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zorrosun's forex Blog
Entries in June 2012

Entries on 29-June 12

entry Jun 29 2012, 03:34 AM
Why to Choose Real Estate in Netanya

As reported by Market Leader (US)

News of Israeli real estate. For Israel Mediterranean resort Netanya is the same as Sochi for Russia, Yalta for Crimea, or Nice and Cannes for the Cote d’-Azur in France. Millions of tourists from all corners of the world, who have been here at least once, call the city “The Pearl of the Mediterranean” or “Israeli Riviera”.

Characteristic feature of Netanya, just like of any other top-popular resort worldwide, is stable growth of real estate prices.
For example, if in 2009-2010 a four-room apartment in Netanya would cost about USD 550 000, its current price has risen to USD 900 000, and it keeps rising, as the inflow of tourists (which is hand-in-hand with demand for housing) into the region keeps rising every year. According to predictions of Israeli Ministry of Tourism, this year not less than 5 000 000 tourists daily will come into the country, which is 10%, more than last year. . Read more...

Entries on 28-June 12

entry Jun 28 2012, 05:11 AM
Crude Oil: Market Outlook

As reported by Market Leader (US)

In early June, the global market of crude oil started stabilizing. After a major downswing in May, the WTI oil price entered the 81,71-86,48 range and has been fluctuating in it ever since. Other sorts of crude oil are fluctuation within a price range as well.

How did the market behaved in May - early June? What were the reasons for that? What to expect in the future? Masterforex-V Academy will help us to answer these questions.

Crude Oil: May’s Outlook .

Entries on 26-June 12

entry Jun 26 2012, 04:17 AM
Postrevolutionary Egypt Will Face Political Collapse

As reported by Market Leader (US)

News of Africa, Egypt. Postrevolutionary Egypt has held the first democratic presidential elections. This truly is an epochal event, for we can see the logical development of such ambiguous phenomenon as “Arabic spring”.

Eventually, it will get clear whether the entire “free world” should have celebrated revolutionary events happening in the country of pyramids about one year ago. There exist many ways for the situation to develop, but Egypt is exposed to two major ones: either backwards (conservative), or forward (liberal). It is crystal clear that in the condition of Muslim Middle East the first way will mean Islamisation of the society, and the second one – further democratization. The paradox is that this choice became possible due to reformers, who very often have no idea of what they may bring people to. As the saying goes, slit own throat…

Why to consider elections democratic? .

Entries on 25-June 12

entry Jun 25 2012, 04:28 AM
Broco Traders And Investors Cannot Get Their Money Back. Why?

As reported by Market Leader (US)

According to RBC Daily, some clients of Broco, a Forex broker, which survived the SEC and FFMS claims, cannot withdraw their money for a month or so. Valery Maltsev, President of Broco Invest, confirmed the delays in payments due to the fact that the aggregate amount of fund for withdrawal exceeded the planned sums. According to him, 10% of Broco’s clients are currently suffering payment delays because the amount of withdrawal requests has increased dramatically due to much tougher rivalry with other brokers.

Let’s find out what is really going on…

SEC Fines Broco. Russia’s Financial Watchdog Cancels Broco’s License. Major Consequences . Read more...

Entries on 19-June 12

entry Jun 19 2012, 03:41 AM
“Financial Olympus” Named Most Perspective Forex Broker in Russia

As reported by Market Leader (US)

Forex broker news. On May 29, 2012 Moscow saw another awards ceremony “Financial Olympus-2011”, Russian national professional award. In prestigious Ritz-Carlton Hotel the winners, represented by the best companies of financial sphere (banks, insurance companies, investment funds, UITs, forex brokers, etc.), have been awarded with diplomas and high-value awards that symbolize conquering the top of Russian financial sector. So, which Russian forex brokers have been awarded this year?

The title of “Most Dynamic Broker of 2011” has been given to Forex4you broker company (E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc.). The organizers of the ceremony have highlighted the success of its team at Russian forex market, having called Forex4you the broker company with highest perspective for having demonstrated during last year the impressive growth rate of such criteria as earning capacity, implemented innovations, service improvement, expanding client base, etc. . Read more...

Entries on 18-June 12

entry Jun 18 2012, 03:43 AM
Summer Surprises of “School of Trading for Beginners”

As reported by Market Leader (US)

Educational news, for beginning traders. This year school is coming to an end, and students are approaching exams, where they have to show the gained knowledge. Situation with college and university students is very similar, as they will soon defend their scientific papers and enter various work groups or start their own business.

Any qualification requires graduation from university or college, which is impossible without school education. Learning to trade is very similar – it is impossible to become a professional stock gambler and reach the top of stock exchange and Forex trade without the first stages of acquiring theoretical material and first practical steps.

How difficult is the profession of a trader and how to gain the knowledge of stock guru?

Main Points of Trade Training: How to Become a Trader?
.

Entries on 14-June 12

entry Jun 14 2012, 04:39 AM
Tips For Investors: Gold, Oil, Stocks Or PAMM Indexes. Which Is Best?

As reported by Market Leader (US)

When it comes to diversifying and optimizing your investment portfolio, you probably wonder which assets are more reliable and profitable than others? Bank deposits, ETFs, stocks, commodities, S&P500?

