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25 Apr 2013
Hey forum members, I have decided to start a Team Build for those who are thinking about joining Trideci and want to get max out of itīs cycling 6-stage 3x2 matrix.

I am not a big player (yet happy.gif ) so this will serve those who have not big lists and are not recruiters (yet).

While the main income stream of Trideci still is earning a minimum of 2% a day for 100 days on Daily Commission Units, why not to take an advantage of this Team Build and grow your downline in cycling matrix and residual matrix too.

Team Build description:

Itīs a NIL Team Build where everyone will get 1 paid referral to cycling matrix and residual matrix.

Why only 1?

1 referral is totally sufficient to start filling 3X2 matrices fast, reason here is, we can use the required re-purchase balance only for buying Cycling Matrix positions.

F.e. I have 25 DCU- right now and can purchase a new cycling matrix position every 4-5 days using my re-purchase balance, so these are my own positions that are filling my downline and start cycling.

If you have 1 referral in the cycling matrix downline, their new positions they get using re-purchase balance will fill your downline and thereīs no necessity for having 3 referrals, what matters is, how much your referral will invest in DCU-s to be able to get cycling matrix positions with re-purchase balance.

To learn more about the payout structure of Trideciīs cycling matrix, I have pasted here the description from Trideciīs website.

Your FIRST position, ie. your 100001, 100004, 100007 will place in your sponsors active matrix.

Your SECOND and then every third successive position, ie 100002, 100005, 100008 will place in your OWN active matrix if you are active helping you build out much faster, or default back to your sponsors if you dont,

Your THIRD and then every third successive position, ie. your 100003, 100006, 100009 ....etc will place in the Next-In-Line (NIL) matrix. This is the oldest incomplete active members matrix.

Reminding again that earning from cycling matrix is NOT the main way to earn with Trideci (unless you are a big player with a big list).

When you join this Team Build you have to keep in mind that your main Goal is to get a minimum of 200% return on your DCU purchases, the building of matrix downline will additionally help you get MAX out of Trideciīs matrices.

How to join:

You can PM here or post here to send me the NIL link.

You have to be ready to purchase at least 1 DCU (10-20 DCU-s is better of course), 1 cycling matrix position and at least a $9.99 a month upgrade to be eligible to 2+1 earning plan on DCU-s.

Next, send me your referral link, using PM or if you can not PM, request my email to get it PMd to you.

Before joining or asking NIL link, make yourself very familiar with Trideci, make sure you mostly understand how it works.

The other thing is, we have to be very convinced, Trideci will be sustainable and be paying the next 100 days, in order to get at least 200% ROI on DCU-s.

Right now, there are 18,500 members and 300-400 are joining daily, thatīs an encouraging sign. We can both hope and estimate that after 100 days there are 50-60,000 members and the snowball effect will grow this program to a monster like ClickPaid with 100,000 members in 2 months is.

We just have to give our own part to it, thatīs the one reason I have started this Team Build, to spread the word about Trideci and fasten itīs growth. Itīs a small part I can and want to give.


I reserve the rights to close this Team Build as soon I see that Trideci is not growing so fast anymore and the members who join will not earn their money back and be in profit.

All good things come to an end, we can not estimate when will it happen with Trideci, all I can say is, the next 30 days seems still to be best time to join.

The growth of membership depends on us and our promotion, so if you join thru this Team Build, give your effort to get your 2nd and 3rd referral. It will benefit all of us and you too.

Thank you!
10 Dec 2012

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27 Sep 2012
New cycler just launched and growing fast.

Positions are $33 each.

Who gets in early makes most of money like with all this kind of programs.

Join here.
16 Sep 2012
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