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16 Apr 2011
Greetings Friends,
I would like to introduce you to a new co. in Pre-Launch called: Reserve Your Cup

As in all pre-launches, the future is unknown, and we have until June 1st
to evaluate the co. on all levels, and decide personally if this is something for us.

Until then, this is a Totally Free, Zero Obligation Positioning.

It looks like a class act. I will be speaking with the owner early next week,
and will share all info as I get it.

Warm Regards and Be Well,
David Reid
Skype: dreamlife2012

PS. Feel free in touch anytime~! smile.gif

Hello There!

Something BIG is brewing
and now you can see for yourself.

Click below to see a great video,
and get your position in what may be
a great pre-launch with a hot new co.

launching in 15 countries on June 1st
NOT a binary!

This product tastes so good and provides such incredible benefits,
it will start replacing what you normally buy and what everyone else buys!
That's the potential! A high impact product means an unequaled financial opportunity!

This isn't your average cup o' joe! This is Coffee...Evolved!
and Everybody loves coffee...

18 Mar 2011
Hey Everyone,
I was thinking of a way to be creative with a cash back offer for That Free Thing.

This is what I came up with.

I think it's a pretty exciting, incentivized cash back offer!

That Free Thing Cash Back Offer:

If you join with my team, I will refund you $10 of your $25 dollar entry cost.

When you bring in your first person I will send you another $10!

When you bring in your second person I will send you another $10!

So you join for $25, bring in two people, and you are already 5 dollars into profit!

(To be qualified, the above has to happen within your first 30 days of joining).

Additional Bonuses:

Bring in 3 more (5 total), and get an additional 30 dollar bonus!

Bring in 5 more (10 total), and get another 50 dollar bonus!

Bring in 10 more (20 total), and get another 100 dollar bonus!

Is that an powerful cash back offer or what?!

If you want in, pm me, and I will send you the link.

Each time you finish a step email me,
and I will send you the bonus via paypal or alertpay within 72 hours.

This is only for new members of That Free Thing,
it is not for current members of any team in TFT.

This exclusive offer is good until June 1st only!
(all steps completed by the last day of May will be honored!!).

Any questions, please pm me.

Warm Regards,
17 Mar 2011
Hi Everyone,
I hope this meets you well.

Talk Face To Face is a New, Groundbreaking Communication Technology,
that looks like it has great potential.

They just opened for Free Pre-Launch positioning.

This looks like it is worthy of investigation for sure.



It's HERE !!!! We are LAUNCHING!!!!!

WOW...tonight is the night‚€¶

We are Pre-Launching the coolest piece of software to ever hit the internet‚€¶

And tonight is the night‚€¶We will be doing a live presentation at 7pm EST...

Don‚€™t miss this FREE ENROLLMENT event


This is a chance to be on top of one of the most revolutionary new piece of software ever developed THIS IS NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ONLINE!!! Over $100K invested in its development.

Here is what a few of the people said who took the test drive of this incredible software‚€¶

"To say I was blown away would be an understatement. The TalkFacetoFace system is a huge step forward for any web portal that sales products. I personally cannot think of another feature that could be created that could have a more significant impact on the future of the internet than this system.

James Silas Church II,
Finance Manager GM Motors"

"Hello, I am so excited about the system we got from TalkFaceToFace. In just two days I have had new leaders join our company from different states, different countries. Never in the world and I have been doing this 25 years, have I had the ability to share my business with so many live all over the world without ever leaving my office. Folks this is SKYPE on steroids...The best recruiting tool ever....If you don't have it..get it!! Period"...

To your success, God Bless Danny Storie
President & CEO, Natural Guardian Inc.

To All Our Success,


Here's The Link to Lock In Your Free, No Obligation Position!

21 Feb 2011
Whoever you are, wherever you are, this will be the absolute BEST 25 bucks, you have EVER spent in your life!

Dear Friends,
If you have ever wanted to be at the right place at the right time, you are there, Right Now....

That Free Thing. Com has JUST gone Live! clapping7.gif

I got it from my sponsor, the master distributor first, minutes ago.

This is going to go viral fast, and a few leaders have been given the green light to share this with our friends, YOU...

And you can join us at the Beginning!

That Free Thing.Com will spread like a wildfire throughout the networking community,
and be a legend in the early making.

You can secure your spot for only 25 Bucks! Don't wait, this WILL be Huge!!!

And all this with NO SPONSORING REQUIRED!!!


That Free Thing - Opportunity

This "Little $25 Program" can make you MORE MONEY
than companies charging up to 10 TIMES AS MUCH!

Can you think of anything better than getting something for FREE?


Now, just imagine getting paid each time you showed someone how to get something FREE!

This is the ULTIMATE Network Marketing product. We built our entire compensation plan around the fact that people love getting free stuff. We have thousands of free products, free services and free offers that we need your help sharing with the world.

For doing this we will pay you, it's really that simple! We couldn't imagine anything better than getting free stuff AND putting money in your pocket at the same time.

Compensation Plan - 3x8 Matrix

We have created a Force Filled 3 x 8 Matrix. You will a percentage from ALL members who fall below your 8 level matrix. There are NO SPONSORSHIP REQUIREMENTS to earn on all 8 levels.

