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14 Aug 2006
100% cashback on referral commission will be given by me during at the start of the round, and 80% back for the life of the program!

Fun Profits is run by MMG's member, Fame! It has been running since February of this year -- first as a forum-based game -- and now as a game with a site!

Payments will stop at 92% ratio. 1% will be paid to the member with the biggest loss. 1-2% will be shared among those who reinvest on the last day or don't get a single payout. The last investor before the round ends will get 100% of his spend back.

Please send me a PM for my referral link.

Please send me a PM and your username once you make a spend so I can send it back to you immediately!

15 May 2006
Hello all! I'm Vien and I'm the admin of HYIPAddict.com.

Like you, I'm an MMG member who has been playing in the HYIP world for a few months now. Like, the others, this is one of the things I've long wanted to do, and finally found the guts to start it now. Like everyone, I'm here not only because of the lure of earning more gold, but simply because I am an HYIP Addict. I believe that actions speak louder than words so, NO, you won't hear me claiming anything. I leave that up to my members to decide. Having said that, I'm a simple person with a simple script to aid me in this thing. No fancy scripts and no fancy plans. Just one plan that could be made more stable with your help, and enough bonuses to make sure that loyal members would benefit more than the hit and run people.

So here goes:

This GAME is as simple and addictive as it gets. Please read and understand the rules very well, and you'll be fine. The success of this program depends on YOU, so use your referral link in your signature and post in the forum when you have been paid.

15% Daily for 10 days
Only ONE spend per day is allowed. Multiple deposits will go to the Addict Rehabilitation Plan.

You’ll get the chance to earn at 150% of your spend back after 10 days
Every respend will give you 160% after 10 days.*
3% referral commission.
90% payout for each round. 10% will be used for the Addict Rehabilitation Plan
5% withdrawal fee will be deducted
The Addict Rehabilitation Plan** will ensure that partial refunds will be given to those who have not received ANY payments. So NO ONE LOSES COMPLETELY!

Please click here to join:
IPB Image

One more thing before clicking the link, please be informed that I am in no way a superhuman. I need to eat, rest and sleep as you do. So please, if payouts are not close to instant, please be patient. Thank you. wink.gif


*By respending, 7% of the amount you respend would be immediately credited to your account. For example, if you made a respend of $10, your account gets credited for $10.70. This ($10.70) will be the base amount for computation. Each day for 10 days, you'll receive $1.60 (instead of $1.50), thereby giving you the total of 160% profit or $16.00.

**The Addict Rehabilitation Plan (ARP) will get its funds from the remaining 10% of the total deposits. Later, a forum-based lottery will be started in this thread to secure more funds for the ARP. More money in the ARP means a bigger percentage of refunds. So the members and non-members are highly encouraged to join the lottery.

Btw, the first person who posts after me, would have the option of having his/her e-gold account in the referral link of my post. smile.gif
7 May 2006

To a special person who's spending her birthday tomorrow...

To my favorite scambuster angel...

IPB Image


Hope you'll have a blast on your special day!


yahoo.gif yahoo.gif yahoo.gif yahoo.gif

20 Apr 2006
Hi there! I've been an MMG member since January this year. I've invested in various HYIP and autosurf programs although my post count still ain't that high. Through my participation in various HYIPs, I've lost a bit, won some more, but in the process learned a lot.

I've been thinking of running my own forum-based HYIP eversince Fame and Keith's forum based HYIPs have broken into MMG consciouness. Given this, using the ideas Fame and Keith developed, I decided to add a little spin to it.

I was thinking that perhaps, if Keith's concept was applied, with the duration a bit longer (20 days) and the pay period after every 5 days, perhaps, it would work --- longer. This would eventually result to more people winning than losing. Likewise, if Fame's idea of refunds were also used, no one loses completely. Of course, as you know, it still depends on the number of new spends coming in. However, by making the pay period longer, the withdrawal ratio would go up slower.

My spin on this program is this: Loyal members will be the first in line to receive what they deserve.
If they make additional spends that increase (instead of decrease), they will be rewarded 10% of the difference of their previous deposit and new deposit. I'm anticipating that this twist would attract the current depositors to put more into the program, because they directly reap the benefits if they do. Of course referral bonuses would still be in place but will be kept at the minimum.

So here goes:

1. Profits would be around 187% after 20 days.
2. Only one spend per day for each member is allowed.
3. Spend limits would be a minimum of $1 and a maximum of $100.
4. Payments are made automatically in the member's e-gold account, after every 5 days.
5. Members who deposit more than their initial deposit during the following days would get 10% of the difference between their earlier and current deposit.
6. Bonuses are paid daily.
7. Referral commissions would be pegged at 3%.
8. Payouts will be done until the 90% withdrawal/deposit ratio has been reached. The remaining 10% will be used for bonuses and partial refunds. The last person who deposits will automatically get 150% of his spend back.
9. 5% withdrawal fee will be deducted to cover e-gold fees and admin costs.

For more information, please click HERE .

If this works out well, I may have a script designed for it.

Please let me know what you think. I'd really like to hear from you.

Thanks in advance.
5 Apr 2006
In this game, no one loses completely!

Earn up to 400% of your spend!

If you were not lucky enough to guess the correct side that faces up, you'll still get a partial refund.

Get a 5% referral commission fee instantly credited to your account when you get others to join you. smile.gif

Just make sure to post the transaction details here. After verification, you'll get the refund straight to your account within 24 hours!

Please refer to the table below:

IPB Image

Please click this link: www.yourbestbetonline.net


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