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21 Jun 2017
Alpex Trade
Alpex Trade is a research-driven investment company that is client-centered in its mission and global in it's scope. Our team doesn’t put self interests at odds with the client interests, whether you are an investment-management member or a member of our affiliate-side research unit.

We believe hard work excellence is the key to a constant development and finding unique solutions to the obstacles, so we’ve created research capabilities with exceptional staff, depth and focus on improvement, on the investment-side and the management-side.

Investment Products
It is not a secret that everyone on this Earth is equal; everyone was made out of the same substance and has the same everyday needs. We all do face challenges in our lives, we strive to do our best and try to take care of ourselves and others. It can be very hard for people when things are not going the way they intended them to go, unexpected challenges arise. It sure does sound familiar to you, doesn't it?

If you've got all the money in the world - it doesn't mean you will become happy and everything will be a heaven. For example, you cannot avoid some severe physical diseases; or you might lost someone very close to you. In this case money could not fix either one. Simply, money is just a piece of paper, one could say.It sure is difficult to survive through out the life, but there is always help out there in some or the other form. There are hospitals, improved modern technologies, abundance of revealed useful knowledge that can be used positively, despite all the negative. Alpex Trade function is to provide for people financially. With all our experience - it is not very hard for us to multiply the funds, and we hope that our help will reach those that really need financial support at this time, and can use it for a good cause. Start being in charge of your life financially, we are here to help!

Please see our Investment Rates and how they apply:

You will receive daily profit from Monday through Friday each day.

Keep in mind that if our trading day ended up with negative result - you still will receive your daily profit, but in a rate of (0.25%*your_plan_rate on that day). Funds will be pulled out of our Reserve.

Bitcoin, PerfectMoney и Payeer

Date : 06/21/2017 19:04
From/To Account : U14608314
Amount : -200.00
Currency : USD
Batch : 179746115
Memo : Shopping Cart Payment. Contract - ALPX4665391.
Payment ID : 07f144c7-8032-4633-a7c0-43d8eafbb9df

Alpex Trade
16 May 2017
Welcome to Royal FX, a global investment management firm specializing in the Forex Market. The company conducts trading in Forex Market with its unique fundamental and technical analysis, therefore can offer a broad spectrum of financial services that meet the needs of a diverse group of clients. Our professional staff set firm on competence and expertise in various investment fields. We require tailor-made solutions to be in the best interest of our clients.

High trade ********* can often lead to capital destruction over time. Royal FX aim is to find a few good trades each day to generate positive returns over the a mid term. Moreover, our investment experts are incentivised to generate profits for our clients as it possible. This ensures that each trade is placed with one goal - to make our clients more rich.

Stage 1- Stage 2- Stage 3- Stage 4- Stage 5- Stage 6- Stage 7-
Period (calendar days) 1-20- 21-40- 41-60- 61-80- 81-100- 101-120- 121+
Dayly profit 2.4%- 2.8%- 3.2%- 3.6%- 4%- 4.4%- 4.8%
Principal withdraw No- Yes- Yes- Yes- Yes- Yes- Yes

Multi-Level marketing: 1 level - 5% commission, 2 level - 2% commission, 3 level - 1% commission.

Funds into the account can be added via Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer and AdvCash

Date : 2017-05-16 11:40:37
From/To Account : U917524705990
Amount : -200.00
Currency : USD
Transaction Name : INNER_SYSTEM
Memo : Deposit 200, Login polaks
Payment ID : 8670fb2c-512e-46ee-ae43-487493ca2359

Royal FX
4 May 2017
Sincome Bank is a financial conglomerate. The leader in the global market of banking and financial services. Sincome Bank was founded on December 21, 1995 and received all necessary licenses in order to implement its activities.

The main activity of Sincome Bank is to provide a wide range of financial services: crediting to individuals and legal entities, information and advisory services, exchange transactions, leasing transactions, cash and settlement services, retail investment services, subscription of securities, insurance and fiduciary management. We use the most up-to-date international trends. Sincome Bank operates in the United States, China, Japan, Central Asia, North Africa, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, India, Israel and 10 countries in Europe.

Characteristics of Sincome Bank, which we are proud of - the best bank, international recognition, recognition for high quality of service, wide branch network and innovative services.

Sincome Bank has strengthened its position in the financial market and it is the best financial conglomerate of 2015 according to the international financial magazine “Global Conglomerate”.

