19 Apr 2014 
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Someone has been sending out spam including a link to moneymakergroup.com without our permission.  I apologise for the spam you have received, but the situation is totally beyond our control.  In the future, please use a disposable email address when signing up to investment programs, hyips, autosurfs, or newsletters.

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 Is investing money in money doublers and other online ventures safe?

This is a tough question, but really that depends on you.

Investing money in online money making opportunities can be very rewarding, but it's very important that you research the program before you invest any money.  See what other people are saying on MMG and check to see how the program has been performing.  Feel free to ask questions.  Don't just throw your money into a program because other people are doing it.  There are many people on the internet and on MMG making thousands of dollars per week, but it's up to you to be cautious and smart about our investments.

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