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4 Jun 2007

About BeyondMarketingClub
The idea behind the BeyondMarketingClub (BMC) project, is to have a private club, with a private forum, where entrepreneurs, innovators and investors can meet to discuss and develop strategies for business ventures. By working as a group, the aim is to enable an environment that breeds strong ideas for profitable companies. To link the entrepreneur and innovator directly with investors, for a mutually profitable relationship.

If you are an entrepreneur, innovator, inventor, or if you just have a great idea, this is the perfect place to share your ideas and get some feedback. If your project is deemed viable, you will have direct access to investors and possibly the capital needed to successfully launch your project. You decide the terms for investing in your project, but needless to say, investors will only pick up on projects that they see as an advantageous investment, based on fair terms.

If you are an investor, and would like to get exclusive access to new exciting projects that are seeking investors, this club is the place to be. As the club grows (currently in prelaunch), hopefully there will be lots of exciting ideas and projects to choose from and invest in. You might even find the next big DOT COM company, amongst the projects that will be presented in the private forum.

If you are skilled in areas such as; webdesign, programming, adcopy writing, accounting, salesmanship, marketing,promotions, betatesting, customer service, etc., and looking for an online incomestream, BMC will always strive to make use of current members, when looking for qualified people to involve in a project. No matter what kind of knowledge or set of skills you possess, it might turn out to be a valuable commodity, in a future project.

Read the full story at: BeyondMarketingClub.com
23 Nov 2006
Sign up free and i will send $.25 to your egold! Pm me for ref link

Here is an e-mail I just got from a top Marketer. I jumped on this one right away as this is going to be big.

I will repost his email here with my own links. Signup is free. Once you sign up you'll get an email with your code (they don't give you your referral URL, so copy mine and overwrite my code).


I know it is the day before Thanksgiving in America...

And I know that I've already sent you an email today...

But some things just can't wait. I just discovered a
new site that is about to publicly launch, and I'd be
doing you a disservice by not telling you about it!

Please read on...

For those who were online in 1999, you may remember
the very first "Get paid to surf" program. It was
called AllAdvantage. Basically, by displaying the
AllAdvantage toolbar while you surfed, you got paid.

And when you referred people to the program and they
surfed, you got paid.

It worked VERY well, except that the management team
at the company messed up the opportunity.

Don't get me wrong. I earned THOUSANDS with this
program. And it was incredibly viral.

Since then, I've been waiting for a similar opportunity
to arrive.

It just has!

Here's the deal.

Agloco promises to pay you to do what you normally do -
use your browser to surf the web. And, if you tell
your friends about it, you both with earn money.


And totally free to join.

What happens when you sign up for Agloco is simple:
you install a piece of software on your computer that
displays a small Viewbar below your current web browser
window. That Viewbar has ads on it that change based on
where you surf. If you go to a fishing site, you might
see ads for fishing. If you go to a news site, you might
see ads for blogs, just like you do now with ads from
Google and Yahoo.

You don't have to click on the ads, you don't have
to stare at the Viewbar, you just have to have it up
and running. You get paid money for every hour it's
open. Further, you get paid for every hour that your
friends view the Viewbar. And your money extends 5
levels deep - you, signing up friends who sign up
their friends who sign up their friends who sign
up their friends who sign up their friends, and
you make money at every level.

This makes for a great fundraiser for your company,
organization, troupe, theater, or website - sign up
with the link below, then organize your membership
or web visitors to sign up under you - you can
designate that the money go to whatever payee you want.

And the money adds up fast.

Say you have 5 people you end up signing up, and
they sign up 5 people each.

That's 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 = 3125 people that are surfing
and making money for themselves...and for you. And
remember, it's absolutely free to be an Agloco member.

Here's the signup URL again - it will take you right
to the Agloco site:

There's a lot more to what you can do with your Agloco
membership - you can get shares in the company, you can
give your earned money to your favorite charity and more.

There is never a guarantee that a business model will
succeed, but my radar is fine-tuned to watch for opportunities
that can make you money online.

The toolbar is currently in beta, so you want to get as
many people as possible signed up for the release NOW!

Don't miss this.

P.S. - People who got in with AllAdvantage early
earned THOUSANDS of dollars. Now is the time to
tell others about Agloco!

"How does this work? Once you sign up on their website, when available you will be able to download the Viewbar software, a free toolbar-sized application (half the size of a traditional Windows tool bar) that quietly sits on your desktop without ever hampering your online habits. That's all you need to do! Just continue using the Internet as you used to... no need to change your habits!"

