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28 Mar 2012
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1% Daily Earnings, Free Matrix Positions, 3 Referral Levels
Many Ways To Earn


Compound150 has been formulated to give the very best of two worlds. Firstly it is perfect for the passive member who just wants to sit back and watch their money grow. Secondly for the more active, it has a comp plan that reaches out and brings a huge compensation plan and places it within easy reach. What's more... NO monthly fees, NO withdrawal fees, and NO dreaded tasks. We will be asking for volunteer members to help run and promote multiple websites to be used towards external income. there is also a program for members to earn extra money performing certain tasks on a total revenue share basis... Onwards & Upwards.

The Best Opportunity In The Industry For Potential Earning.
Compound150 is not only about stuffing money in a program and the promoting it or sitting back and compounding your account. It is also an opportunity for those of us who want to have many avenues of income. The team at C150 will be embarking on a brand new concept in online service provisions, which will earn members credits in a network profit share. The payouts will smash the current offerings of surf sites and the like. T2MK and C150 are the programs to be in if you want to have an active hand in changing the industry forever.

Your ultimate success is in YOUR hands. But you are not alone!

Compound150 3 Level Referral System

We really do like this comp plan for those of you seeking to get the absolute max out of C150. Those wh are already in T2MK, will be familiar with our 2 level 10% and 5% comp system. But I believe that this system has the possibility to absolutely explode.

The C150 comp plan pays you INSTANTLY every time your downlkine buys a DP. whats more, that extra level can really boost your amount of downliners. We have also loaded the second level with the highest % earnings. there is a very clever reason for this.

Here is how the levels will work.

level 1... 3%

level 2... 5%

level 3... 2%

why did we do it this way?

Because if you want your downline to take off virally you have to load the middle. This is very important, because the 'name of the game' is to encourage your downline to be active and this is achieved by putting the largest % within easy reach. Also, every sponsor has many more level 2 referrals than level 1 referrals, so doesn't it make sense to have the 2nd level loaded? Anyway, it is a tried, tested and proven formula to give the maximum stimulus to sponsoring below you.

Obviously the 2% at level 3 speaks for itself. With all this viral activity going on under you, this can massively expand the amount of level 3 refs you can acquire. from doing..... well.... nothing. That's got to be good.

Compound150 Dream matrix Explanation.

Dream matrices are created when a member's 1% unit positions (DPs) start to expire. For every third (3rd) unit that expires a free Dream martix position will be created.

Once a matrix expires it pays out a cool $25 cash to the owner. Matrices fill in 3 different ways, which we will explain to you below.

Each Dream Matrix consists of 7 spots, The top spot is always automatically filled by yourself.

The rest are filled by the following:

1. Your referral's matrices.

2. System Spillover.

3. 'Your Own Future Matrices'.

How They Fill....

1... 'Your Referral's Matrices'.

This is why sponsoring is very lucrative. Although the 1% Dream Positions are ideal for passive type members, the Dream Matrix really can benefit a lot from having a downline. It is not necessary to recruit, but if you do have many referrals, every time they purchase or get a free Dream Matrix, then 25% of one of your spots fill.

2... 'System Spillover'.

This will be huge spillover created by the many income streams generated by the 'Infinity Plan'. The plan is designed to create 'System Matrices' that are designed not to be filled themselves, but to be dedicated to filling member matrices in the Dream Matrix System. These will be fed into the system constantly, to ensure that everything is in constant motion and that the system can never stall.

3... Your future matrices.

Every time you receive a free matrix position then 50% of that goes to fill 50% of a spot in your existing matrices, 25% goes to fill 25% of a spot in your sponsor's matrix and 25% goes into 'spillover' filling 25% of a stranger's position.

Once the matrix is full, then it goes into cycling and pays out $25 then expires.... Simple But effient.

18 Jul 2011
I am not the admin
I wish to introduce you to... Cash4Adz

Cash4Adz is a unique revenue share system UNLIKE ANY OTHER with external revenue sources

We generate money from many different income sources which have very high returns then share the return with you! For the past 7 months our team of 8 people (plus myself) have been researching the best investments out there. What we have discovered is truely amazing.
We've been making a LOT of money, but then a few months back we wanted to take it to the next level, this is when we came across 'revenue sharing' so we immediately got to work developing the site and a strategy to go with it. All the while we were doing this, we were still making crazy returns on our investments.

You keep mentioning these external revenue sources, but what are they?

- They change all the time but they include forex, arbitage betting (zero risk), ad resells, penny auctions (very high returns), lottery syndicates (NEW. Very exciting results, after much testing we've added it to our safe list because it's very reliable), and many many many more.

Who are your team?

- I am the Admin and my name is Ashley Briggs. Reasons we won't share all the names which you will understand but the key people in my team are Paul, Lisa and K.L. These are our longest serving experts and make all the major decisions, if you send in a support ticket or are posting on the MMG forum it's likely you will speak to one of these at some point.

The BEST and MOST UNIQUE way to make FAST cash!

We are currently the ONLY site that allows you to LEGALLY make SUPER FAST CASH and receive it INSTANTLY!

NO REFERRING needed to make money!
But we do offer a generous 10% minimum referral fee if you want to get your friends in on the action!
We have discovered and have been meticulously working day and night to discover the absolute BEST methods of turning $10 into $10000's!

This is NOT a get rich quick scheme!
WE make the money for you, all the money that comes in is put through our team of EXPERTS who use intricate methods to DECUPLE (times 10) users cash! This means you can DOUBLE and TRIPLE your money OVER AND OVER while we carry on putting your cash through our team OVER AND OVER...

...Making us INFINTELY sustainable!
What's more... we tell you WHERE your money is going! And so long as you are active on the site, there is NO LIMIT to how much you can earn! With most profit share sites, admins exploit 'profit share' by making the site rely solely on new purchases. Well not us! The profit we make from our external sources are shared with you, which means even if there are ZERO purchases from the site, you'll still make money!

How much can I make?
- Daily you will make anything from $0 to $8 per position. The average is around $2.12 per day per position but it's likely not all your positions will earn every day and some might earn more than others. We GUARANTEE you will be credited to your Cash4Adz account with AT LEAST $1 per position every 3 days (excluding holidays/weekends) but that's just to protect you, you will earn a lot more than that. You can cashout up to 200% of your total investment but this is due to change to a fairer system soon!

No Limit to the Number of Spots you can Purchase

No Cutoff for New Members

Get DOUBLE your money and reinvest in your positon for more endless earnings!

The more spots you buy the more you'll earn PER POSITION.
You don't have to do ANYTHING. No surfing or signing up to programs, just sit back and watch your balance grow!
Positions are ONLY $24 EACH! Plus $5 sponsor, admin and alertpay fees.


We are NOT like ANY other site. thumbup(1).gif
Check out the F.A.Q page to find out what makes us different!

sign up link http://www.cash4adz.com/?ref=mmg
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