22 Jul 2014 
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First, please be assured that we never have and never will send spam to anyone.  Also we have never sold or gave away our email database to anyone.  

Someone has been sending out spam including a link to moneymakergroup.com without our permission.  I apologise for the spam you have received, but the situation is totally beyond our control.  In the future, please use a disposable email address when signing up to investment programs, hyips, autosurfs, or newsletters.

Thank you for your understanding.
 What do I do if I was warned?
Solution If you have been warned, please do not take it as a punishment.  Warnings are more of a notification that you did something that is against our rules.  We have rules put into place so that MMG stays a nice organized place to be, and doesn't turn into a big spam mess with everyone arguing and cussing at eachother like most other forums.  We take pride in keeping a nice friendly atmosphere at MMG :)

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Created On: 14 Nov 2005 06:57 PM

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