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5 Jun 2006
What is Luxury-Surf?

Luxury-Surf is a paid to surf and traffic exchange site that allows its members to make money and advertising credits just by watching a short slideshow of 10 sites in surf rotation. Our program is designed specially for members who seek a more realistic, stable returns from their upgrades and advertisers who wish to gain a highly responsive audience to their sites. If you are one of them, you've come to the right place!

Simply join us and get the most out of your 2 minutes everyday.

Why Choose Luxury-Surf?

Most autosurf programs come and go because they failed to generate real earnings and profits by depending on incoming fees for payouts.
Luxury-Surf does not and never will operate that way, we are backed by forex and shares speculation, expired domain names acquisition and reselling, affiliate sales commissions through our PPC campaign, and other ebusiness ventures.

Earn 14% Daily
8% Ref. commission
Surf 10 sites min.
Upgrades last 10 days
Automatic cashout
Free 100 credits
Upgrade with only $6

Well A Ref Contest Has Been Announced & I'm Damn Confident About This Program So Offering Several New Offers -

Offers :
1) MONEYBACK GUARUNTEE: If U Join Under Me With In Next 7Days From Today & Cant Get Any Payout From The Site Then I'll Refund U 25% Of Ur Investment From MY Own Pocket. I May Ask U For Screenshot As Proof.

2) 100% Ref Commission Back Offer On Ur Upgrade Till 15th June

3) Join Under Me n Get Upto 96% Ref Comm For Lifetime -

Upgrade $6-$204 n Get Back 80% Ref Com Back
Upgrade $210-$504 n Get Back 85% Ref Com Back
Upgrade $510-$1002 n Get Back 90% Ref Com Back
Upgrade $$1008-$3000 n Get Back 93% Ref Com Back
Upgrade $$3006+ n Get Back 96% Ref Com Back[

4) I'll Split The Prize Money $2000 w00t2.gif Among The Referrals Under Me.

If U Join Under Me For Any Of This Offer Then Post Here/Pm Me ASAP Once U Join n Upgrade. Note That For Offer #2 n #3 U'll Get Ur Ref Com Asap Once I Get Paid For That Specific One. Dont Forget To Mention Under Which Offer U R Joinning.

U'll Always Find Links At My Site (Under "My Recommendations" At My Sigy) biggrin.gif

Hope U'll Enjoy The Offers thumbup(1).gif

Best Regards,
4 Jun 2006
Welcome to TheProfitRing... It's a very simple concept, you purchase advertising for your website, and then we pay you to view the advertising of our other members.

IPB Image

* Earn 11% daily for 13 days
* 6% Referral Bonuses
* 13 Second Timer
* Upgrade Units cost only $5
* Automatic upgrade via E-Gold
* Payout after upgrade expires

Join Under Me n Upgrade With -

$5-$200 n Get Back 80% Ref Com Back
$205-$500 n Get Back 85% Ref Com Back
$505-$1000 n Get Back 90% Ref Com Back
$1005-$2000 n Get Back 93% Ref Com Back
$2005+ n Get Back 96% Ref Com Back

My Offer Isnt That Much High (But Still Quite High) Like U May See From Some Newbies From Whom U Wont Get Ur Ref Com Ever!! Or After First Few Times They Will Start To Show Excuse Like This Or That.. But Who Know Me Here Know Very Well That I Do What I Promise To Do!...

If U Join Under This Offer Then Post Here/Pm Me ASAP Once U Join n Upgrade. Note That U'll Get Ur Ref Com Asap Once I Get Paid For That Specific One.

Best Regards,
2 Jun 2006
Welcome to CompactSurfing.com

Compact Surfing is part of a unique network which offers versatile solutions for business and personal needs, in addition to helping people yield a steady financial income. We are in the process of developing several different beneficial services for our members. We hope that we can bring some new and innovative ideas to this business based on our research, as well as our past experience in the field.

