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20 Aug 2014
Hey all,

I'm using PaidVerts.com and I really like it so far.. If you have not heard of it, they are basically PTC site but with a twist.. You get better paid ads the more BAP points you have, and one way of getting BAP points is by purchasing AdPacks.

Now I don't really have a site I'd like to promote, but I need to put a URL w/ banners anyway, so I'm giving you all opportunity to promote your site via me for much less than it usually costs!

Now, 1$ AdPack @ PaidVerts.com brings the following:
25x 728*90 banner impression
100x 125*125 banner impression
50x 30 second visit to your website
3100 Bonus Ad Points will be added to your account.

Now, I'm after those 3100 BAP points, you see..

Anyway here is my offer:
A) If you only want to those 50x 30 seconds visit to your website it costs 0.30$.
B) If you want both banner impressions + 50x 30 seconds to your website it costs 0.50$.
C) If you just want both banner impressions 0.20$

The only thing I can see being pain in the a** is I'm not sure whether I can receive money to my PayPal account yet (talk about my Country), so I'd need to try that with some of you, if it fails you get your money back with the message from PayPal - "the user **** can't receive money" and then we'd have to do with one of the following payment processors - Payza, PerfectMoney, EgoPay, STP..

P.S. If you find PaidVerts.com really cool and unique (which it really is) and you want to join, since you'd end up being Jo (he's the in the founder team) referral by default anyway, PM for the link and I'll help you get started! There is really some strategies and it's not usual PTC site.

Best regards,
15 Sep 2013
Hey community,

I've stumbled upon PTC site NERDBUX (it's in my signature) and it really looks like it's going to be a one of the great PTCs, because it's run by a TimTech and they go by slogan - 11 years of advertising service without missing a payment. speak_cool.gif So I really plan to take my time and try to get some direct referrals..

But I was never been to do it right.. crying.gif I'm looking for some tips and tricks, I know some of the most obvious ones ie, start a website/blog and write about it and then promote it, and promote it through forums.. But that looks tough, I mean, if I was to make a site and get it well publicized then I might as well go with adsense and make my money from there.. In my eyes, starting a website and getting traffic a organic traffic is hard, and if you're able to do that, you are better of monetizing site. Also another hard thing for doing promotions on forums are, if you're not first to post about it, there goes your chance.. And by traffic exchanging it's hard, because after a while you'll end up being registered on 20 other PTC sites in order to have 20 direct referrals and it's hard to maintain all those sites.

What about buying advertisement from other PTC sites and promoting my 1 page site there? I'm okay with paying money to do it right, I just need guidelines.. How does that traffic converts into referrals? PMs are also welcome! peace.gif

Looking forward for some tips,
5 Jan 2011

It's basically a browser-based game where you are a citizen of your own nation. You then work daily to earn money so that later you can use that money to start your own company or equip your self for war. It's really fun, and I'm so hooked I'm spending 5h a day playing it (no kidding!). It's like eRep buy you can cash out at any time your in-game currency.

The game is just 7 months old so you should join as soon as possible and become something big by the time rest player joins.

> First social game in which you can change virtual currency into real money.
> Setting up an account takes 2 minutes.
> You can be a company owner, politician or a military mastermind
> There are over 20 kinds of companies from restaurants to banks and lotteries
> You can buy and sell everything, including other players

Here's my referal link, I suggest you register under me simply because I like to take care of my refs and trust me you're going to need help because this game is complex smile.gif


If you have any questions, ask and I'll be glad to help you smile.gif
10 Aug 2009

Hi there, I stumbled upon this great stock market game. Stock VM is free virtual stock market game where you can earn real money from you free starting capital of 1$. Payments are made to LR, and they are instant. Plus you can do easy-to-do offers (International members are welcome) where you can earn 0.50$ or such to your StockVM balance. Please note you can't withdraw 1$ you get straigh away (it's possible after a month), but you can withdraw any profit that you make by using them.

You buy stocks at low price, wait a few hours until they become pricey and then sell them. I created for myself a sheet with info on when to buy each stock and when to sell each stock, this is what I gathered from being a member some time now. I'll be happy to hand it to you, so that you can start winning straight away, my little "thank you" for being my referral. beer.gif

So go there, register, try it, it's really fun and you have nothing to lose!

Register Now!
7 Mar 2009
I have one idea.. Since I'm really bored, and I really don't have anything better to do right now, I've been thinking of surfing for credits (as I normaly do, for my own needs) over top 5 traffic exchangers (Trafficera, TrafficSwarm..etc) and selling it.. It will be ofcourse cheaper then the one you can buy at their direct site, and you could also buy in much lower quantities.. For example, the minimal package you can buy at Trafficera is around 9$ if I'm not mistaken..

So what you think? Will this work out for me? I plan just to earn a few dollars then try autosurf and hyip, this will be my side-job..
So I would ask you to send me _.__$ to my AlertPay or Libery Reserve, and I will send the visitors to your site.

I'm really interested in your opinion..
Personaly do you use traffic exchangers? If you do, would you ever pay someone for this?
Kind regards,
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