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Get Paid to post Ad for Real
entry Oct 7 2011, 09:28 AM
[size=4]Get Paid $1.00+ To Place One Ad A Day.
For Just for 2 Minutes a Day,
you will have a residual income!

Would You Like To Earn More
Than .02 Cents Per Click?
You will earn $1.00-2.00 per day the first
month and then $2.00-3.00 per day the second
month from our company for placing 1 FREE
ad a day. You help us get the word out about
our new business and we pay you for doing
that. It's Free to join and get started.

This is a WorldWide
International Business for all countries.
Would you like to earn $1.00-3.00 per day
for a 14 minute work week? Would you be willing
to place one free ad a day and get paid by
our company? If You Answered Yes?
......Keep Reading.

I'm looking for 20 people
who want to make a $1.00-3.00 or more
each day for placing one Free ad. This takes
1-2 mins. You can even place an ad for your
current business when you place an ad for
ours. So, you can continue building
your PTC business while you earn
from ours daily!

It's easy....if you can copy and
paste, you will earn daily. The ads are
pre-written and the advertising sites are
prechosen for you. (you can even place a
quick ad on Facebook, Twitter or similar sites)
You sign up for a FREE account, place one ad
today and earn within your first 24 hours.
As a Free member you will have $100 -
150.00 in your account in 60 days, then
you can upgrade for a few bucks
and start to make

much more. I've already grown my earnings
to $45-65 a day in 3 months for placing the
same 2 minute ad like the one below.
I upgraded early and referred people.
But you don't have to.

I've verified my sponsor
earning $600-$1,000 a day already
and he's been in 5 months. I know these
numbers can be hard for you to believe when
people constantly say, "it can't be possible for
a ptc to pay more than .05 cents" And they're
probably right, but this IS NOT A PTC!
It' FREE to join, so there is NO
upfront cost to you.

Since the company launched this new division
9 months ago, 100% of the active members
have earned everyday, 100% of the time!
And, these guys have never missed a payment
on any of their businesses in 14 Years.

Even free members with no referrals can
build to $3,000 a month in 20 months or so.
We will show you how that's done as soon
as you join for FREE.
This is real...the parent company has been
located in Lexington, KY for 14 years. They
built another company I was in to over
3 million members in 7 years, so they
know how to build a business.

Yes, you can earn many times more than
$1.00+ a day as I and others are doing,
but that's up to you. I'm just showing you
the minimum daily earnings for placing
1 ad a day. I've earned as much as $6,000
a week in my career, so I wouldn't mess with
this if it didn't have huge monthly income

You can start as a free member and build
to $3,000 a month in 20 months without
any downline or sponsoring anyone. I will
show you how to do it. (Of course you can
make it sooner if you tell a few friends.)

I have a few questions for you.
1. Would you rather click on 100-30 second
ads to make a dollar or place one 2 minute ad?
(Right now, if I stop referring people and just
placed my 2 minute ad, my $45-65/day would
keep growing daily.)

2. Would you rather make .001 cent off a
referral or $4.50-6.50 (10%) a day like my
sponsor earns off my account daily?
(A few active referrals can really make you
good money daily.)

3. Will you let me help you reach $100-200
a month for placing one ad a day in the next
90 days? Yes....get involved for free today!

I don't want to complicate this. You sign up
for free; learn how to place an ad; do the same
thing every day for 2 minutes; earn money for
a 14 minute work week.

Sharing is "NOT REQUIRED" and regardless if
you tell a million people or keep this a secret,
you "WILL BE PAID DAILY!" 100% of our active
members are paid daily within their first 24
hours 100% of the time.

Here are the few simple steps:
1. Sign up for a FREE account under me.
(don't upgrade unless you want the extra
bonus points to earn more faster.) I will
send you our Team site to get you started
earning your first 24 hours.

2. Log into your back office, choose an
ad, then place your ad. You can watch
a video on this in the tools section.
(Remember, you can place an ad for
your current biz too.)

3. Company system verifies the ad and your done.

4. Continue to click at your other business(es)
while you earn from ours 14 minutes a week.

My friend, you have nothing to lose, but two
minutes a day! Don't run across this company
later and wish you would have contacted me.

For more information or to get started with http://hdmails9182.zeekrewards.com/
Start Networking and Building Your Online Business With Like Minded People Around The World


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