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entry Jul 25 2012, 03:30 AM
Here are some simple steps on how to get started
and continue growing your account at RDP.

STEP 1 (Depositing Funds Into Your RDP Balance):
Before you can start, you need to deposit some funds(minimum $15)
into your RDP balance to be able to purchase your daily subs.

1. Click the "Deposit Funds" in your RDP back office(left menu).

2. Enter the amount you want to deposit and select Payment Mode
(Payza only until we add STP and EgoPay today or tomorrow)

Make sure it is enough to cover your daily subs for at least 3 days by calculating like this:
If you intend to purchase 10 daily subs at $0.50 each per day
then you need (10 x $0.50 = $5 a day x 3 days = $15) $15 in your balance.

3. Click "Deposit Funds" and click the "Payza - Buy Now" button to make the payment.
A 8% payza fee is added to cover the transaction costs Payza charges us.
You'll be paying to "Residual Daily Profits" with Payza email sales@residualdailyprofits.com.

4. After you logged into your Payza account and made a successful payment,
make sure you come back to our site by clicking the back to merchant link displayed.

Your RDP account balance has now been credited with your deposit(without fees)
and you can now proceed to purchase your daily subs.

STEP 2 (Purchasing Daily Subs):
After a successful deposit, you are now ready to purchase your daily subs.
Purchasing at least 1 daily sub will activate your RDP account
and allow you to use your referral link to earn even more(check main website for details).

1. Click the "Purchase Subs" in your RDP back office(left menu).

2. Select the number of daily subs you want to purchase from the drop down box
(1-10 per purchase and multiple purchases allowed)

For the moment you yourself need to keep remember how many you have purchased
and if your balance will cover it for at least 3 days.
All purchases are put on a system process list in the order they are received
and Every 15 Minutes the system then processes this list in batches to allow
maximum work load and more security in placements.

3. Click "Purchase" to buy and setup your daily subs.

Your daily subs will be placed as soon as the system gets to them, so please be patience.
The moment your subs are created and visible in the "My Subscriptions",
your account is active and you can start working with it.
This means you can start sharing your referral link with others and also setup your ads.

Our program has a 50/50 cycle payout structure to remain sustainable for a very long time.
This 50/50 rule means that every time you, or any member in the program for that matter
cycle any stage, 50% of your earnings are placed into your "Repurchase eWallet".
Right now the repurchasing of one-time subs(repurchase subs are only paid once unlike the daily subs)
is a MANUAL PROCESS and YOU need to check daily if you can repurchase with your Repurchase balance.

1. Click the "Repurchase Subs" in your RDP back office(left menu)
and enter the number of "One-Time" subs you want to purchase.
These one-time subs also cost just $0.50 each but is only charged once, not daily.
These are the subs that make you and the entire program cycle faster and earn extra.

2. Click "Purchase" to buy and setup your one-time subs.
Again, these are placed on the system process list and processed as soon as the system gets to them.

JOIN: http://www.residualdailyprofits.com

YOU get paid from $0.50 to $2.50 EVERY TIME Your referrals cycle, Every Time!
Every time ANY of your referrals positions cycle(stage 2, 3 or 4) YOU Get Paid!

Try to imagine how many times that will happen in the near future
when their re-entries and repurchase positions start to cycle?!
We are talking massive number of times as we grow bigger and cycle faster.

JOIN Link: http://www.residualdailyprofits.com

entry Jul 24 2012, 10:51 AM
Wealth4AllTeam - highly recommended best passive earning program. Yes, I have money in this one and it's been good from day one.

If you had spent that money here like this:

TAP 1 Series (1.1-1.12) = ($16 x 12) = $192
TAP 2 Series (2.1-2.12) = ($32 x 12) = $384
TAP 3 Series (3.1-3.12) = ($64 x 12) = $768
TAP 4 Series (4.1-4.12) = ($128 x 12) = $1536
TAP 5 Series (5.1-5.12) = ($192 x 12) = $2304
TOTAL= $5,184

Every 10 days for 6 cycles, you would receive this:

TAP 1 Series 12 x $ 4.50 = $ 54.00
TAP 2 Series 12 x $ 7.20 = $ 86.40
TAP 3 Series 12 x $14.40 = $172.80
TAP 4 Series 12 x $28.80 = $345.60
TAP 5 Series 12 x $43.20 = $518.40
TOTAL = $1177.20 every 10 days for cycles 1 to 6

50% CAN BE WITHDRAWN = $588.60
This will purchase another TAP 6 and TAP 7 Series with $12.60 left in CYCLE

Just using original amount placed above every 10 days for cycles 7 to 12 paying now 50%.
TOTAL = $588.60 every 10 days for cycles 7 to 12

TOTAL payout for every 10 days over full 12 cycle periods excluding 50% repurchase = $10594.80

I think that $588.60 is an awesome return for 10 days. Won't get that anywhere else you put your money. As you can see, the next 10 days would include the present earnings plus the 24 TAPs in the TAP 6 & 7!

Once you recoup your initial 5Gs, then you can set it to whatever % you want it to grow as the earnings will continue to grow. Send your referrals these figures and you will amaze them with the potential. I AM AMAZED! Wish I could have bought them all at once.

Join me in Wealth4AllTeam and I'll be an active sponsor helping you get your referrals. Also read some more here on my site about W4AT. Also if I remember I post my proof of payments for W4AT here.

JOIN ME HERE - Wealth4AllTeam


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