Relying on common and popular services connected to the traffic exchange industry, we anticipate exponential growth and long-term success. With our commitment, and your trust in our judgment: no goal is out of reach.

How Does It Work?

Simply create an account.
Upgrade to earn. Purchase up to 1000 Ad Units.
Surf 9 websites daily to earn 13%.
Ad Units expire after 9 days, totaling in 117%.
Request payment and get paid within 7 business days.
Your actual profit will be 17%, in just 9 surfing days!

Do you have a website to promote? Purchase an advertising package! We have
hundreds of thousands of members viewing Compact Surfing each and every day, which are potential clients or sales for your business.

Well There R So Many Reasons To Belive That Compactsurfing Will Last For Long Long Time ...If U Do A Campare CS With 12dp Then U'll See That There Are Several Important Reasons To Belive That ...

** ROI Is Much Lower Then 12dap Which Is Making Them More Stable
* Support Is Much More Better Then 12dp
** Has Other Online Businesses In The Compact Network.
** Own Payment Proccessor & Debit Card
* Main Office Located In The Republic of Panama.
* U Can Always Reach To Support Stuffs Easily Here At Forum.
* Documents for due diligence easily available.
** Can Request Withdrawal Any Time U Want ( Upto 3 Times Per Month)
** Fast Payout (Terms Says 7 Days But They Always Pay Within 48hrs What Is Just Awesome)
* Growing Fast

. Once I'm Quite SURE That CS Will Last For Long As I Explained The Reasons, So It's Just A Great Oppurtunity For Everyone To Make Some Profit & It's Just A Great Time To Join ( They R Just Launching Their Own Payment Proccessor As Well w00t2.gif ) If U Havent Done That Yet!...

. You May Have Seen So Many High Cash Back Offers Here In This Forum Everyday By Fly By Night Scammers From Whom U Wont Get Anyting As They Promise Or Will Show Excuse This Or That Like E-gold Got Hacked annoyed.gif After Few Days To Stay With The Money They Told They Woud Give To You.

With That In Mind I'm Here Offering U Something Which Wont Be High That Much Like Those Scammers But Realistic Offers What I Think Will Benefit My Downline In The Long Term....n Who Know Me Here At MMG Know Very Well That I Do What I Promise!

A) Get 95% Of My Ref Com Back On 1st Upgrade Then 70%(<$500) - 80%(>$500) For Life Time.

B) Get 75%(<$1000) - 85%(>$1000) Ref Com For Life Time.

C) 100% Of My Ref Com Back Every Month, 1 Time Per Month, FOR LIFE! YOU Can Decide When You Want Your 100% Ref Com Back, Once You Can Eventually Deposit More Money This Week, Or The Next Week, So, In Accordance With Ur Investment You Decide When You Want to Receive The 100% Ref Comm Back.
All U've To Do Is PM Me To Tell Me To Send Ur Ref Com When It Interests U More. I'll Do It Asap Once I Get Paid By CS For That Specif Comm. If U Don't PM Me, I Assume That I Can Send Ur Ref Comm Back Anytime, So, I'll Just Do That.

If U Join Under Me For Any Of This Offer Then Please Post Here/PM Me ASAP Once U Join & Upgrade. Also Mention For Which Offer U R Joining.

Best Regards,
2 Jun 2006
LunarSurfing is an advertising program owned and operated by Melanie a very well known member of MoneyMakerGroup; a popular investment forum, and the rest of LunarSurfing team. We currently offer 9% daily for 14 days, which is in turn for several minutes of advertising viewing. Members are also able to advertise their own sites, which will in turn be viewed by other members after 14 seconds. Up to 500 Advertising Credits can be purchased at a rate of 10 USD per Credit. Our Users account is credited after 14 sites have been viewed. Commissions for advertising viewing are paid out due to various investments made by the LunarSurfing team.

What do we have to offer you?

LunarSurfing offers large amounts of high quality online advertisement, with the potential to earn a set amount of commission for viewing such advertisements.

