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19 Sep 2013
A while ago I came across this video and just watched it again today, can't stop laughing and thought I would share it.


Please if anyone here have tried these things (unfortunately can't seem to dig them up here or at least haven't found yet to try myself) do share your experience! thumbup(1).gif
18 Oct 2012
A friend sent this to me today

Simply Awesome

this is one of my favourites.... why didn't I ever think of that before rolleyes.gif
8 Aug 2011
Sent to me from a friend, stating each time we manage to click on his nose Here , we can have another glass of wine at our upcoming girls weekend away!
22 Nov 2010
I would like to introduce MaxiVote to you all!

A few years back Kris, developed an AutoVote feature for Virtual-Surf, which was subsequently used in a few other sites around that time (2006).
It was the very first and thus the original AutoVote for monitors.
A few have since tried to copy it, but if I may say so, with somewhat modest success.
Although it was very popular amongst members, it was a little complicated to get installed into scripts and required a fair bit of maintenance to run.

With voting being a touch time-consuming without AutoVote, slowly voting on monitors became something members just rather not do.
Today, admins are still fighting to get their members to vote on the monitors.

So what's new and different?

MaxiVote is a unique tool for admins to put some fun back into voting for the members.
It is the original AutoVote, only it has been turned into a perfect application which can be used on any script out there without installing anything!

I will be around to offer support if anyone has questions or need help to sign up etc.

The text on the website pretty much explains what
MaxiVote is all about smile.gif

"Members have always wanted things to be simple and preferably effortless.
MaxiVote is all that, as well as being low cost and very efficient, it covers almost all monitors available today."
14 Nov 2010
I like to do something different or special when I reach milestones.
At MMG when you reach 5000 posts your member tagline changes to MMG addict.
You can have a personalised tagline if your have an upgraded status at MMG, so it wont change to the addict one at this point for me even though this will be my 5000th post. But it's still a milestone in MMG terms smile.gif

I spent a little time thinking what to do this time around, and I decided to run my first MMG contest.

It is a riddle contest and I hope it will be a fun challenge smile.gif

The rules are as follows:

You may guess as many times as you want, but someone else must post a guess since your last attempt.
No editing of posts
First one to solve the riddle will receive $3 in their LR account.
There may or may not be any clues given.....
If you happen to know the answer to the riddle cause you have heard it before, please do not post it in this topic. Send me a PM with the answer instead please. smile.gif
(there will be a surprise prize for the first one who already knows the answer and sends me a PM too)
Feel free to post if you are working on it, it wont count as a guess!

The riddle:

You have the following items:
1 set of scales
9 pill glasses with poison
1 pill glass with lifesaving medicine
1 dying person

Your mission is to save the persons life, by giving the correct medicine.

This is what you know:
The medicine tablets weigh 1.1 gram each
The poison tablets weigh 1 gram each

Your dilemmas are:
The lifesaving medicine is found in only one of the pill glasses and just one tablet from any of the other 9 will be lethal.
The 10 pill glasses are identical on the outside and each tablet inside look exactly the same.
You can only use the set of scales once!

Good luck.

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