You can fill your entire Matrix without ever enrolling a single person!

Once your have your first 3 spots filled any new people will be placed below on your second level until it's filled, then any new people will be placed on your third level and so on. This is called spillover.

Level Members/Level Payout % $25 - Enrollment $9.95 - Monthly
1 3 1% $0.75 $0.30
2 9 10% $22.50 $9.00
3 27 2% $13.50 $5.40
4 81 3% $60.75 $24.30
5 243 4% $243.00 $97.20
6 729 5% $911.25 $364.50
7 2187 7% $3,827.25 $1,530.90
8 6561 8% $13,122.00 $5,248.80
TOTALS 9840 40% $18,201.00 $7,280.40

Everyone is paid on 100% of the people who fall into their Matrix, whether they have not sponsored anyone or not.

Can you imagine if you only signed up to get Free Stuff and you ended up getting pay checks!

But Wait, There's More...

We don't just want you to tell a few people we also want you to help them to share it with their friends and so on. So we have built in a matching bonus program to motivate and reward you for helping your people. We want to pay you on 3 levels of sponsorship!

Our 3 Generation Check Match is HUGE!

Generation Check Match % Personals to Qualify

1 40% 5
2 30% 10
3 30% 15

Watch how powerful this can be...

Example 1: You tell 20 people and they tell a few and so on. Let's say on average they've made $500 each. That's a total of $10,000 they've been paid, so you've received 40% which is $4,000.00. THAT'S CRAZY

Example 2: These 20 people you enrolled have been telling other people and lets say they each told 5 on average, which makes 100 people. Let's say on average they've made $300. That's a total of $30,000 they've been paid, so you've received 30% which is an additional $9,000. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Example 3: Now, these 100 have been telling other people and let's say on average they've only told 4 each. That's 400 people! Let's say they've also only made $100 on average, that's a total of $40,000 earned. You would be paid an additional 30% which is $12,000. THIS IS INSANE!

Example Pays You $25,000 in Matching Bonuses!

NOTE: We only used small numbers in this example, imagine if your group really took off and your people make that much every month!

Now, the other question you might be asking is... How does removing sponsorship requirements make your paycheck explode?

Well, imagine you bring in someone who is a beneficiary of good timing - they came in and began earning a check that pays around $3,000 a month without ever telling anyone. YOU are now the beneficiary because you'll still be earning $1,200 a month from someone who never told anyone about this!

If You're Still Reading... You're Costing Yourself Money!

Get ready for a FANTASTIC journey with My Free Thing.

We are going to have a LOT of fun, and make a TON of money here! peace.gif

Warm Regards,
David Reid
Skype: dreamlife2012

PS. For 25 dollars "in the door", and only 10 bucks a month, you never know who might land under you.
You can be ahead of the massive growth that is inevitable!

16 Feb 2011
Hey Everyone,
I want to introduce you to a new company, in pre-launch, called: Free Food 2 Go

I spent a good half hour just now speaking with the owner of Free Food 2 Go, Roger Young,
and got a lot of good info to share with you.

He told me that Free Food 2 Go has:

*** High Quality and Great Tasting Food.
*** Fantastic Variety.
*** Great Comp. Plan, and very Easier to do.
*** Huge Earnings Potential.
*** Low Cost Entry.

Roger has been lecturing and teaching about Food Storage and Preparation for 21 years.
He has written books on the subject.
People asked him to start a company that would really help people to prepare.
He is in this to really help people in this important time, to prepare with Food Storage.

We are in prealaunch now. Only two weeks into it, as of this post.
Launch is in April.

TV and Radio ads along with various other heavy marketing will be happening upon launch,
referrals will go downstream into the matrix.

Site is currently a pre-launch site. Heavy duty media people working on launch site now.

Cost to get in now as a Coop Member is only $4.00 (No autoship or future automated charges on your card, just 4 bucks!).
That will go up $8.50 at launch in April.

Coop Members can order up to 10 Free Samples Packs each month.
Get Free Website to start sharing the concept with others.
Earn Free Food Credits and Free Food.

Comp. Plan is a 4x7 Matrix.

Packages start as low as $16.00, then $35.00 then $50.00 etc. so it is designed for progressive, easily attainable upgrades.

FREEFOOD2GO is about to launch a truly powerful concept which is perfectly positioned in this economic collapse and recession. With our marketing strategy of sending out FREE 8 Meal Sample Packages for our cooperative members, what could be easier for the newbie, or the professional who sends out FREE offers to their list.

For the newbies, or those with little money to invest, register for FREE, order FREE samples, No Mandatory Autoship, No Obligation, No Hoops to Jump Through, Simple as 1-2-3. All Food is Organic, Hormone, Gluten, MSG Free and Delicious and Nutritious and is freezed dried and/or dehydrated for that fresh food taste, but instant meal convenient, never mind storage ready for the best food preparedness family food bank protection plan ever created. You can earn your own Free-Food-Bank with simple strategy of giving away FREE Samples, everyone wins with FREE and EASY Plan like this one.

Warm Regards,
David Reid
Skype: dreamlife2012

This is the Pre-Launch Website for your review:

Edit: Post edited at poster's request.
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