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8 Nov 2010
Dear All

Your comments would be much appreciated.

1/ "Making money" from your website is not as hard as it sounds just depends on how many mouths you have to feed.

2/ Selling information is much easier, cheaper and cost effective with little to no risk.

3/ Quality dynamic content helps drive traffic to your site therefore to your message.

4/ Being a big fish in a small pond has its advantages.

5/ Get large amounts of traffic and people start to offer you opportunities.

6/ Focus on multiple interlinking self owned site strategy.

7/ 10 small sites are better than one big one, but you still must have the one big one.

8/ Multiple sites perform better if there is a common thread, even if this threat is merely target audience.

9/ Don't make a site do multiple things - one site one goal works beautifully.

10/ Optimise your site for traffic before you optimise for the eye - but don't ignore the eye.

11/ Quality traffic will make you money - just depends on how much quality and how much traffic.

12/ Online traffic attracted from online sources are better buying prospects to buy online.

13/ If your promoting a bricks and mortar entity don't try to sell product online sell the enquiry instead.

14/ Basic offline marketing and selling skills work online assuming the product stacks up.

15/ Its not only seeing the idea that counts its how you implement it that counts.

Kind Regards

6 Nov 2010
Entrepreneurship is a field which needs an array of skill sets. And when we examine gender-wise, each of them has their own plus and minus points.

Women meet the needs required of an entrepreneur in today’s consumer driven world. Females just seem to have better perception, are more engaging and over all have better communication skills. This is something where men take a really bad beating as entrepreneurs.

Women are coming into their own because the way of marketing is changing. They might not be hard-sellers like men but they have a great way to impress through a softer way of approaching which is much more invaluable in today’s scene. Females are very good at adapting their approach personalizing to an individual.

Women bring in much less testosterone ego. Many men become numb-skulls when there are decisions to be made where their ego comes into play. Females care very less about their ego as long as their work gets done. This is a major factor that can affect entrepreneurial careers of men and women.

A little bit of sexiness never hurt anyone!

Women do the sexy very good, something which men (sigh!) have a long way to go at. A flutter of the eye-lashes and most females will find half their job done.

But Hang on…

If you men are upset after reading the post so far, there are also drawback in females entrepreneurs. The following problems are the most usually witnessed:

* *****iness
* Jealousy of younger counterparts
* Screeching debates
* Bringing unnecessary sexual tension to the conference room with inappropriate dress sense :-P

The above are a few negatives to mention as far as women are concerned – as entrepreneurs. Then again, these traits will also vary from each individual.

There are many many male entrepreneurs who can beat their female counterparts hands down because they are better listeners, more sincere, and more willing to do the right thing. Which is all that matter is the end irrespective of whether you are a male or female. It is unfair to simply generalize women are better entrepreneurs or vice-versa.

I hope you found the post insightful. Do leave your comments on this below!

Thank you

Tadas Luksys
6 Nov 2010
It would great to share with each other what software list you urgent need
run your business. It can’t be secret, just only technique and tools. I would like to know your free software, that you can’t live without it on internet business. Maybe I will give you better advice or you give me and other forum members

Thank you

Tadas Luksys
12 Oct 2010
Hey all,

I know that there are a lot of people who runs proxies here, including myself. I think it would be great to share each other's information as learn some tips on the way for a successful proxy. I sold my network a few months ago for good $XXX and am now restarting the business.

There is ALWAYS demand for proxies.

Even sharing revenue, or that you want a small review on your new proxy, or even updates about what you have done to increase traffic.

Anywhoo, here's some of my tips.

[1] Submit to topsites, as many as you can. I know that people who look for proxies go on topsites, and target especially new ones. Most proxy topsites are run on Aardvark PHP, and as a template creator for the guy who runs it, I know it pretty well. Most topsites have a link that is "ssi.php". For example, topsitedomain.com/ssi.php - A lot of the top proxy topsites have this on, so you can see the latest 20 topsites submitted. Then they post it on blogs [Iran/Middle East/Asian blogs] and from there, traffic goes crazy

[2] Do not have a domain with the word 'proxy' in it. When I buy domains, I move away from them. Why? Because that is the number one word that filters block. "Proxies" is usually blocked as well

[3] Ads that blend are better, and before it was banned, images of attractive females next to them But that is no longer allowed. So keep your ads blending in well

[4] Create a network. Sooner or later, your proxy will be blocked. Solution? Start another one. Then that gets blocked, so start another one. Thus, a network starts to form. After a while, you will be very $$$ but be careful about overloads on the server

[5] Bandwidth code - Attached is a code you add (Made by Billy Connite) to your script (PHProxy) to minimise bandwidth and hotlinking. It saves you a lot of $$$ and downtime. Simply copy and paste the mod code into your index.php page, just below the '<?php' at the top of the page.

I have another million things to add, but what do you have to share?
11 Oct 2010
Forums used to be a bastion of online social communities. Not the first kind of community. You had newsgroups and others before Forums, in the form we see them now, became big. But for several years now, there have been lots of big forums, huge, diverse communites or people discussing various things in various manners. They've been one of the main forms of community on the web, especially since chat rooms began to decline in popularity.

Now that we have this new raft of social community, from the Diggs/Reddits/Teechmemes, to the Facebook/Myspaces/Bebos, are forums as we know them, under threat?

Kim's been mentioning it a bit recently, wondering how they fit into the new scheme of things, and I see Rand saying he's drifting more to blogs and social bookmarking sites from forums.

And actually, I can see what they mean. So many people now have blogs, especially within the broad web development community, that a lot of people write their musings there, or initiate discussions there. Lots of people are using the Digg/Reddit like sites for finding new links and discussing them, and I think more and more people are starting to use places like Facebook for relatively basic, easily setup communities.

With all this going on, what role does a forum, like this one for instance, have in the evolving social setup?
Do forums need to adapt to the new ways people are connecting and differentiate themselves? Do they needs to pick up on some of the things that other 'web 2.0' social sites are doing? In 3/4 years, are forums likely to have as big a following as they do now? Or will it just be the ones that keep up with the changing ideas of social media and the niche boutiques that keep, or expand, their following?

If you were setting up a new forum now, would the Diggs and Facebook of the world affect how you did it?
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