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17 Feb 2015

New, interesting, hyip. Start 15.02.2015
I am not owner / not admin.

We do not seek only to earn - We have already earned their capital, but always continue to expand the horizons of our business and attract new partners, building an extensive and multi-holding company, which includes a large network of agents, antique shops, auctions own, restoration workshops and exhibition galleries. Part of it all and I invite you to be entering into our club.
«Art money club» - is an online hobby with unlimited earnings! It has long been known: the best work - it's well-paid hobby!
You are on your own taste collect rare coin collection that brings you several types of income!

we offer
Guaranteed return of at least two exhibition sessions
Automatic credit account
Daily capitalization of interest
Around the clock customer support
Works with all popular payment systems!

Referral program from 10% to 15% with constant new completions!
The club Art Money you receive payments not only on purchases of new collections you invited the participants, but also the cost of constantly ordered new shows!
Referral payments received from the invited participants, you are going to display on the balance sheet, so they can be immediately transferred to your e-wallet!
Referral program is also progressing:
1 rub. 10%
100 000 rubles. 11%
200 000 rubles. 12%
300 000 rubles. 13%
400 000 rubles. 14%
500 000 rubles. 15%

Investment plans:

The first session of the exhibition:

Level 1 (bonus free)
Level 2 Yield of 0.83% per day
Level 3 Yield of 0.86% per day
Level 4 Yield of 0.89% per day
Level 5 Yield of 0.92% per day
Level 6 Yield of 0.96 a day
Level 7 Yield of 1% per day
Level 8 Yield of 1.06% per day
Level 9 Yield of 1.13% per day
Level 10 Yield of 1.25% per day

The second and subsequent exhibition of the session:

Level 1 (bonus free)
Level 2 Yield of 1.66% per day
Level 1 Yield of 1.72% per day
Level 1 Yield of 1.78% per day
Level 1 Yield of 1.84% per day
Level 1 Yield of 1.92% per day
Level 1 Yield of 2% per day
Level 1 Yield of 2.12% per day
Level 1 Yield of 2.27% per day
Level 1 Yield of of 2.5% per day

Our contribution :

02.17.15 21:16 Account Transfer -100.00 Sent Payment: 100.00 USD to account U7638361 from U1825364. Batch: 81537900. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment.
13 Nov 2014
I'm not admin


Blue Diamond Traders is a plataform of Approved Capital Ltd. Is an international investment entity that has been officially registered in Saint Vincent and Grenadines on January 2012. It was created by a group of professional traders and skilled analysts with valuable expertise especially in gemstones market and extensive practical experiences of exploitation and capabilities to allow for participation in the market within a low-risk investment environment.

Blue Diamond Traders has turned online investing into a very comfortable, speedy and easy process. One of our strongest advantages over competitors is that we work in investing funds in a highly valuable market. We also offer our clients with best management as well as risk control system to ensure that their funds are being handled efficiently and they are getting higher levels of safety.


0.8 % per day
Minimum Invest $5.00
Maximum Invest $500.00
Running Time 150
Principal Back yes

1.0% per day
Minimum Invest $500.00
Maximum Invest $5,000.00
Running Time 150
Principal Back yes


1.2% per day
Minimum Invest $5,000.00
Maximum Invest $50,000.00
Running Time 150
Principal Back yes


1.5% per day
Minimum Invest $50,000.00
Maximum Invest $500,000.00
Running Time 150
Principal Back yes

6 Nov 2014
I'm not admin


Muskon Pay - a completely new payment system of the future, whose main aim is the finest performance in the market of payment systems in Russia and the CIS countries.

In connection with the upcoming changes in financial operations in the territory of the Russian Federation, Muskon Pay first open the possibility to use the services for the payments to Russian companies, enterprises, primarily to individuals using posed by Russia - National Payment Card System (NBTS).


Beginners: 5% daily for 40 days.
Amount: $ 5 - $ 200 200% profit

MEDIUM: 5% daily for 50 days.
Amount: $ 50 - $ 2500 profit of 250%

VIP: 5% daily for 60 days.
Amount: $ 150 - $ 9000 a profit of 300%

24 Sep 2014

New, interesting, worthy Fast. Start 24.09.2014
I am not owner / not admin.

Legend :
Wind-Generating - a completely new kind of Ponzi scheme that works on the principle of exchange of funds between participants in the program. Fast and safe system accrues profits in online mode.

Plans :

1 Plan :
7% per day.
Amounts: $ 10 - $ 100

8% per day.
Amount: $ 101 - $ 300

9% per day.
Amount: $ 301 - $ 500

10% per day.
Amount: $ 501 - $ 5000

Accept : PerfectMoney and Payeer.
Script - Unique
Design - Unique
Referral system : 8%
Minimum deposit : $10
Payments : Instant

Our contribution :

09.24.14 16:35 Account Transfer -100.00 Sent Payment: 100.00 USD to account U7030070 from U1825364. Batch: 69262824. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit user gsmonitor.
12 Sep 2014
I'm not admin


Searches of the gold, one of the most valuable metals on Earth, bewitched centuries mankind, and today the interest to this precious metal does not decrease. But often during searches, people found various precious fruit instead of gold.

Our unique economic game will help you to plunge into times of a gold-rush and to earn REAL MONEY by means of your faithful assistants - extraordinary hardworking trees with amusing names.

Rules of the game are very simple:

Buy trees to get fruits for you. Each tree gives different quantity of fruits, and the more expensive he is, the more skilled and more fruits he will get for you.

What is next??

Сhange fruits to gold and gold for REAL USD!!

Game exchange rate - 1 USD = 3500 gold.

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