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15 May 2015
Opportunity Launch is about training. The company does live webinars showing you how to earn in Network Marketing. This is must for anyone that would like to earn a full time living online. This training includes blogging .. social media .Facebook marketing ..SEO training marketing 101 and advance. how to approach different comp plans matrix, binary straight line , team builds… cyclers leadership training and more … whatever the team needs to become more skilled in this industry. You can join as a free member to receive some of this training.

You can optionally join as a paid member where you earn from 3 matrices at the same time. Your membership fee places you in a 3x3, 5x3 and a 10x3 at the same time. The membership fee is $59 per month.

The are no referring requirements. The matrices are forced filled.

3x3 Monthly Matrix
You earn between $4 to $5 for each position that is filled in your 3x3 Matrix. There are only 39 positions to fill in this matrix and a complete matrix earns $159 per month.

3x3 Daily Revenue Share Matrix
Each position filled in the 3x3 Monthly earns revenue share in the 3x3 Daily. You earn $0.16 per day for a total of $195 per month.

5x3 Daily Revenue Share Matrix
There are only 155 positions to fill in this matrix. You earn $0.50 per day for a total of $2325 per month for a complete matrix.

10x3 Daily Revenue Share Matrix
There are 1110 positions to fill in this matrix. You earn $1 per day for a total of $33,300 per month for a complete matrix.

Coded Bonus
You earn $5 per month for the first two of of everyones first two in your downline leg. This continues to Infinity.

Here is a Promo Video showing the compensation plan...


Here is a detailed video showing the compensation plan...


The cost to be a paid member is only $59 per month. Only PayPal is accepted.

Join Here:

4 May 2015
Admaximo is in prelaunch.

The admin is Walter Watson from Sweden. Walter is a self employed entrepreneur who has lots of experiences in the big offline MLM companies as well as online advertising he has been part of for long time. Currently there is team of 5 people with common goal of reshaping online advertising business because they see opportunity for all in long-term programs and not "big investors" taking advantages in short term opportunities form people who are not long time in an online business.

Program Summary

=> 125% Revenue Share.
=> $40 Ad Packs.
=> Each Ad Packs earns daily until you earn back $50.
=> 500 surf ad credits for each Ad Pack purchase.
=> 300 text ad credits for each Ad Pack purchase.
=> Surf 10 Ads Daily to earn revenue share.
=> $500 withdrawal limit daily.
=> 10% Referral Commissions on Ad Pack Purchases

The withdrawal limit will be increased as the program grows. This is to help sustain the program and avoid people cashing out too much revenue from the program.

10% of your withdrawal will be placed in your e-wallet (repurchase balance).

Special Note

The revenue is shared daily and once per day. The revenue shared is based on ad pack purchases from the previous day. In order to help sustain the system the max earnings will be capped at 2% per day. This is designed for long term growth.

Payza, STP and PM is accepted

Join Here


3 May 2015
The admin is David Coxon.

Tan Marketing is an advertising portal to promote any business. Watch this short promo video.


Your membership offers you the following advertising.

- Promote any type of business
- Setup an instant template in minutes
- Fully customized website
- Complete Marketing Solution
- Embed Video

Visit http://www.theadvertisingnet.com/mybiz/1604 and click on the Slide Presentation.

The pay plan using a 4x6 forced matrix. This is a forced matrix. You do no need to refer anyone to earn. You earn as positions are filled into your matrix no matter who placed them there.

You earn $10 for each position that is filled in your matrix for the levels that you are qualified to earn.

If you refer people you earn on more levels in the matrix.

0 referrals qualifies you to earn on 3 levels in the matrix.
1 referral qualifies you to earn on 4 levels in the matrix.
2 referrals qualifies you to earn on 5 levels in the matrix.
3 referrals qualifies you to earn on 6 levels in the matrix.

With 0 referrals your potential income will be $840.

