25 Jul 2014 
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First, please be assured that we never have and never will send spam to anyone.  Also we have never sold or gave away our email database to anyone.  

Someone has been sending out spam including a link to moneymakergroup.com without our permission.  I apologise for the spam you have received, but the situation is totally beyond our control.  In the future, please use a disposable email address when signing up to investment programs, hyips, autosurfs, or newsletters.

Thank you for your understanding.
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The knowledgebase is organized into different categories, please select a category that you are interested in. Additionally, you can also search the entire knowledgebase by entering keywords in the navigation bar beside this text.

 Website error messages
 If you are getting website error messages while browsing MMG, please submit a contact ticket and let us know. We will do our best to help you figure out what the problem is. Usually this is very uncommon and only happens if a quick maintenance job is b
 MoneyMakerGroup Forum Rules
 Please follow these rules to keep the forum clean and organized. #1 Affiliate links are allowed, but please do not make posts about new programs just to get referrals. This forum is meant to help us make money as a group and share information,
 What is a "sticky" topic?
 A "Sticky" thread on MMG is just a thread that we stuck to the top of a forum category so that people can always find it a lot easier. Usually stickied topics are important.
 My avatar is stuck on my old one even after I changed it in my control panel.
 When your avatar looks like it's not changing in your posts on the forum after you change it in your profile, that just means it's still "cached" on your computer's hard drive.  Just press the "refresh" button on your browser, and you
 How do I add an image to a post or signature?
 There are two ways to add an image to your post. Using HTML code will not work.The first way to add an image to a post is to simply "attach" it.  You can do this by clicking the "browse" button at the bottom of the posting a
 Why do some people have red or green names in the member list?
 People on MMG who have red names are Admins.  People who have green names are moderators.  These are the people that help make sure that the forum is nice and organized and people aren't breaking the rules.
 The forum says my signature is too long, what can I do to shorten it?
 Your signature is only allowed to be 200 characters long. Often times, you may want to insert a link to a really long URL.  An easy way to shorten the length of your URL is to use a URL-shortener such as http://www.tin
 Why do I have a warning meter under my name?
  This is nothing to worry about. The warning meter is just an indicator of your warning level. Everyone has the meter, but only you and other moderators can see it. All members start with a 0% warning level and it goes up by 20% with each warning.
 What do I do if I was warned?
 If you have been warned, please do not take it as a punishment.  Warnings are more of a notification that you did something that is against our rules.  We have rules put into place so that MMG stays a nice organized place to be, and doesn't turn into a
 Why can't I send or receive PMs?
 You do not have access to the PM system until you have made 25 quality posts on MMG.  Anyone who makes spam posts just to be able to use the PM system will be banned.
 I registered for MMG but I still can't post.
 Normally this is caused by not activating your account after registering. Once you register, an activation link is sent to the email address you signed up with and it has to be clicked on to validate your account. Once you have clicked on the validatio
 How can I use the search function effectively?
 Please read the short guide on how to perform a proper search written by christyn1224,As a mod, I get PMs daily from people who have received a warning for posting a topic that has alr
 How are forum ranks calculated?
 You may have noticed directly under your avatar (or username if you do not have an avatar) that there is a special designation and a series of circles or squares. These "ranks" are calculated by the total number of posts you have made on MMG.
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