Sign up free through my link and i will send $.25 to your egold!

11 Oct 2006
There are only 967 of 1000 spots open


120% Term Commission

Earn 6% for 20 Days
Multiple payout options
1% to 6% on Referrals
View 25 sites to earn
Free credits weekly

Min:$5 - Max:$1000

130% Term Commission

Earn 6.5% for 20 Days
Multiple payout options
1% to 6% on Referrals
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Min:$15 - Max:$3000

140% Term Commission

Earn 7% for 20 Days
Multiple payout options
1% to 6% on Referrals
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Free credits weekly

Min:$25 - Max:$5000

150% Term Commission

Earn 7.5% for 20 Days
Multiple payout options
1% to 6% on Referrals
View 40 sites to earn
Free credits weekly

Min:$40 - Max:$7000

160% Term Commission

Earn 8% for 20 Days
Multiple payout options
1% to 6% on Referrals
View 50 sites to earn
Free credits weekly

Min:$75 - Max:$9750

Welcome to the new revolution of Surf. This program is designed for everyone and has customizable options to choose from. roiXtreme offers 5 plans each with fixed term percentages, Each plan has various payouts to choose from. Payout options range from daily to term expiration and varies depending on the plan, the higher the term percentage the more restrictive the payout. Payout options include daily, equal payouts of 2, 3 and 4 payments, payout on expiration and principle return/reinvest earnings. Each plan also offers referral commissions. These commissions are optional and are more restrictive the higher the term percentage becomes. The plans have fixed minimum sites to earn the daily commissions, as well as various minimum and maximum unit amounts based on the term percentage. The processors that will be used for this program are E-Gold, E-Bullion, AlertPay, VirtualMoney and the gCard. All payouts are automatic and to the purchasing account.

The final customization you can make to the plan is to shorten the payout term by half or double it. Choosing to do this requires strict adherence to the rules which require changes in the payout time. You can maximize the potential of your membership with the double/double, but make no mistake; this is for the pro surfer only.

7 Oct 2006
X-Space Surfing is the NEW generation, ALL unique AutoSurf program. It was designed and created by the team of professional programmers, website designers and Internet marketers during several months. Our program is a combination of best achievements in AutoSurf industry and of novel, unique features, which we believe will add the so needed FRESHNESS to the world of paid Surfing.

X-Space Surfing is backed by UNIQUE script, which was written nearly from scratch and then tested by our team's professional programmers. In addition to guaranteed security of users' account and personal information, we are offering a number of program related new features that users and advertisers can choose. After (familiar to most) process of upgrading the account, users will earn 14% of their upgrade level daily, using our unique X-SpaceSurf, manual surfbar technology. Upon upgrade expiration, earned by users money will be automatically transfered to their cash balance and users will be offered the following X-Space™ options:

* X-SpaceWN - Withdraw Now option to get funds into user's E-gold accounts instantly.
* X-SpaceEarn - Earn additional money for delayed withdrawals.
* X-SpaceBonus - over 10 different bonus options to utilize earned money.

We believe that X-Space Surfing is destined to great growth and should become an excellent advertisement platform for our users, advertisers and sponsors. Let's prosper together. Take a tour right now!

Pm me for my link and i will pay you 50% back for life!!
29 Sep 2006

Experience One Track Surf!

# Earn 12% for 12 days
# Two level referral commissions – Level One 7% / Level Two 5%
# 12 Dollars per Upgrade
# Advertise up to 2 Sites
# View 20 sites for 10 seconds each to earn.
# Payouts in 4 business days. Always on time.

Here at OneTrackSurf.com we have the most advanced DDOS protection on extremely large bandwith servers to handle all of the traffic this site may experience. We have top of the line features that make us above and beyond our many competors in the industry and offer our members only the best service. Our business model is sound and works and will help us last through the future of this industry and make the best of it as business professionals together in success.

We offer our members a competitive rate for the viewing of ads and allow them as well to earn a multi-level referral commission to help them make more of the people they are helping. As a member you can earn 12% for 12 days and be paid within 4 business days. This allows you to earn 44% on your own personal advertising if you complete the task of viewing other advertisers’ ads. As well as a member you can refer others to the business and make 7% for those that you personally sponsor and make another 5% for the people they bring into the business as well.

Can I sign up my family member/friend from the same computer?
You may sign up a family member or friend from the same computer as long as the IP that you used when signing up is not the same as the IP they use when signing up.

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