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Paidincircles - paidincircles.com, Everyone get 2 paid ref, Paypal,STP,BTC etc
post Jun 16 2017, 08:19 PM
Post #1

MMG Member

Group: Member
Posts: 667
Joined: 29-October 11
Member No.: 358,030

I am not the Admin

The unique Circle system keeps working continually
to ensure that members are in a positive position
pocketing profits month after month, week after week!

Every $7 dollars that you spend in our community, creates a new spot for you in Circle 1.

CIRCLE 1 – Only 2 spots in this circle will land you in Circle 2.

$6 x 2 = $12
$2 goes to your Sponsor when you land in Circle 2 and
$10 rolls you to Circle 2.

Sponsor’s personals follow them if Sponsor has an open Circle on that level.
Circle 1 and Circle 2 will be regular Sponsor forced if Sponsor has an open spot.
If they don’t, the system will place their personals in any open spot.
Circle 3 and Circle 4 are filled left to right with no holes.

CIRCLE 2 – Only 4 spots in this circle will land you in Circle 3.

$10 X 4 = $40
$2 goes to your Sponsor when you land in Circle 3.
$7 goes to your subscription wallet
$31 rolls you to Circle 3.

CIRCLE 3 – Only 4 spots in this circle will land you in Circle 4.

$31 x 4 = $124

$40 payout to the member. (You instantly get $10.00 each time a member lands in your circle here, to a total of 4 x $10.)
$5 goes to your Sponsor when you land in Circle 4.
$7 goes to your subscription wallet, and
$72 rolls you to Circle 4.

CIRCLE 4 – Only 4 spots in this circle will get you to complete Circle 4.

$72 X 4 = $288
$168 payout to the member. (You instantly get $42.00 each time a member lands in your Circle here, to a total of 4 x $42.)
$40.00 goes to your Sponsor as Patronage Bonus when you complete Circle 4.
$7.00 goes to your subscription wallet, PLUS

You instantly get 2 re-entries to CIRCLE 1

You instantly get 2 re-entries to CIRCLE 2

You instantly get 1 re-entry to CIRCLE 3

And the wonderful person who shared this with you, will earn all the bonuses on each Circle on the re-entries as well.
So here is what sponsor will earn on each person they pif in or share this with:

$2 Circle 2
$2 Circle 3
$5 Circle 4

And then $40 when each person they share this with completes a Circle 4.

The member brings home around $40 + $168, which is a total of $208 during one ride from Circle 1 to 4. Also, the member will earn a total of $21 into their subscription wallet for purchase any time when all 4 Circles are completed.

NIL Rules:

1. Request here for NIL Link.
2. Only member eligible who join through link provided by me.
3. After Join Buy Position ($7+5% Processor fee) and send me your Ref link via PM.

You can See Updated NIL Status here

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post Jun 16 2017, 09:51 PM
Post #2

MMG Addict

Group: Member
Posts: 9,593
Joined: 10-May 05
From: Near London
Member No.: 4,712

Admin is Julie Higgins
Good luck if you join this
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post Jun 18 2017, 07:44 AM
Post #3

MMG Member

Group: Member
Posts: 667
Joined: 29-October 11
Member No.: 358,030

Hello everyone,

We want to welcome all of our new members. We truly are all experiencing many members joining us from all over the world. I even got a question earlier in German. This is so easy, so exciting and just want till we start having calls. We will finalize date and time of our first call and send out the information tomorrow.

We have added the Product page to your back office. And will be adding things to it from time to time.

We have updated the Avatar that speaks to you instructions on your members home page. It is less than 2 minutes and we will let you know each time we update it.

It is very important to ask you to please only click the purchase button if you are ready to make your purchase right then. Bitcoin and Solid trust pay is instant and buys your sub for you instantly. There is Pay Pal button, but with pay pal we have to confirm receipt and then approve your payment. It is put into your wallet and you must go in and purchase your subscription and at that moment it puts you into a Circle 1. And within 5 minutes it will have placed you.

