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NUK's Blog
entry Oct 6 2007, 04:02 AM
After procrastinating and being lazy for a LONG time, I finally setup NUKBLOG on its own space out in the blog-filled "Web 2.0" universe:


The baby product company Gerber and their line called "Nuk" had better start working it to
keep their name ahead of mine in Google harhar.gif
For those with tender eyes, I'll warn you that the blog is akin to "PG-13" as I use some
language that isn't allowed here ohmy.gif It was nice to be able to use the good 'ol dumba## word again.

Playas still PM and YM me a lot about what I "recommend" in terms of "good, honest, paying programs."
As I tell them and will tell you, I have no idea post-36326-1110185726.gif The field of HYIPS resembles a scene from
Road Warrior or Apocalypse Now. Go legit and forget that pursuit of fool's gold.
Start owning stuff instead of playing in stuff. Here's some alternative suggestions:

1. GET A BLOG or BLOG SOMEWHERE. Unless you are willing dedicate a tremendous amount
of time and effort into SEO, your website ain't ever going to rank anywhere important in Google, unless it's
a blog made in Wordpress or Blogger or similar. Then, oh yeah, playa, you WILL indeed get indexed and and
attention from search engines. While you may never get to the highly touted first page of Google on one keyword or phrase, you'll
have some SERPS(Search Engine Result Pages) that are valuable.

2. ADSENSE. Still the undisputed champion and 900 pound gorilla in making money from PPC. There is still money to be made from MFA(MadForAdsense) websites that searchers hate and that Google cracks down upon sometimes. Get involved in learning the Adsense FAQ and TOS and how Google actually enforces them and you CAN make some bank/cheese/cashmoney.

I'll give you a little hint......use the sorry, low-rent PPC networks to buy clicks and send them to your Adsense-enhanced pages where those clicks pay you more than you spent at low-budget PPC networks.. This is called in the Adsense world "arbitrage" or "click-flipping" and Google is NOT a fan of you doing it if your site is some one-page MFA. Better take some time to learn before you get your Adsense account axed because you don't want to try and make a buck with some of the other PPC networks that pay less than some crappy PTR program.

3. INCENTIVE OFFER FILLER-OUTER SIGNER-UPPER HO' I don't know quite what to call this way to make money and get some cool bling. For those totally lost by this vagueness, let me break it down for ya, playa: seen all those sites for "Free Ipods, Free Plasma TV, Free Iphone" blah blah blah? Well, believe it or not, most are totally legit. The gimmick is that YOU, the freebie-hunting, don't-want-to-pay-2K-for-that-TV-kind-of-playa, have to complete "offers"(sign up and pay)to get the freebie. This usually means signing up for some crap like AOL free trial for a month,eLoserDating free membership for a month and several others. What the companies KNOW is that you'll forget to cancel after 30 days and they will start billing you every month until you get out of your coma. That's how those offer deals work and why they work for companies.

Now, how do you make money from this or get the free Ipod? You ho' yourself out! For some of you, you're already doing something very similar so this should be easy for you! cheer12.gif There are forums out there with nothing but people paying others to complete offers. WHY? So the payer can qualify for the freebie! You the person who signs-up for an offer or two gets paid directly from the person who wants the freebie. What you need to be successful in doing this is to first know where the hell to go looking for people who are paying for offer-filling-outing-fools like you. Try the very aptly-named anything4free.com forum and take it from there. There are several others too. I'm not going to hold your hand here...go to anything4free and you'll find the rest, LAZY!

You need some discipline because you are going to be completing offers and needing to CANCEL them after the first month or whatever. If you forget to do that, you'll start PAYING money, not making it. DUH! How much will you make doing this? Around $20-$30 per offer you sign up for is typical...some are lower or higher depending on what the offer is and how much it costs. So, armed with a little knowledge and a calendar, you can make some very easy money. I'd rate this method as probably the absolute easiest way to make money online for the average person out there. If you are non-US and from a non-English speaking country, your going to have to look a lot longer to find people to pay you for completing offers because a lot of these offers won't be open to you.

OK, that's enough for today and I need more coffee. See you around and don't forget NUKBLOG, conveniently open 24/7 365 at:



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post Oct 16 2007, 03:35 AM
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Well Well Well,

After a year of being gone from MMG, it looks like as much as everything changes, it all stays the same. Keep them playas straight NUK.


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post Oct 18 2007, 06:10 AM
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MMG Addict

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yep Nuk's still got it biggrin.gif
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post Dec 17 2007, 07:27 AM
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QUOTE(nothinggirl @ Oct 18 2007, 07:10 AM)
yep Nuk's still got it biggrin.gif

... and he outta get to a doctor an' take care of it before we all catch it! w00t2.gif tongue4.gif
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post Feb 26 2008, 07:53 PM
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we wanna SEE you....

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post Oct 28 2010, 05:49 AM
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post Sep 27 2013, 05:23 AM
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