Let’s try to find out the truth together.

Global Stock Indexes: Q1 2012. Changes

First of all, let’s have a look at those changes that took place in global exchanges during the 1st quarter of 2012.

Since the beginning of 2012, major stock indexes have been showing positive dynamics. The chart below shows that in Q1 2012 Dow Jones gained 6,47%, NASDAQ Composite - 17,55%, S&P 500 –10,67%, Hang Seng 10,14%, FTSE 100 - 2,43%: . Read more...

Entries on 13-June 12

entry Jun 13 2012, 03:39 AM
US Dollar Pyramid And Mavrodi’s MMM: Identifying Similarities And Differences

As reported by Market Leader (US)

Every single financial pyramid goes broke as soon as the costs (payments) inside the system start exceeding the inflow of new funds. Mr. Mavrodi, the founder of the infamous MMM and MMM-2011, claims that the existing financial system (including banks, HYIPs, investment funds, exchanges) is the same financial pyramid.

Is it true or false? Let’s try to find it out together…

Is Mavrodi’s MMM 2011 About To Crash?

In late May 2012, some Russian internet sources started anticipating the crash of Mavrodi’s financial pyramid called MMM 2011. According to them:

· MMM 2011 has entered the zone of high risk and will collapse within a couple of months. . Read more...

Entries on 8-June 12

entry Jun 8 2012, 03:45 AM
Optimistic Expectations Rose GBPUSD

As reported by Market Leader (US)

Forex news, GBPUSD.
On Wednesday positive dynamics of GBPUSD has been provided by investors’ expectations of May PMI index being higher than predicted. However, the actual value of PMI in May amounted to 54.4 points, following 55.8 points in April; this is slightly lower than expected 54.5 points. As expected by dealers, the rise of GBPUSD currency pair was stopped at 1.5510 selling point.

Pound dynamics has also been influenced by up to 1.5% upturn in inflation in May, in comparison to the value in May last year when April value amounted to 1.3%.

The value has risen due to price rise for food commodities (by 4.3%), whereas, excluding the price rise, inflation has dropped by 0.1% in May, in comparison to May last year when April decline amounted to 0.5%. . Read more...

Entries on 7-June 12

entry Jun 7 2012, 04:07 AM
HY Markets: Licensed Broker As Guarantee Against Offshore Risks

As reported by Market Leader (US)

These days Forex trading is attended by both market and non-market risks. Most of them come from those shady transactions made by some offshore brokers and dealing centers. Why do most offshore brokers like playing dirty tricks on their clients? Let’s find it out. HY Markets, a licensed and respected Forex broker, will help us to do that…

Offshore – Deadly Trap For Traders?

In order to have a comprehensive idea about the shady business of the so-called offshore brokers and dealing centers, Let’s first recollect what an offshore company is. An offshore company is a company registered in an offshore zone within an independent country or region, where it can enjoy tax privileges. Some offshore zones exempt foreign companies from taxes. . Read more...

Entries on 6-June 12

entry Jun 6 2012, 03:54 AM
Will There Be Another Major Crisis? What Awaits The US Dollar?

As reported by Market Leader (US)

Since the latest global crisis in 2008, numerous economists, financiers and other experts and analysts have been pondering on whether there will be another major crisis. Indeed, there are several reasons to speak about the possibility of a double-dip recession (or the 2nd wave of the crisis, as some experts call it):

· The global economic recovery has been too prolonged and unstable.
· The Chinese economy is overheated.
· The Japanese economy has difficulty recovering from last year’s natural disasters and nuclear meltdown.
· The eurozone crisis hasn’t been resolved so far.

These days, nobody denies the possibility of another major crisis. How real is the possibility? When may it happen? Is the world ready for it?

2nd Wave: Analysts Are Divided .

Entries on 5-June 12

entry Jun 5 2012, 04:17 AM
Japanese Yen Weakens As Fitch Cuts Japan’s Rating. Near-Term Outlook

As reported by Market Leader (US)

On May 22nd Fitch Ratings downgraded several Japanese ratings. In particular, Japan’s public rating was cut from с ААA down to АA+. Moreover, the forecast is negative, which makes the situation more complicated.

For some experts, this decision came as a surprise while others had anticipated the rating cut.

Can a country’s high public debt be a priori considered as the reason to downgrade its public rating? What will be the consequences for Japan and its national currency?

Peculiarities Of Japanese Debts

Entries on 4-June 12

entry Jun 4 2012, 03:09 AM
Nord Fx: To trade Or Not To Trade?

As reported by Market Leader (US)

Today will talk about Nord Fx, our reliable partner. Previously, we told our readers a lot about this broker’s competitive edges. However, some people say that other brokers can offer the same trading conditions or recollect that a couple of years ago the company’s trading terminal had a system failure… Well, things happen…

Sometimes our readers ask us to help them choose a reliable broker. This is a huge responsibility for us (Market Leader) as we value Market Leader’s image and try to stay as unbiased as possible.

When recommending a broker, it is necessary to consider several factors to find out which one is the most suitable for a certain individual. Read more...


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