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How To Make Money Online In 5 Easy Steps! Beginner Guide, Read this step by step guide to start making money.
post Apr 20 2017, 01:00 AM
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New MoneyMaker

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Hey guys, just want to share with all of you the 5 simple steps I used in making money online.
The main monetization is using affiliate marketing model, I’ll explain why I use this model in a while.
By the way, this guide is main for beginners who haven’t or just started their journey in making money online, if you are the expert in this field, I don’t want to waste your time here, just drop by and say hi will do.

Here’s the full original post if you want to.

Understand affiliate marketing in 2 minutes

"Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing in which you earn a commission by promoting other company's (or people's) products."
The process is simple, you find a product, promote to others, and earn a commission for each sale.

To explain further, here is the process breakdown:
1. You sign up as an affiliate for a company (or a person) to promote a specific product.
2. The company (or person) provide you with a unique tracking link to the product sales page.
3. You send a person to the unique tracking link (product sales page).
4. The person buys the product within a specific period. (eg: within 60 days)
5. The company (or person) pay you a commission based on the product price.

With affiliate marketing, you don't need to:
  • Create your own product
  • Setup your own support team
  • Deal with the merchant to collect payment

It's easy, simple and fast to make money online.
But, you have to be truly serious and put in massive effort. Especially in the beginning.
It's simple. But not that easy as you think.
It's not a get rich quick scheme. It’s 100% legitimate, and the result may take time.
Treat this as your business, NOT hobby!
Do it as your life depends on it.
Good news is, you don't need to be an expert to start making money.

Are you ready?

Here’re the 5 simple steps:
1. Product hunting
2. Blueprint planning
3. Tools setup
4. Traffic
5. Optimization

Let's start.

Step #1: Product Hunting

First, you need a product to promote for profit.
Of course, there are some criteria to determine a good product to promote.
Nobody wants to buy a low quality or useless product.

Here are the requirements:
1. Have competition – Don’t promote products that nobody wants to promote it.
2. Have market demand –People are looking for it.
3. Lucrative commission – Who doesn’t like good commission?
4. You can stand behind it 100% - It’s high quality, and you knew it.

Digital or Physical?

Digital products including eBook, online training course, web subscription service, software, and etc.
In general, without physical form.
Physical products including CD/DVD, electronic device, apparels, supplements, cosmetics, and etc.
If you ask me, I’ll recommend you to go for digital products.
For 3 reasons:
1. Inventory.
By selling digital products, you’ve virtually unlimited stocks. No stock keeping issue, no out of stock problem.
2. Involvement.
For every digital sale, there’s no fulfillment is require. More time for you.
3. Profit.
Do you know that you can make 30-80% commission from single digital product sale? Compared to 3-10% for physical product.
Wondering why so much? Because the cost is zero or very low. What is the cost of an ebook?
Am I saying you need to choose one of them?
Focus on digital products and recommends physical products when appropriate.

Where to Look for Products?

For a physical product, just sign up Amazon Associates Program and you’re able to earn up to 10% advertising fees by promoting their huge range of products.
Notes: As per Amazon Associates requirements, you’ll need a website and made your first referral in order for Amazon to review your application.
Anyway, since our primary focus is digital products, just on hold for this first.
For a digital product, there’re dozens of digital marketplace and website for you to promote their products.
To mention a few, Clickbank, JVZoo, and Shareasale are some of the famous marketplaces.
While for the individual website (or company), it just too many to list here.
As a beginner, you may start with Clickbank because there’s no requirement to sign up as an affiliate.
You can do it right now.

How to Identify Good Product from Clickbank Marketplace (Basic)

It's easy to sign up for Clickbank affiliate and start promoting their products.
You can complete the application in few minutes.
Without further ado,
Here're the steps: (For details steps, you may refer to the original post)
Step 1: Sign up for ClickBank
Step 2: Start your product searching in Clickbank’s marketplace
Step 3: Perform simple pre-stage filtering using the parameters from ClickBank
Step 4: Perform further product review to make your decision.

Step #2: Blueprint Planning

Let's move on to create your first marketing campaign worksheet.
For 3 benefits:
1. Understand your product better.
2. Understand your prospect better.
3. Make your marketing campaign better.

Not only that, this worksheet will be used for the rest of the steps.
To start, download your marketing worksheet.
Next, complete the worksheet.
It’s time to stretch your brain muscle.
But don’t worry. It just a warm up exercise.
Remember - if you want to be strategic in your marketing, you’ve to do something people don’t do.
By doing this exercise, you’re able to view a clearer picture of your overall marketing messages.

Let’s start.

First, write down 3-5 benefits of your product on the worksheet.
The, answer the questions below:
Question 1: Who are your ideal customer?
Question 2: What are the challenges your ideal customer are facing? (Which can be solved by your product)
Question 3: What values can you provide to your ideal customer for their trust?
Question 4: What are the hook that you can use to attract your ideal customer?

Step #3: Tools Setup - Setting Up Your Business Gears

Now, you have a product to promote, and a worksheet for your marketing campaign.
It’s time to start setting up your business gears to build your internet business empire.
Just like if you’re starting a local business,
You’ll need a signage, a place and some tools right?
This is exactly the same for online business.
But with lower cost, shorter setup time, reach out to more people, and able to control from anywhere in the world (with the internet).

