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11 Jun 2014
hi! As you maybe know leadsystemnetwork is a company that offer us a suite of tools that every markerter need to make his/her job more easy. You can see the compensantion plan in pdf here: https://leadsystemnetwork.com/admin/documen...r%205-13-14.pdf

You earn 100% of comision of the basic pack and 50% of the Pro pack and the other 50 will go to the forced matrix.

Rules of the teambuild:

1. To be part of the team you must tell it in the topic and i will contact you to send you the link that you must use to register (no referrals link in the topic)
2. You must buy the reseller position ($19.95)+ basic ($30) and PRO ($100)= total $149.95/month
3. When you finish all the buying send me the referral link by mp with photo of the receipt something like this ( i know that it is a little tedious but we cant see who is basic, pro etc for now and in this way we can be sure that we all get pro members =):

=========== TRANSACTION RECORD ==========
United States

TYPE: Purchase

$ 100.00 USD

29 Jun 2013
About the Company. Unetenet is a registered trademark of private capital contributed by a group of companies, with over 20 years experience in this. since 2008 began to develop this great project owned by the Holding Union Business Online, which continues its business expansion constantly.

Unetenet Vision.

Being the benchmark for millions of people worldwide. For growing businesses from home. By high education and tools. working every day to help entrepreneurs network to have better quality of life. We achieve our vision by helping people discover their potential and achieve their goals by offering better products and opportunities for the future and to share generously with the global community. Unetenet Mission.

• Our mission is to change people's lives by providing the best business opportunity in direct selling and the best products to promote and develop any business from home.
• Providing the best education in marketing and internet business.
• To be the company that best understands and satisfies the product and service needs of our users.
• Breaking the boundaries and develop self-esteem of entrepreneurs and business users.
• A global leader in online marketing and sponsorship.
• The choice for successful entrepreneurs online from home.
• The best place to work.
• Constant investment in research and development to create high quality products permanently.
• Develop higher education with quality and competitiveness in the service of society.


Landing page

The concept of Landing page (landing page) refers to the destination web hosting candidates, prospects and clients marketing campaigns. Centre UNETENET, our members have full access to all our proven landing pages, with a highly responsive. You get to choose the page you want to use, and will have its own promotional website. So you can drive traffic you want!.


Put Your Business on Auto-Pilot, send personalized letters and make explode your profits with our system, capturing its visitors, and leaving behind your competition!

Imagine what that would mean for your business on the Internet have a tool as powerful as the autoresponder .

Multi Business Center

A system to help him show any business or product available in simple steps without programming knowledge or web pages, make business center with 3 simple steps, it will take less than 5 minutes to showcase their products, companies , services and much more. An Internet presence is an essential part of any successful business online.Having your own business center allows you to build their business with great freedom and flexibility.

Conferences (Recorded Lectures of Experts)

Access training conferences in multiple languages to use in their own business conferencing equipment. many people are paying hundreds of dollars per month for their own system of training conferences. You get this great tool for free with your membership in UNETENET! Another awesome tool to explode your business.

School of Business High Level

The Money School is a key benefit of our partners in UNETENET. Since constantly updated, provides high quality education, literature, trade tips and tricks, and guide him step by step directly to your financial freedom. Robert K. says: "The main reason people struggle financially is because they spent years in school but learned nothing about money."

Classifieds Plus

Prepare for promoting their businesses the most comprehensive for classified advertising worldwide, regional and international level, with a few clicks will access a complete classifieds system high level promotion, this is invaluable for any online business . You will have access according to the language you want, and the main websites world classified ads.

Marketing & Tools

To build a successful business need the tools and marketing system that works. UNETENET, provides Banners, Stickers, Cards, Tutorials, Sales Letters, systems classified ads and much more ....

Advanced System + SEO Blog (coming soon)

In recent years, blogs have created more millionaires than anything else online. With your blog will teach you step by step exactly how to become the leader and authority to subscribers who have generated the Unetenet capture system. simply writes a blog (article) about your opportunity 3 times a week, then , send an email to your list and invite them to come and comment on your new article. Do not worry about how to build your blog or put it online, because we will do it for you! loa Google and other major search engines are LOVE blogging, and our system will have ready in minutes.

You will also receive: - Banners to increase their online marketing efforts. - Print ad ideas if you want to build in your local market. - Tracking scripts to explode your closing ratio. - System Website Statistics . - Pages with Video Capture for high conversions. - Much more! much do people have to pay for full access to all these tools and resources any time they want to explode your business? Many leaders are already paying hundreds ... thousands of dollars to get these tools individually! NOW, for the first time, thanks to UNETENET, you can get all in one! With UNETENET, our members have full access to all these tools 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year from just $ 19.95 per month ... But this can go free, thanks to our powerful marketing plan or profit system.


