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1 Oct 2012
In Fandealer you get paid at least 0.02 euro (0.10 sometimes) for FB likes, Twitter, G+, YouTube views
Number of daily ads: 10-20
Sponsorship: 20% commision

Payments are made through: PayPal, Payza

Website is in German the first time you join but there is a button on the right that you can use to change the language to English

My offer:
Complete 30 tasks (FB likes whatever) and i will give you 2$
After you make 10Euro i will send you another 1$

Today i made 57 coins (1.14 euro) in less than 12 hours so it is not that hard smile.gif
Proof of payments can be found all over i-net, but i will give you link to a couple that are not mine:

Pm me with your payza acc or paypal for the cashback ( we can discuss that later)
If you have questions or difficulties also don't hesitate to ask.

Finally something legit that you can make money with no investment whatsoever smile.gif
25 Aug 2012
Listen guys i got some motivation from KrazyQ last update. (read details further down)

For every 5 subscriptions you buy i will transer you 30day adpack (7.5$ value) ( subscription with 30 days prepaid )
i.e. you buy 50 subscriptions= +10 prepaid for 30 days adpacks (75$ value)!!!
NO money lost in payment processors...

I joined KrazyQ some 2 weeks ago ... thought it will be success like unstoppable whirlwind since i joined few hours after launch ... bought 50 subscriptions ( they are just 25c each ), well i was wrong. I was thinking of quitting 2 days ago. After analyzing the program i found some mistakes made by the admin and wrote to him. He turned out to be very responsive and answered me fast. He has great plans for the future of the program.
Now i see some changes implemented and i feel more confident about promoting it.
Think it will really turn out to be a good program.

It is a great way to promote your other programs ( already got plenty of refferals for other programs )
And also there will be multiple income streams... you will earn even without investing, just reading the Qmail!!!

You can read the updates below:

Phase 2 Updates, Modifications and Additions!

New Additions Coming:
2-Tier Affiliate Comp Plan
Receive RSC Bonuses of 25% and 10% down 2 levels on Retail purchases.
10% of all retail purchases made will be added to the Q Club Bonus Pool.
Q Mailer and Inbox will be live and ready to use.
Receive QM Bonuses when reading Q Mail.
Receive QM Bonuses of 30% and 10% down 2 levels when your F.ree and Paid referrals read Q Mail.
** New Transferrable 30 Day Ad Pack Subs will be available.**
This new feature will allow Q members to purchase Packs and transfer the advertising pack to another member in the KrazyQ program. Once they activate the Ad Pack Sub, they will then have the sub automatically set up and have enough funds in their Advertising Account (Purchase Balance) to cover them for 30 days. (You’ll be giving someone an advertising subscription that covers an entire MONTH of advertising and bonuses!)

This is a fantastic way to help others get into Q and increase your SP Bonuses at the same time! This new feature can also be used by program owners and team builders as a valuable product or awesome incentive.

25 Cent KQ Modifications:

Reducing the number of KQ Levels.
Increasing the LCB (Level Completion Bonus) per level.
Adding an SP Bonus (Sponsor Bonus) to KQ 1 completions, meaning sponsor gets paid bonus on every level their referrals receive a LCB on.
Increased SP Bonus per level in the modified 25 cent KQ.
Increased cycling speed with the addition of MORE positions added to the 25 cent KQ
All LCB’s go to your Cash Account only, no longer split.
Will have the option to cancel a sub you no longer need or want.
24 hour extension so if your sub does not renew, you have until the following run to fund your account so as to not lose those subscriptions.
With these modifications; YOU earn more and you earn it faster plus Sponsors earn more and they earn it faster! Plus, you get a grace period to make sure your advertising account is funding so you don’t LOSE any subscriptions along with the positions attached to them. That’s a Win-Win-Win in any book!