Here’re the tools you need: (For step-by-step guide, please refer to original post)
1. Sign up a domain name (Domain is your business signage)
2. Sign up a Hosting (Hosting is just like renting an online space to run your business)
3. Set up an autoresponder (To collect email list and communicate with your list automatically)
4. Build a landing page (To capture visitors into your email list)

The Process Flow of Your Online Marketing Business

At this stage, the business process flow would be:

This simple framework works.
With a high-quality product to offer, you may expect some sales upon sending targeted traffic to your landing page.

But you may ask: Is there a better way or more advanced strategy?
Good question.
Well, the answer is yes.
It requires more effort and time, but yield a much better result.
The question is, will you do that?
If yes, here’s the more strategic way:

Pre-framing is a process of pre-selling your prospect before they’re presented the actual offer.
It can be a story, review, guide, or webinar.
You can talk about how to use the product, how the product benefits them or solve their problem.
The process can take anywhere from few minutes to few days.
The main goal is to boost their buying emotion by giving value before they reach the product sales page.

By putting some extra works, you’re able to:
1. Build trust with your list (By providing value)
2. Increase your conversion rate (The power of pre-selling)
3. Stand out from the crowd (By doing something different from the rest marketers)

In fact,
The pre-framing process is part of the advanced conversion technique.
It’s a big topic by itself.
For now, just keep this idea in your mind.

Step #4: Traffic - Sending Visitors To Your Website

Who doesn't want a stream of highly targeted visitors to your website?
It’s like a dream! Right?
No matter how good a product is or how well a landing page can convert, but without traffic to your website, equal nothing.
No sales will happen.
In short, no traffic no sales.
Luckily, driving traffic is easy. It is!
But bear in mind, not all traffic are equal.

Free Traffic vs Paid Traffic: For Affiliate Marketing

There are two major types of traffic: Free and Paid.
Which is better?
Or, which one should you choose?
As brief comparison,
Free Traffic cost you time, slower, and not scalable.
Paid Traffic cost you money, faster, and scalable.
If you’re tight on budget, go for free traffic.
Otherwise, paid traffic.
Or, why not try both?

Top 5 Easy Methods to Drive Free Traffic to Your Website

If you're thinking how to drive quality free traffic to your website, I've 5 ideas for you. (In no particular order)
1. Forum posting
2. Q & A website posting
3. Blog commenting
4. Online Discussion Group posting
5. Online Presentation sharing

All these strategies are absolutely free and simple to implement.
Last but not least.
If you're good in video or want to give it a try, go for YouTube. It's the second largest search engine on the internet.
Can you imagine the potential traffic?
The steps to post a video on Youtube is simple:

Top 5 Methods to Drive Paid Traffic to Your Website

Now, let’s talk about paid traffic.
Compared to free traffic, paid traffic have greater agility and scalability.
If you would like to open the floodgates of targeted visitors in swift, paid traffic is your way to go.

Here’re my top 5 picks in driving paid traffic:
1. Facebook Ads
2. Google Ads
3. Email Ads
4. YahooBing Ads
5. Media Buying Ads

So, should you try free or paid traffic strategy?
Well, I’ll recommend you to try both to experience yourself.
There’s one famous quote in investment: “Never put all your eggs in one basket”
Same apply to affiliate marketing: “Never depends on one traffic source”
Yes! Never ever depends on one single traffic source for your business.

Step #5: Optimization

Now you’ve picked a product to promote.
Now you’ve setup a landing page or funnel linked to your autoresponder.
Now you’re driving traffic to your landing page.
Now you’re building your future asset – list.
Now you probably have some sales.
The End?
If not, what next?
Well, there is a process called optimization.
To improve conversion and reduce cost.
You may optimize your landing page, advertisement, and traffic.

For examples:
You split test 2 to 3 different landing pages to determine the winner with highest opt-in conversion rate.
Let’s do some simple calculation:
Assumed that your landing page is converting at 20%. Means out of 100 visitors, 20 will opt-in to your list.
100 x 20% = 20 subscribers.
If your goal is 40 subscribers, what will you do?
Send 200 visitors? 200 x 20% = 40 subscribers.
Improve your conversion rate to 40%? 100 x 40% = 40 subscribers.
Which looks better?
The second one. By all means.
You may optimize the landing page headline, call to action, layout, and design.
But how to practically do that? It seems complicated to execute.
Honestly, not at all. Just use a tracking tool will do.
Keep optimizing your marketing for better conversion rate.

Then, repeat step #5 or start over from step #1 for a new product.
The idea is to get yourself familiar with the whole process.
The steps are simple, but you’ve to take action to make it works.
Of course, we can’t cover everything here.
Visit TC Mastery for more advanced strategy on traffic, conversion, and marketing,


To summarize, here’re the 5 simple steps to start making money online.
1. Product hunting
2. Blueprint planning
3. Tools setup
4. Traffic
5. Optimization

Again, there’s nothing complicated here, just anchor this one line of formula in your mind,
“Quality Product + Targeted Traffic + True Marketing = Profitable Business”

So, start your engine now!

P.S. Check out the complete guide here.


To learn more about make money online, advanced marketing, traffic and conversion strategy,
Please go Google and search for TCMastery.com
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