If you refer 4 people in your first 14 days you qualify to earn on 2 additional levels paying $5 for each position filled.

The cost is $99 per year. STP and Payza is accepted. You can cancel your subscription anytime.

Join Here:

21 Apr 2015
Team Build for uBox

uBox is a Streaming Video device that you connect to the Internet and your TV. You receive the following with no monthly fees:

- 100,000+ Movies & TV Shows
- 1000+ Channels
- Latest Movies in HD
- International News
- Cartoons
- Games

The name of the company is uWay and the name of the product is uBox.

Please visit the uWay Thread for complete details on the uBox Product and the company.


Our Team Build

Each member joining this team build is issued 2 referrals in NIL order. Your referrals will join as uBox Distributors for $50. Any referral that does not join as a paid distributor will be replaced.

This is not a passive program. Please do not join this team build if you do not have the desire to build your uBox Business. We are not looking to create a Passive Team Build.

Pay Plan

You earn the following...

- $150 on all retail sales.
- $150 Fast Start Bonus on people you refer that purchase the uBox.
- Earnings on 6 levels in a unilevel.
- Global Bonus Pool.

In order to qualify to earn commissions you need to purchase the uBox at retail cost of $399.

The company will withhold commissions if you do not purchase your uBox. Once you have earned $399 commissions the company will use these commissions to purchase the uBox for you. You will then be qualified to earn future commissions.

Team Bonus

Anyone on our team that joins as a distributor and purchases the uBox is placed in our Team Rotator for additional referrals. Our Team Rotator link is promoted in our team facebook group and in other locations.

Team Build Structure

Visit this link to view the Team Build Structure:

Team Build List


$50 per year to become a uBox Distributor.
$399 to purchase your uBox.

There are no monthly fees or autoships.

How to Join the Team Build

Please post NIL in this message thread to join the Team Build. The cost to join is $50. Visa and Payza is accepted. Please do not request a NIL Link unless you are ready to spend $50 for the distributor fee.

20 Apr 2015
Streaming Video is getting very popular these days. I have been watching these programs for the past 2 months and Uway has the best product and best business opportunity. There are much cheaper solutions but no company is paying higher commissions than uWay.

uWay is the name of the company and uBox is the name of the product.

uBox Product

uBox is a Streaming Video device that you connect to the Internet and your TV. The hardware is built in China. The software was developed in the Philippines to make it meet the US Federal Laws. This device is 100% legal.

What the uBox does is searches for feeds that already exist on the unregulated internet. You click on the desired feed and it will play this program on your TV. You can pause, rewind, fast foward the program at any time. This is a summary of its features...

- 100,000+ Movies & TV Shows
- 1000+ Channels
- Latest Movies in HD
- International News
- Cartoons
- Games


The ubox connects to the internet. The company suggests you have a 10 mbps internet connection. I am operating the uBox at 6 mpbs with no issues. You can connect by WiFi or Ethernet.

Business Opportunity

The company pays 50% of the sales to its distributors. There is no matrix or monthly fees. You earn on sales and sales from your downline.

You earn the following...

- $150 on all retail sales.
- $150 Fast Start Bonus on people you refer that purchase the uBox.
- Earnings on 6 levels in a unilevel.
- Global Bonus Pool.


The cost to be a distributor is $50 per year. There are no monthly fees or any other fees.

In order to earn commissions you need to purchase your uBox at retail for $399. This is a one time purchase and there are no monthly fees.

The total cost to start earning commissions is $449. This includes your $50 distributor fee and $399 uBox purchase.

Joining without Purchasing Product

You can join as a distributor for $50 without purchasing the product. You commissions will be withheld until you purchase your uBox or signup 3 distributors that purchase a uBox. The commissions earned from your 3 signups will qualify you to earn future commissions and the company will send you the uBox.

How you are paid

The company pays commissions twice per month. You are paid by check or by Payza.

Join Here

Join using the following link. You may pay by Money Order, Credit Card or Payza.

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