1 st gain

These commissions are paid weekly by the publication of the daily announcements for your Franchise (may publish notices on Friday for a Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

If one day not published ads, that week will not be active for the collection of fees.

2 and 3 gain

Receive 2% of all profits from the ads on your network directae indirectly through sixth level, which will be opened by direct franchisees assets.
To qualify you need to have at least two active direct franchisees
To collect from the 4th line needs to be 5 active direct franchisees
To collect the 5 line direct franchisees need to have 10 active
To collect the 6 line needs to have 15 active direct franchisees
Example: If your network each week wins $ 100,000 you get $ 2,000 extra weekly residual

4 gain

5 gain

6 gain

7 gain

8 gain

The company pays their commissions automatically and instantly be able to see reflected in your virtual office. You can have your money and remove your card UNETEcard. Guests can pay for purchases at any establishment or withdraw cash at any ATM worldwide.

This is a NIL Team Build where evryone will receive 2 referrals.


1. Everybody get 2 referrals.

2. Post on thread asking for NIL - It will then be sent to you via PM.

3. Those that request the link will be given a maximum 24 Hours to join or be removed from the build.

4. I will post the updated list as often as I can.

5. You must buy at least the basic package ($40 - it is a only time fee and $19,99 - this is monthly)
2 Mar 2013
This teambuild will be for silver membership only $10 monthly (there is two more membreships; gold - $50 and diamond $99 but we will work only with silver)


( 10 PV )

Bonus: 110

New Enrollments

Silver = $2 (d) $0.25 (l)
Gold = $10 (d) $0.25 (l)
Diamond = $20 (d) $0.25 (l)


1rs Line: 5%
2nd Line: 2.5%


Forced Matrix
2x5=62 Persons


Banner Credit 2500
Text Credit 2500
Free Bids Credit 25

To be qualifited for earn you must copy and paste a link and see 5 adgrids (you can earn money too)

Rules about the teambuild:

- Each member will get 2 referrals.
- Links will be send by pm.
- Minim invest will be $20:
$10 for the silver membership (all the member of this teambuild will buy this one) and $10 for “VIP: 10 points)

Ewallet: Payza, Okpay, Egopay, Liberty reserve, Solidtrustpay and PerfectMoney

Aditional information:
OLAMULTIMART,S.L Company Register Number B72221013 (Register in Spain)
VIP point have a live of 90 days

4 Feb 2013
Rules about the teambuild:

- Each member will get 2 referrals.
- Links will be send by pm.
- Minim invest will be $20: $10 for the silver membership (all the member of this teambuild will buy this one, it is not necessary $50 or $100 membership) and $10 for “10 ad units package” (so everybody will earn money while wait for the referrals)

-1% daily compounding interest to start and can go upto 2% daily for every add you buy.
- you just have to click on 7 ads a day
- 2x15 matrix pays on monthly subscriptions its identical to zeek
- Auctions Coming Soon
-CEO Luis Cordero
- Based in Panama.
- ADD Wallet - 15 years of Online Marketing Experience
- no auction till another 2 months just ads get your free spot !!
Ewallet: Payza and STP.

Up to 20$ pro direct member (depends on your own subscription) and also up to 2$ pro member in your Matrix organisation!!

Silver members earn from
- 2x10 matrix downline
- $2 for personal enrollments [personal add group bonus]
- $0.30 per silver member in your matrix till 10th level [add tree bonus]

They will not get matrix commission from gold or diamond members in their downline.
28 Dec 2012
For now is in prelaunch (until 1st february)

We offer a powerful affiliate model for our penny auction website. We offer our affiliates unlimited earning potential because we pay out 75% on all auction profits and an additional 20% commission on bid pack purchases; as well as residual streams of income. Join us on one of our many webinars and let us show you how we work and how we are unlike any other auction site or affiliate network you have ever seen -- even if you think you have seen them all. Once you see how we operate, we are certain you will never look at penny auctions or networking marketing the same.

Affiliates get paid weekly and monthly. You will get paid every Friday on bid pack commissions that you have sold. We pay on the 5th of every month on the main profit pool, and founder’s pool
During our prelaunch or phase it is $14.95 to register to start building your team. After the official launch, it will be $39.95 to register. Affiliate fee will be $19.95 a month once the official launch starts and you will have to buy a minimum 1 bid pack a month for $60.00.

5 levels of referrals.

There is an opportunity to be founder (only 500) they wont have to pay tje $19,95 monthly fee, only the $60,00.

E-currency: Paypal (in the faq said that they have a payza option for those who can’t get PayPal or those who are out of the country)

I have use the search so if is already post I'm sorry.

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