosurfs, and any user in any Jurisdiction. V-Money does just that. This means no locked or frozen accounts of innocent members. They won’t go around locking accounts of Investment Programs that are paying their members. It is not V-Money’s responsibility to determine which investment programs are legitimately earning money and which are not.
If you are Not Convinced….
If for some reason you don’t feel comfortable with V-Money, I would highly suggest using another E-currency called LibertyReserve. This E-currency is just as good in all aspect that V-Money is. It’s just I don’t see them being supported by as many other forums and rating sites (This however could easily change). They are just secure, and safe, and we would have no problem suggesting you to use them. They passed our test for all our requirements, have excellent support, script integration, and security. LibertyReserve is by far a professional and easy to use e-currency as well!
So if I were you and you are running an Investment Program, Autosurf, Shop, or just a member looking for a new e-currency, I would suggest signing up to both of these and implementing them in place of e-gold as soon as you possibly can. Both these E-currencies have very lucrative referral programs as well.

Sign Up to V-Money, Click Here
Sign Up to LibertyReserve, Click Here
30 Jun 2007
I am not admin.

BankForInvest.Com is originally an offline specialized provider of high yield investment products and services. Since 1997, our professional team has been providing these products and services which remained stable and viable. Our track records of achieving tremendous positive returns have helped many investors obtained substantial financial gain over numerous economic cycles.
Professional Expertise and Unique investment Solutions.
14%-15% Daily For 10 Days
Plan Spent Amount (US$) Daily Profit (%)
Plan 1 $1 - $100 14.00
Plan 2 $101 - $1,000 14.50
Plan 3 $1,001 - $5,000 15.00
Calculate your profit >>
All payments are made to your account Daily.
Minimum spend is US$1 and there is no maximum.

13 May 2007
I am not admin.

Our program is intended for people willing to achieve their financial freedom but unable to do so because they're not financial experts.
invest4earn.com stands for Europe High Yield Investment Program. Firstly, we would like you know that we are not forex trader and we don't relate to the forex. We are a group of financial expert. We offer an achievable return by utilizing professional system to our cash flow generation. Professional Management, we do not claim to be the world's most professional financial services provider. But we can assure professional fund management which will generate reasonable dividends over time. If you feel you can manage your funds better, we wish you all the best. What we offer is an alternative to give you the flexibilty and a realistic value back for every dollar you invest.

Hourly For 24 Houres (Automatic Withdraw)
Plan Spent Amount (US$) Hourly Profit (%)
Plan 1 $2 - $200 5.00
Plan 2 $201 - $500 5.20
Plan 3 $501 - $1,000 5.50
Plan 4 $1,001 - $2,000 6.00
Plan 5 $2,001 - $3,000 6.50
Plan 6 $3,001 - $5,000 7.00

After One Day (Automatic Withdraw)
Plan Spent Amount (US$) Profit (%)
Plan 1 $10 - $100 130.00
Plan 2 $101 - $300 135.00
Plan 3 $301 - $500 140.00
Plan 4 $501 - $1,000 150.00
Plan 5 $1,001 - $2,000 160.00
Plan 6 $2,001 - $5,000 170.00

After Two Dayes (Automatic Withdraw)
Plan Spent Amount (US$) Profit (%)
Plan 1 $5 - $100 160.00
Plan 2 $101 - $300 170.00
Plan 3 $301 - $500 180.00
Plan 4 $501 - $1,000 200.00
Plan 5 $1,001 - $2,000 220.00
Plan 6 $2,001 - $5,000 250.00

Started May 14, 2007
Running days 0
Total accounts 42
Total deposited $ 105.00
Today deposited $ 105.00
Total withdraw $ 18.94
Today withdraw $ 18.94

13 May 2007
I am not admin.

Real Offshore Investments

InfinityWay, we have always strived to ensure that our investment offer is accessible to everyone. This is the reason why we have lowered the minimum deposit requirement to only $2. We wanted to make it possible for you to e.valuate and see the benefits of investing with InfinityWay without having to raise substantial investment capital. Once you are 100% satisfied with the reliability and security of our company, you can proceed to make a larger investment.

InfinityWay is an online investment program which provides an opportunity to invest in real online market trading for everyone looking to investments as a source of income.

You can choose between three different plans for investing:

Daily 6% for 20 days
Spent Amount ($) Daily Profit (%)
Plan 1 $2 - $99 6.00

Daily 4% for 40 days
Spent Amount ($) Daily Profit (%)
Plan 2 $100 - $999 4

Daily 2.5% for 100 days
Spent Amount ($) Daily Profit (%)
Plan 3 $1,000 - $5,000 2.50

No Minimum Payout.
Instant Payment.
No pending payments
No Withdrawal Limit
No Hidden Fees
Fully automated system.
SQL Database Auto-Backuped

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