Here is how this will work:
Once all changes are in place and phase 2 is implemented we will reload the 25 cent KQ subscriptions in order they were purchased.
All monies spent on the subscriptions up until phase 2 and modifications have been implemented will be returned back to your Purchase Account (Advertising Account) balance. Starting fresh. You lose nothing yet gain the chance to receive more!
You will be given until September 30th to invite and pre-build your Q downline.
Daily 25 cent KQ subscriptions will start being run on October 1st.
This gives every member a new start and opportunity to earn more from the new 25 cent KQ revised model.
As you can see, we’re not just telling you how things will be and leaving you to wish it would have been that way from the beginning (when you could have made lots more!), but we’re hitting the reset button so you DO have these higher bonuses and faster cycling right from the start of launch!

Q Club Elite Membership Modification:
Q Club members will only be required to maintain 2 daily subscriptions instead of 5 daily 25 cent subscriptions.
The Q Club Pool will start accumulating after the first 25 cent subscription has run on October 1st and will be paid out on the 1st of each month their after to the Q Club members Cash Account each month after.
The official KrazyQ launch is set for October 1st. Use this time now to build your downline in KrazyQ. Remember, you will receive SP Bonuses on every LCB your referrals receive PLUS you will earn QM Bonuses, RSC bonuses etc. when both your F.ree and Paid members read mail and purchase retail advertising.

In phase 3 we will introduce additional i.ncome streams through QTwist and the QK (sister site) and more.

As you can see, we have some outstanding plans in place for KrazyQ and YOU are optimally positioned to take advantage of your early-mover status.

KrazyQ Advertising

PS: There are only 144 Q Club (Founder) Elite memberships left. Be sure to grab yours before they run out. Visit the “Club” page in your KrazyQ back office today for more information.
17 Aug 2012
Bobshares is very fresh program ... that is why it is very profitable right now

1. Member purchases a Share/Ad package for $2.00
2. $1.60 is split between the next 160 positions in the system and referral sponsors.
3. Admin keeps 0.40 cents for the upkeep of the site and paying the payment processors fees.
4. The shares matures when it reaches $3.00 giving the chance for the new active shares to reach $3.00 faster.
5. Do it over and over again.

You can invest through Payza/STP/LR/EgoPay

I offer you 10% of your initial investment back, but only if you promise me that you will invest my cashback as well.
Will send you cashback through Payza !!!

You will see the program is very fast moving ... it takes 2-3 days for a position to reach the 3$ cap !!!

Register from the link in my signature !!!

If you have questions pm or mail me or skype: deathwingbg
2 Aug 2012

1. Member purchases a Share/Ad package for $1.45
2. $1.30 is split between the next 100 positions in the system and referral sponsors.
3. Admin keeps 0.15 cents for the upkeep of the site.
4. The shares matures when it reaches $2.00 giving the chance for the new active shares to reach $2.00 faster.
5. Do it over and over again.

Results= Members making money faster and website running Sustainable and Interminably!

Join this great opportunity... 100% rcb on your deposit (5% of your investment)

IT is making money incredibly fast ... you will return your investment in 2-3 days... join fast ... don't be sorry later
Write here or PM me and i will send you the link !!!
14 Jul 2012
Join this new program... only 4 days old.
Just like tripler but even better ... you get 17 % every day.
You buy 10$ positions as many as you want ...and every day you earn 1.7$ per position smile.gif
Also you get 3000 free ad credits with each unit

Earn 17% Daily for 15 days!
255% Total ROI
No need to refer to earn
Earn from 2 levels of refs: 10% from 1st level, and 5% from 2nd level
You will get 3000 free ad credits for every unit purchase
Fast Commissions Payments

Isn't that really awesome ? You can promote your other programs.

And to make it even better i will give you back 10% of your investment ASAP !!!!

You invest 50$ you get 5$ cashback
You invest 100% you get 10$ cashback and so on...

Join now ... don't feel sorry later !!!

If you have questions:
Skype: deathwingbg
E-mail: deathwingbg@gmail.com

Join from my signature
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