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entry Feb 7 2012, 05:37 PM
HC network security in the age of simulation, security industry chain as "manufacturer-distributor-contractors-user" mode, one mastering voice is more contractors. As security into the digital network stage, however, due to the integration of demand continues to improve, many contractors integration capabilities to meet the needs of users and services increases and lack of vendor services contractors network talent moves forward, eventually leading to channel in the industry's value chain to be slashed.

Beijing frog communication technology limited liability company marketing director Ma Jianguang, said: "China security market in the past, equipment operators and programme providers Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35 Battery Charger need to pass user information through the Integrator. And now more manufacturers start user to provide total solutions for the industry. Manufacturers more close. ”

Although you can contact for more users, obtain first-hand information, but many services companies still lack of human resources. Therefore, as a consolidated, integrated, compatible with important roles, status of Taiwan has become increasingly important.

Tianjin Samsung Thai branch photoelectron limited China area strategy sales Minister Shen Dongjin said: "as foreign brand, Samsung has been in efforts do China to of compatible work, including and different area, and different industry of standard compatible, and and and all large flat Taiwanese products between of compatible cooperation; while, Samsung themselves of NET-I platform, also in constantly to perfect localization of performance, to party a user has more of select. Such efforts, Samsung in China's electric power, telecommunications, Government, education, in the field of intelligent building network first starts by monitor, has become one of the most active foreign brands. ”

Shenzhen lang Chi Hsin chuang Zhao Xin, Deputy General Manager, said: "under the trend of network, lang Chi adopt an open-minded attitude, like many platform partners, strengthening complementarity of core partners for mutually beneficial cooperation. ”

Who will be monitoring Windows

With its growing position in the industry, the platform also fierce competition between manufacturers. Platform mainly for compatibility and better, more stable product, specific industry related functions developed by the integrated business software. Visible competition between platforms in the future competition will be the best integrator in different industry. Daily force chairman Liu Guangyou said: "the net force has been actively working with the industry in the East of integrators to establish extensive cooperation, especially in the Christmas city, and integrators to develop much closer to actual combat, allowing police to better application of Nikon Coolpix S80 Battery monitoring equipment. ”

IMOS, and additional H3C will be cooperation in the work center. The Guangzhou sea network technology limited CEO Lai Menghai duo said: "the platform itself should first have good stability and compatibility of products, both products to be more open, easier integration according to the SDK to develop appropriate monitoring software, so as to enable more integrated with your platform. "Taiwan next year will be very fierce competition, in the case of front-end vendor initiative to find a platform provider for compatibility, Taiwan businessmen more effort will be put into competition between the Integrator. Aimetis business development manager Cao Jianhua said: "video management platform in the future will no longer be the party demands focus, stability and simplicity of operations was the focus of the new. ”

Consumers still value the hardware

From the beginning of the software platform available, whether IT is in the security industry, Chinese consumers to pay to buy the software still has a difficult to change habits. Thus in its own position in the chain began to improve when, some platforms and large integrators, has started its own security products. Beijing Johnson control systems sales manager Ma Duanning said: "China's security market is a product-oriented, China security market is large, and the small market share of Johnson, which is the headquarters of strategic adjustment of important reasons for final products in the Chinese market.

"It is reported that Johnson will be based on the building industry to their advantage, promoting their security products, product features outstanding integration capability.

H3C to launch their products, former Vice President, storage and multimedia division H3C yanxiaqing said: "H3C positioning is a supplier of products and solutions.

Roles of the solution as a whole, H3C do not each product, but covered in key industries, as well as the value of solution needed in product, we only have to be done. ”

Trained as 2012 plays

Of course, front-end vendor seek and platform compatibility is only one aspect of the product, do their own channel for training was the digital products promotion. Especially the last analog monitor JVC BN-VF707US Battery Charger manufacturers mainly in 2012 and invest more in the training of many of their channels. Xien green electronics (Shenzhen) Ltd General Manager Wen Renhe said: "digital products of the CNB will continue past the channels of analog cameras, so the original channel of training one of the CNB will be the focus of next year, will put more money and manpower training. ”

Digital China (China), security service General Manager Chen Jinwen said: "from analog to IP, technology changes, distributors must re-learn the industry knowledge, at the same time, out of its original capability also brought a certain amount of pressure. Pressure on both channels of coordination and guidance of the manufacturers put very high demands. Digital China AMPON (An Peng) always pay attention to the training of channels, last year set the gang system of training, developed a detailed training plan this year, on-site training and communication, using Group resources to help channel fast growth. AMPON (An Peng) channel of hope through the rapid development of brand-driven development

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