Invest in a stable, reliable Sincome Bank and get high profit.

1.30% Daily for 15 days
Min: 20.00 USD
Accruals: Every day
Max: 200.00 USD
Principal Back: Yes

4.60% Daily for 30 days
Min: 50.00 USD
Accruals: Every day
Max: 500.00 USD
Principal Back: No

3.5% - 4.1% Daily for 45 days
Min: 10.00 USD
Accruals: Every day
Max: 20000.00 USD
Principal Back: No

Affiliate program from referral's profits: 3% - 1%
Affiliate program from referral's profits: 5% - 1%

You can use such payment systems as Bitcoin and AdvCash.

Date : 2017-05-04 17:51:53
From/To Account : U110286838069
Amount : -200.00
Currency : USD
Transaction Name : INNER_SYSTEM
Memo : Investment to Sincome.biz from user polaks
Payment ID : c8917267-c934-447a-99d2-77cc47cec335

Sincome Bank LLC
23 Apr 2017
Our company began as a group of professionals sharing the same idea of Internet trading. Thanks to the team’s dedicated work and well defined priorities WELLMARK has grown to become an investment giant in quite a short time.

At the moment WELLMARK works in the most interesting fields of world’s leading investment platforms. Our company takes an active part in the financial matters of the largest global holdings, as well as in young and promising investment programs in various spheres. Our assets are successfully invested in many top-priority fields, such as: real estate (building housing stock and infrastructure in resort areas), production of goods (coffee, bananas, tobacco), finances (funding IPOs, shares in insurance and mortgage lending), tourism (leading shares in global travel companies), import/export (trading electronics between with China and countries of South America), power industry (investments in alternative energy technologies and ecological projects).

In the nearest future, our team will complete a global e-money exchange service project that will help to take e-commerce and money exchange operations between individuals to a brand-new level of convenience and safety.

Our company’s main priority is minimization of financial risks by carefully selecting only the most promising companies from all over the world. We prefer to invest our funds only in the projects with the highest probability of receiving profit, and avoid those whose profitability is doubtful. We continuously monitor the market, taking into consideration each and every minor event. The accumulated profits are used for upgrading our programs and raising the stability of the future income.

WELLMARK has a solid financial foundation based on the active portfolio of received profit and highly liquid assets from all over the world. This allows us to maintain the stability of our investment portfolio and make profitable and secure investment offers.

110% AFTER 10 DAYS

The advantage of this investment plan is the opportunity to receive a quick profit. In 10 calendar days, your income will make 110%. Note that the added interest will be paid to your account automatically on a daily basis, and the deposit sum will be transferred to your account as soon as you terminate the deposit. In other words, your investment will return to you together with the 10% profit. The minimal deposit sum required to take part in the investment plan is $20.


This investment plan offers a high interest rate and lasts for 30 working days. The daily interest rate is 5%. Irrespective of the amount of your deposit, you will receive your daily payments in an automatic mode on working days, from Monday till Friday. So, by the end of your deposit term you will have received 30 autopayments, and the total return on your investment will reach 150%. The daily payments for this tariff plan include the interest plus return of a part of the deposit itself.

PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, AdvancedCash and NixMoney.

You can receive 10% - 2% - 1% of the total amount of all your referrals’ deposits

Date : 04/23/2017 18:48
From/To Account : U13138469
Amount : -200.00
Currency : USD
Batch : 173745439
Memo : Shopping Cart Payment.

6 Mar 2017
The accuracy and efficiency of our work on crypto-currency markets creates preconditions for
expansion of our growth platform in the world and provides high returns for investors!

Earn 2.22% per day, without freezing the deposit.

All restrictions have been lifted, be independent and free in a neural network EQNIAX!


Activate the neural network EQNIAX, and be free in their choice of investment!
Download Telegram
Activate Eqniax
Add funds
Get a profit

PerfectMoney, Payeer, Adv и Bitcoin.

Date : 03/04/2017 08:57
From/To Account : U13502900
Amount : -100.00
Currency : USD
Batch : 167116823
Memo : Shopping Cart Payment.
Payment ID : 93

Date : 03/05/2017 09:53
From/To Account : U13502900
Amount : 2.22
Currency : USD
Batch : 167239179
Memo : API Payment. eqniax.com.
Payment ID : 241810814

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