We are excited to announce that we have added another way for you to pay and a way for us to pay you. This is AWESOME!! It is called Transerwise. Here is the code to pay us for 1 subscription. https://transferwise.com/pay/b25636bc-c333-...b8-a644abcab24c

You put that in your browser and fill out your information. It takes it from your bank and puts it into ours. It is in all countries.

To request withdraw from us after you have asked for it from your back office you go here to create account and put your banking info in and request payment from us. Get account here https://transferwise.com/u/b199f1 There are videos that tell you how to use it. We have already paid out to a member there and was so exciting.

When you want to pay by Debit/Credit card please just hit the button one time only. Then we will send you invoice to your email. You click on that invoice in your email and pay it securely there.

The bitcoin account we have is amazing. The software we have here is beyond words.

Now a question we get asked is about the strategy that is best here.

Here is what is best in our opinion. After you join us right away share this with two or more others. Right away. Your goal is to get to Ring 3 as fast as you can.

You may purchase another subscription or two. Each subscription you have will renew on the anniversary date every 7 days after it was purchased. Many are buying one Subscription a day in their user name. And then it pays to help others here. So deposit funds in your back office to have ready to pay it forward for a free member you may have or get.

We have many free members and I have been asked by many here if we have people to pay it forward for. So here is what we are doing. After a member joins and in 5 days if they do not upgrade then they will be up for adoption by another member. So if you have a free member. try to reach them and see what you can do to help them. Because after 5 days someone might want to pay them in and be their sponsor. I know you can not see the members emails.
We can help you with that.

On your members back office page on the bottom right corner is a live chat box. Contact us there and we can answer all your questions. If we are not online them submit question there and someone will get back to you.

We will also have days where we will be live for a few hours on chat line so you can come in and ask questions. That is in the works.

We have a USA number you can send texts to for support. Texts only. That number will be released soon. We are here for you and are adding volunteers to help as we go along.

So to recap. After you join, load your wallet and purchase your subscription, then share your link with two or more members asap. Pay it forward for them if you can. If not they can pay for themselves. Connect with them and make your plans. Get any free members you have in asap but before 5 days after they register with you or they MIGHT have someone else pay them in.

For all the free members we have there is not a guarantee that we will have a member to pif you so upgrade as soon as possible.

Have a wonderful Fathers day to all the wonderful Fathers out there.

Look for another email tomorrow.

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post Jun 21 2017, 08:59 PM
Post #4

MMG Member

Group: Member
Posts: 667
Joined: 29-October 11
Member No.: 358,030

Hello everyone,

Welcome to all of the wonderful new members we have had in the last 14 hours or so.

Here is a recording I would like each and every one of you to listen to and watch on your computer. This will answer many if not all of any questions that you may have here. https://fccdl.in/bMTJk5LuK

This is also listed on the faq page and the products page.

It is important that everyone watches this and you will see what we have here for you and everyone you share this with.

You all must understand that to earn quick here is to share this with others. You will get thru the circles and has they do too you are rewarded.

People keep asking can they buy more than one spot. Well you can but you are paying your self in circle 1 and that is ok because it gets you to circle 2. But please help others get in too that will share this with others.

We could say if you can not share with others then just buy subs in your name. No need to open another account. But this is your decision. Not ours. But we want to let you know that the people really are earning that have shared this with others because the circles are moving and people are being paid. We are only 7 days old now. And for some countries 6.

Please pass this on to everyone. Do not click the purchase tab unless you have funds ready and will do it right then. This creates a lot of work on the volunteers here. We have limited access to a few accounts because they keep hitting the pay button and never pay. I am talking many times. So if you are reading this and did that contact us by email. We also emailed you to see if we can help you.

Other than that we have had no issues.

Remember the site has a 5 to 6 minute delay. So only hit the pif button once. What and you will see it there shortly. I know some have hit is twice and it pifed that person twice. So after you pay give it a few moments to show up.

If you asked to add funds by credit card go right now and check your email for the invoice so you can pay it. If you can not find the invoice contact us at the live chat in your back office members area and we will resend and wait with you till you get it.

We will have another call on Friday of this week. We will have time for you in email tomorrow.

In mean time share share share. But please take the time to watch that video. It will help you.

Julie and all the team here at Paid In Circles

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