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26 Jan 2012
If you can click buttons then you can run an eBay business! If you already have your eBay account set up, then you are already opened for business! The best thing about EBay is if you want to sell something you do not need any start up money to do so! EBay charges fees for their services but they are billed to you after a month and by then you would have already made a lot of money. Also you can print shipping labels and not have to pay for the shipping until you receive the money from your buyer. Now this all may sound confusing to you so let me explain:

1) You list an item for sale

2) your item sells

3) you receive a payment from your buyer in your Paypal account that will appear as pending (for up to 21 days depending on how fast you ship)

4) you pack the item, print a shipping label, and ship it at no cost up front

5) once the paypal payment has cleared and is available. EBay automatically takes the shipping cost out and the rest is yours to do what you please. You can spend the money online in stores that accept paypal or you can have a check sent to you or even transfer the money to your bank account.

What if you don’t have anything to sell?

Nonsense! The amazing thing about eBay is that it is connected to people all over the world and let me tell you people will buy ANYTHING! Now when i say anything i mean it! You wouldn’t believe some of the things i have sold on eBay! From old gym sneakers to a rock that resembled Elvis Presley! Yeah you read correctly, a ROCK! You may not get so lucky selling rocks for a living but you get what I’m saying. So right now, RIGHT NOW, i want you to take a break from the computer and look around your house for something you can sell. Maybe you have an old pair of name brand shoes or jeans. Or an old Christmas present you never used. Or if your like most Americans then you probably have a junk drawer or closet filled with stuff that was too good to throw away but not good enough to use! If you do then don’t look at that drawer or closet as a waist of space anymore. Look at it as EBay Gold! Because that’s basically what it is! I lucked out with a whole basement full of eBay gold that my grandmother has been collecting her whole life. Now i make her enough money to pay of her mortgage with it!

(if you absolutely positively do not have anything to sell please skip the next paragraph)

After finding your item i want you to do a search on eBay for it and see exactly what other people are selling theirs for. If you don’t find it then do not worry this is a good thing! It is very rare to find things to sell with out any competition and this means you can charge what ever you like for it. Be reasonable of coarse! Its always a good idea to do as much research as you can on the item and see what it is selling for on other sites not just eBay to determine your pricing. Next is the fun part. A picture is truly 1000 words when selling things on eBay’s. As stupid as this sounds i actually had someone buy something off me then message me telling me they did not need the item but it looked so good in the picture that she had to buy it. And i took the picture with a cheap digital camera! What made the picture stand out is the lighting and the white background. A white background is always the safe way to go. So your next step is to grab your digital camera or your phone (if you do not have a camera you can try finding a picture online of your item and use that, just be sure to state that it is not the actual picture in the listing). Next find a background like a white sheet or maybe you have a white counter top or floor. If your item is small enough you can lay out plain paper and place it on top. Lighting is extremely important. I suggest using a lamp with out the shade and get the bulb as close to the item as you can without it being in the picture. Take the pic and upload it onto your computer. Proceed to your eBay account, click the SELL tab, select the SELL AN ITEM option and the rest is for you to figure out. If you have any trouble at all there is nothing the eBay support team cant help you with! I could go through explaining word for word how to list an item but this is a FREE site remember! I can show you the way to cross the street but i cant hold your hand!


If you absolutely do not have anything you can sell…. then no problem! I have a solution for that too! (I know! I’m amazing!). I am about to teach you something i had to pay 100s of dollars to learn. Its a secret the most EBay Power Sellers use today. It is the beautiful technique of drop-shipping; dropshipping is pretty much the act of selling other peoples stuff and not having to pay for it until it sells. Then having it shipped to your buyer directly from the provider. The majority of power sellers never even touch the products they are selling. If you still dont understand let me give you an example:

Say bob wants to start an ebay buisness selling electronics but does not have any. Bob can go online and find a wholesale electronics store. He finds one that sells a dvd player for $20. Since bob is broke and cannot buy the dvd player to re-sell it, he copys the picture and product details from the store and pastes them into an ebay listing selling the dvd player for $30. To bobs suprise someone buys it. Bob goes to the online store and purchases the dvd player with the money his buyer gave him and has it shipped directly to the buyers house and BAM! With about 5 minutes of work Bob made $10 on ebay with out having anything to sell or any money!

Imaging if bob did this 100 times! He would make $1000 doing almost no work! Its that simple! Now i know what your thinking! If its that simple why dosnt everyone do it! why are people actualy going to work every morning when they could just copy nd paste to pay the bills! Well its not as great as it seems. Sure you can make alot of money if you do it the right way but there are alot of downsides. For instance the lack of control. You dont get to choose when and how the item is shipped, theres also no way of telling if your dropshipper is providing your customers with quality items because you never see them. Ive heard of alot of buisness crashing because their dropshipper was sending out bogas products or taking to long to ship. Quantity becomes an isue too when you start selling items that your dropshipper no longer has in stock. Another major downside is the compitition. Although dropshipping may be new to you its been in the game forever. So alot of people sell the same products from the same dropshippers. You can see this your self if you browse ebays catogories. Alot of listings have the exact same picture and simalar descriptions. One other thing is since paypal holds the money for 21 days, if you do not have have money then you would have to wait the 21 days until you can purchase the items and this may tick the customers off. (But after 90 days of your first successful sale paypal will give you your funds as you receive them)

Despite all the flaws theres no way to tell weather or not dropshipping is for you until you try it! So heres your next assignment. There are tons of dropshippers all depends on what you want to sell. To put it to the test, you can use another trusted retail site like Amazon. Go to Amazon.com and find a product. Any product you like! Make sure it says IN STOCK! Now follow bobs steps. Simply save the picture to your computer, upload it to an ebay listing, and paste all the product details. In order to actualy make money you have to incoporate all the fees ebay and paypal will charge, plus what ever profit you want to make into your pricing. Dont go crazy on the price because there will be compitition.

If you decide you like this method the best way to begin is to find products you would like to sell, contact the manafactuarer and ask if they offer dropshipping programs. Most would be delighted to work with you. To run a succesful dropshiping buisness it is very importaint to build a relationship with your suplier. You can do this by simply exchanging emails. One Program that i had some good expereinces with is storeB2B.com. For only 29.99 a month they set you up with your own website selling their products wich you make a commision on plus provide you with tools so you can foward those products to sites such as ebay with a click of a button. Plus you get free trial when you first sign up.

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