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7 Jun 2013

I am not the Admin...

You can register here

We pay you 12% of your membership level to surf 5 sites for 12 days giving you a 144% return for surfing. You MUST surf to get paid everyday. Surf payouts are instant for PAID members ONLY.Membership includes the right to show a max of 5 sites in our surf rotation. With each membership purchase you get 12 days of virtual advertisement and 500 credits. We offer as a incentive to upgraded members the potential to earn up to 12% as well. The incentive is not guaranteed. The incentive can be stopped or changed by admin at anytime. Admin reserves the right to lower or stop the incentives without any recourse from the members. This is what your membership purchases for 12 days nothing more, but we offer as a incentive up to 12% of your membership level just for viewing our surf bar this is not guaranteed nor promised. This can stop at anytime so please never buy more than you can afford as you waive all rights to the funds paid when you purchase the upgrade. Free members will earn to account balance.
Max membership level $12,000.

Referral Earnings
We give both free and paid members instant payouts for their referral's upgrades. Remember to setup all pay accounts for referral earnings. If a user upgrades using Solid Trust Pay you will get payout to Solid Trust Pay instantly. If you do not have your info setup payments will go into account balance. We do not allow SPAMMERS or cheaters !

Now is your chance to see what its like to make up to $1440.00 a day !
Just for surfing and earning 5 credits everyday, and no worries about getting paid cause its all automatic and instant.
We payback to the account the upgrade was purchased with to avoid fraud and hackers.
So no need to worry about getting your account hacked.

12% x 12 days !!!!

Minimum purchase: $ 12

You can register here
3 Oct 2012

I am not the Admin.

You can Register HERE

Site in Pre-launch...there is a countdown time at home page !!!

If you join to SPS, you will buy the best and cheaper publicity to your websites and also you will win money.
We share our benefits with all the community!!

The members can:

Buy the best positions to anunciate your websites

Earn a part of benefits that we offer to our members as an incentive.

Participate in sweepstakes and contests.

Earn referral commission.

How it works?

Position price: 10$
5000 Banner credits & 5000 text ads credits.
Earn 2% per day for 120 days por each bought position
Earn 240% per position when the times expires
3 levels referred: 6%, 3% & 1%

Payment Proccessors: LR, PM and Egopay.

You can Register HERE
19 Apr 2012
I am not the Admin.

It is open to anyone worldwide who has an AlertPay or a SolidTrustPay account.

Cost to join - $15 plus a 5% processing fee for a total of $15.75 per position.

.....Can I have multiple accounts?

Yes, you may have multiple accounts and you may also use the same email
address for each account.

.....Do I have to refer anyone to get paid?

No, everybody is pushed through regardless of whether or not they refer or not.

Join at the Silver Level ($15.75) via AlertPay or Solid Trust Pay!
When you cycle the Silver level you earn $60. $15 is used to Re-Enter you into the Silver level, $40 is used to Upgrade you
to the Gold level and you are paid $5.

Gold Level: $40
When you cycle the Gold level $30 is used to Re-Enter you into the Silver level (2) times and then you are paid $130.

Payment Proccessors: AP and STP



Good Luck !!!! thumbup(1).gif
16 Feb 2012
I am not the Admin.


"Win Win 20 Biz On Steroids" is a BRAND NEW REVOLUTIONARY Matrix Plan

"Win Win 20 Biz On Steroids" is designed to progressively help you to be successful no matter your skill level or experience in the Network Marketing Industry.

"Win Win 20 Biz On Steroids"is very affordable to ALL People.

Membership to"Win Win 20 Biz On Steroids" is only $10.00 per month including $3.00 Sponsor Bonus each month and a Fantastic Advertising Package & Software

In your Members Back Office you will have the OPTION to UPGRADE for a 'ONCE ONLY' $ 10.00 a Position to be entered into the Company "Cycling Matrix" where you can Earn $100's

(You may purchase Multiple Positions under the one Account)
You will also be able to Purchase Positions using your Accrued Commissions from the SPONSOR BONUS of $3.00 per Member when they JOIN the Program through your Affiliate Link and pay their Subscription of $10.00 per month as stated above.
(You will save Payment Processor Fees by using your Accrued Commissions.)

It has (3) Three Levels - EVERYONE that UPGRADES falls into ONE COMPANY 2 x 2 Matrix in each Level, that goes to Infinity.
Not like most other Matrix Programs where there are hundreds of Matrices created for EACH Individual Member and those Members have to fill their own Matrix, either by themselves or from Spillover.
Most of these matrices are large & extend many Levels deep, So therefore it is Impossible for the Average Person to fill or make any worthwhile $$$ & therefore Members stop Advertising and that Program then Stalls and eventually closes.

Each $10 Purchase is one Position of $5.00 for you and one $5.00 Angel.

Our Payment Processors: 'AlertPay', 'OK PAY' and 'Solid Trust Pay'

27 Jun 2011
I am not the Admin.


DailyPayU is a one of a kind special hybrid program - you get paid daily, YES DAILY AND also you get paid on our company forced self-filling matrix!

You only need to purchase a minimum of only 1 advertising share pack to begin earning!

Everyone Earns! No sponsoring required! No one is left behind. Everyone gets paid in less than24 hours upon their upgrades!

Your one advertising share pack will give you advertising credits for text and banner advertising. Your one advertising share pack costs only $20 each and this buys you one $10 unit in our daily earner program and one $10 position in our self-filling company forced matrix.

>> Earn 2% daily on your daily earner for up to 75 days for a total of 150% return on your daily earner unit!

>> Earn $55.00 on every position in the self-filling company forced matrix.

For every advertising share pack of $20, you can potentially receive in total of up to $70! That's over 3 times the money you put in AND on top of that, you benefit from our responsive text and banner advertising

This is all just for getting your one advertising share pack!! And NO sponsoring Required to earn!

We offer attractive referral bonus for our promoters. Instead of paying for advertising, we feel its better to reward YOU, our member, in sharing this wonderful success system with others. We pay 12% referral bonus for 3 levels deep.

We post earnings daily to you account. You can request cashout daily too as we believe, if you are paid daily, you will purchase new advertising share pack daily too!

Daily Earner

You get 2% daily on your daily earner unit. If you buy 10 advertising share packs, you will get 10 daily earner units. Everyday, you will earn 2% on them and you will earn 2% daily for 75 days, for a total of 150%.

You can earn up to 150% before the units expire and stop earning. To continue earnings, just purchase new advertising share pack. Many will want to buy new advertising share pack to earn continuously and you can compound and buy more Advertising Share Pack from your cash balance whenever you have enough to purchase.

Self-Filling Company Forced Matrix

If you buy 10 advertising share packs, you will get 10 positions in our Self-Filiing Company Forced Matrix. They will be placed one after another in our company's matrix with a structure of 2 x 3 self fulfilling matrix.

Any positions that comes in later will be placed after yours and will help to push you up the matrix further. With program like DailyPayU and a successful one of a kind hybrid system, we expect many advertising share packs will be bought over and over again and we expect the matrix will be filled up very fast with speed of cycling never seen before!

When your position completes the 2 X 3 matrix, you will be paid $55.00. Yes, you get six time returns on your advertising share pack! The more positions you have, the more times you can multiply your earnings!

Payment Proccessors: Alertpay and LR

So sign up now HERE and begin to earn daily!

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