We also offer premium banner space, and other areas such as “Featured Sites” and “Site of the Week” which can all be purchased us for a negotiable price, by our members only. If you are interested, please join, and contact us through our contact form, and put your desired Ad-Space as the topic/title.

All of your advertising and Auto-Surfing needs can be satisfied by the LunarSurfing Team. We always conduct our business with you in a timely, professional manner.

9% Daily For 14Days
Payouts mostly within 24h, depending on the circumstances
Upgrade units--> $10
Max upgrade---> $5000
3% ref for the first level
You have to upgrade within 14 days
Surf min 14 sites and max 50
Own Forum

Join Under Me & Upgrade With -
$10-$500 Get 50% Back
$510-$1000 Get 60% Back
$1010-$3000 Get 70% Back
$3010-$5000 Get 80% Back

The Offer Isnt High Like U May See So Many Times In This Forum By Fly By Night Scammers From Whom U Wont Get Anything Ever...U Know Already Very Well That I Do What I Promise!

If U Join Under Me Then Please Post Here/Pm Me Asap After Join & Upgrade. Thanx thumbup(1).gif
25 May 2006
Phoenix Traffic Network is n Prelaunch Now! You can now sign up and start referring. Spends will be active at launch which will be:

8 PM EST Time MAY 26th 2006

Tired of surfing for credits and not making a dime from all of your hard work on all the other traffic exchanges?

Welcome to Phoenix Traffic Network where we're managed by a professional and reputable team from Phoenix Investment® Network (http://www.phoenixvest.net) It is important that you know Phoenix Traffic Network and Phoenix Investment Network are in no way associated with Phoenixsurf.

Our program is specifically designed with the professional online entrepreneur in mind. We pride ourselves in offering quality products through Phoenix Investment Network. With a solid business plan, good management staff, experienced traders and extensive risk control, Phoenix Traffic Network is stirring the autosurf industry with its revolutionary concept.

By using our system on a daily basis, you will enable your sites to be seen by thousands of potential prospects 24 hours per day, 365 days of the year! And, of course, you will also get to see thousands and thousands of interesting sites yourself. Simply create an account and upgrade to earn. You must surf 10 websites daily to earn. We offer 2 reliable plans in Phoenix Traffic Network. When you request a payment, you will be paid within 3 business days.

Thanks for joining us. You can earn between $0.50 up to $250 a day, depending on your account level with about 10 minutes of surfing. On top of that, you will earn 500 credits for each unit you buy that can be used to advertise your own website. We have thousands of members viewing surfing ads at any given time. That's thousands of people ready to spend money at your website. Think about it. Where else can you earn money for advertising your site?

Best in success,

The Phoenix Traffic Network Team

Plans Available-

Basic Plan:
* 5% Daily For 30Days
* Min $10
* Max $5000
* Daily Withdrawal

Premium Plan:
* 140% After 14Days
* Min $100
* Maximum $10,000
* Withdrawal After Expiry

Join Under Me n Get Upto 96% Ref Comm -

Upgrade $10-$200 n Get Back 80% Ref Com Back
Upgrade $210-$400 n Get Back 85% Ref Com Back
Upgrade $410-$1000 n Get Back 90% Ref Com Back
Upgrade $$1010-$4000 n Get Back 93% Ref Com Back
Upgrade $$4000+ n Get Back 96% Ref Com Back

My Offer Isnt That Much High (But Still Quite High) Like U May See From Some Newbies From Whom U Wont Get Ur Ref Com Ever!!.. If U Join Under This Offer Then Post Here/Pm Me ASAP Once U Join. Note That U'll Get Ur Ref Com Asap Once I Get Paid For That Specific One.

Site Is Still In Prelaunch Mode But U Can Join Now...So Dont Waste Ur Time ...Join Now n Get The Benifit Of Early Joinning. wink.gif
Making Money On Internet :)
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