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22 Dec 2006
Ever seen that show? Well I'm going to put something out there and let you guys decide what is right and what isn't...K?

I came home Sunday night from my mom's house to find my 6 year old crying. I ask what is wrong. Apparently Nonna (my husband's mom) told him he had to eat what she fixed or nothing at all. She had made baked salmon and schezuan greenbeans? I made him a 2 minute hot pocket. She took his plate and threw it in the sink with a loud clang. She is mad and has not talked to me in 5 days. She feels she deserves an apology. I feel that he is my son and should not have to eat something he doesn't like. I wouldn't eat that stuff. I don't eat fish period.

When granddaddy makes dinner that he knows the kids won't like he always tosses in a couple chicken nuggets or something. When I make dinner, I make stuff I know everyone will eat. I mean if it had been hotdogs or nuggets or something then yes, I would have made him eat it because he likes those things. I don't make him something else just because he doesn't feel like eating what's fixed. It's only when it's something that I don't blame him for not liking (Hope I explain that right)

Background: When I was growing up, my brother and I were never forced to eat stuff we didn't like. Matter of fact, my mom never tried to make stuff she knew we wouldn't like, hence no battles over food. My MIL on the other hand had to eat whatever was put in front of her.

So here's the question...Who's right? Does she deserve an apology? How do we resolve this so it doesn't happen again?

2 Dec 2006
BERLIN - German sex educators plan to launch a spray-on
condom tailor-made for all sizes. Jan Vinzenz Krause from
the Institute for Condom Consultancy, a Singen-based practice
that offers advice on condom use, told Reuters on Thursday the
product aimed to help people enjoy better and safer sex lives.
"We're trying to develop the perfect condom for men that's
suited to every size of penis," he said. "We're very serious."
Krause's team is developing a type of spray can into which the
man inserts his penis first. At the push of a button it is
then coated in a rubber condom. "It works by spraying on latex
from nozzles on all sides," he said. "We call it the '360
degree procedure' -- once round and from top to bottom. It's a
bit like a car wash." Krause said the plan is to make the
product ready for use in about five seconds. He said it would
function more effectively as a contraceptive because it would
fit better and not slip. However, before the new condom can be
sold in shops, the firm must ensure that the latex is evenly
spread when sprayed. Krause hopes the high tech condom, which
will be available in different strengths and colours, will on
the market by 2008. He said the spray can would likely be a
one-off purchase. The latex cartridges -- sufficient for up to
20 applications -- would be sold seperately. Krause said he had
hit upon the idea when considering the difficulties some people
faced using condoms, and drew inspiration from spray-on
plasters now used in medicine.
14 Nov 2006
I don't know if this works as I just started, but apparently you get $100 sign up bonus plus $25 for each referral 2 levels deep. Once you hit $350 you can cashout. They also have emails you can read to earn some more cash. I'm up to 30 cents via emails so far...lol....So try it if you like...100% FREE.

10 Nov 2006
So here's a stupid little thread...instead of all of us checking to see if we can pm all the time, each time you check come here and say

Nope not yet!

I'll start cause I just checked.

8 Nov 2006
In regards to avatars and usernames, who draws the line? Who knows when it is crossed? Is there a rule regarding them? Or is it simply freedom of a speech?

For instance if my username was KKK and my avy had a photo of a hooded clansmen, would that be allowed? Would it disturb some?

(Please note I would never do that)

What about nazi's? And an avatar of Hitler?

My question is where does freedom of speech end?
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